Fujifilm X-Summit 2022 Should Be Great! Here’s What We Expect!

If there were ever an event that a Fujifilm user could be hyped for, it would be the Fujifilm X-Summit. This is a time when we see and hear about some of the most exciting products Fujifilm has to offer. It’s how we first heard about the X Pro 3 (my favorite camera from Fujifilm yet). And this year, we’re expecting to see some big things. Fujifilm has been concentrating on its higher-end products. Strategically, this makes sense since they’re in demand and they bring in the most money. When resources and components are scarce, it’s the right path to sustainability. With that said, here’s what we expect from Fujifilm X-Summit in late May.

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Where is the Real Fujifilm Sports Camera? And Lenses Too?

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Fujifilm has done a fantastic job with photojournalism, street photography, landscapes, documentary, and portraiture. But where is the real Fujifilm sports camera? The Fujifilm XT4 is a fantastic camera for sure. Fujifilm can’t even keep it in stock at all. But we need something even higher grade for sports. I don’t think that that will come from the GFX lineup of cameras. But a Fujifilm sports camera will probably need to come from the X series. And to really stand out, it will need to do something better than what a full-frame camera can do.

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