The Best Fujifilm Cameras for Photojournalism

The Fujifilm camera system is probably the one you think of when you think about photojournalism. I mean, they’re so incredibly, deeply rooted into it. We can’t help but stare in awe at those Classic Chrome photos that look just like the photos we saw in magazines growing up. But which one do you choose? We’re here to help! We’ve reviewed pretty much every Fujifilm camera available on the market right now. After looking at our Reviews Index, these are the ones we chose as the best Fujifilm cameras for photojournalism.

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When Tragedy Struck, Jared Phelps Tried Photography to Heal Better

“Photography helps me a little because I get to capture those moments and take myself back to them whenever I want,” says photographer Jared Phelps about how turning to photography has helped him cope with a tragedy. Being unexpectedly gifted a camera a few days after his father passed away helped overcome this loss immensely. We spoke to him about how he finds his way back to normality by looking through the lens of his Fujifilm X-T4.

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One of The Best. Fujifilm 33mm f1.4 R WR LM Review

The Fujifilm 33mm f1.4 R WR LM is a lens that I had mixed feelings about when it was announced. Fujifilm’s reps flat out told us that this lens isn’t designed with the same character as the 35mm. That lens has a Sonnar design. Instead, the Fujifilm 33mm f1.4 R WR LM is designed for faster focus for photography and video both. It’s also weather sealed, slightly larger, and very sharp! If you liked the Fujifilm 18mm f1.4 R WR LM, then know that the Fujifilm 33mm f1.4 R WR LM has a similar design. We’ve reviewed nearly every Fujifilm X mount lens. and this is honestly one of the most essential purchases we can recommend to a Fuji user.

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Why We Think Fujifilm Doesn’t Have Animal Face Detection Yet

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Animal Face Detection has been a huge thing in the photo world. Everyone wants it. In the pandemic, we’ve taken to photographing wildlife and our furry friends as much as possible. But frustratingly, Fujifilm cameras don’t have it. A while ago, Fujifilm said it was available, but just not on the GF and X series cameras. It’s a shame; imagine how many Nat Geo-worthy shots you could’ve made! While it’s available on a point-and-shoot camera, I don’t think it’s the same thing.

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Where is the Real Fujifilm Sports Camera? And Lenses Too?

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Fujifilm has done a fantastic job with photojournalism, street photography, landscapes, documentary, and portraiture. But where is the real Fujifilm sports camera? The Fujifilm XT4 is a fantastic camera for sure. Fujifilm can’t even keep it in stock at all. But we need something even higher grade for sports. I don’t think that that will come from the GFX lineup of cameras. But a Fujifilm sports camera will probably need to come from the X series. And to really stand out, it will need to do something better than what a full-frame camera can do.

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Portraiture with the Fujifilm 50mm f1 R WR. A Love Story

The Fujifilm 50mm f1 R WR gives legitimacy to the X series that full-frame photographers have long complained about.

I think we have to admit to ourselves that professional photographers will use a flash or create their own light if they need it. And so, the light-gathering that the Fujifilm 50mm f1 R WR boasts will appeal to the hobbyist. Most photographers these days are hobbyists–and a lens with extra bokeh is like a baited hook. Liken the hobbyist shooter to a dog. When the creature receives a treat, they’ll be happy each and every time. Portrait photographers shooting the Fujifilm 50mm f1 R WR will be similar. In fact, I was shocked.

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Absolutely Stunning Photos. Fujifilm 50mm f1 R WR First Impressions

Trust us, the impressive Fujifilm 50mm f1 R WR will be on your wish list.

“Why the hell would I want a 50mm f1 lens?” is what I asked myself. Fujifilm changed its super-fast lens strategy. The Fujifilm 50mm f1 R WR is one that I wasn’t too sure about. I mean, I liked the idea of a 33mm. I also prefer the idea of a 56mm f1. At least, I thought I did. My mind changed after using the Fujifilm 50mm f1 R WR on the Fujifilm XT4. This fantastic lens renders the full-frame equivalent of a 75mm f1.5 lens. If you’re a newer photographer, that’s going to be weird to you. If you’re a Leica shooter, you’ll probably feel right at home. The Fujifilm 50mm f1 R WR boasts weather sealing and a metal body to boot. But best of all, it focuses incredibly fast.

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Why You Don’t Need the Fujifilm X-T4 (Get the X-T3 Instead)

You may be wrestling with the idea of getting the Fujifilm X-T4, and here are some things to consider.

The Fujifilm faithful bubble with excitement whenever a new camera is released in the company’s flagship X-Series line. The latest addition is the Fujifilm X-T4. It comes with improvements Fuji shooters have been waiting on for quite some time — but not everybody needs them. At $1,700, it’s important to know if the camera is what you need, or if you’re going to be more than okay with its predecessor, the X-T3.

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First Impressions: Fujifilm X-T4 (A Ton of Updates You’ll Want to See!)

Fujifilm X-T4

The rumored Fujifilm X-T4 is real folks, and it’s packing quite a number of improvements over its well-regarded predecessor.

In what is perhaps one of the worst-kept industry secrets in recent memory, we can finally confirm that the Fujifilm X-T4 is indeed real. While the XT4 sports the same 26 Megapixel X-Trans BSI CMOS 4 Sensor and X-Processor 4 Quad-Core Imaging Engine as its roughly year and a half old predecessor, there are plenty of upgrades that make it a worthwhile upgrade. Chief amongst these are the 5-Axis In-Body Image Stabilization, the inclusion of a fully articulating touchscreen, and a brand new, higher capacity battery. We got to spend some time with the Fujifilm X-T4 recently during a private media briefing. You can read all about our first impressions after the jump.

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