How a Wedding Made Me Not Miss My DSLR

This is the story of how I was reminded that I do not miss the DSLR days, and how I am very happy mirrorless has arrived in full. A childhood friend of my companion got married last weekend and I found myself photographing her wedding, a little against my will. That story needs a bit of context first. My girlfriend was invited to a wedding. She could bring a +1 and, being the boyfriend, that ended up being me. Nothing special. During cocktails, the wedding photographer came down with some sort of food poisoning. She turned red and could barely stand on her feet. After a little bit of panic, my girlfriend had the great idea to remind everyone that her +1 happens to be a wedding photographer who can help out while the hired photographer rested in the back room.

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Why Every Wedding Photographer Should Get Paid and Not Work for Free

You should never do a wedding for free; always make sure that you’re shooting a wedding and getting compensated.

We’re going to get a lot of hate for saying this–we can feel it now. But no one should be doing a wedding for free these days. Wedding photography is a whole lot of work. Unless you shoot in a certain way, there’s a ton of post-production work. Then there’s also the budget. It seems like folks are trying to be cheaper about weddings and spend less money overall. But you’d be amazed at how much money is still involved in a wedding. So why shouldn’t a photographer get a chunk of that change? A good wedding photographer is a lot more than just their camera and a light. There’s a lot of work involved. I used to have to tell this to my aunt, who thought that what I did was simple. I’d retort that I’m instead just very skilled at what I do.

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Andrei Mihalache Drops Valuable Knowledge For The Budding Photographer

All images by Andrei Mihalache. Used with permission.

“I think it’s the best way I have of expressing myself, and it’s also one of the things that I feel most comfortable doing,” says Andrei Mihalache when asked why he chose photography. He adds, “taking photos helps me disconnect from daily life with all its ups and downs.” Mihalache sent us a very thoughtful submission. He happily shared his personal journey, his creative process, and useful tips for the budding photographer. There’s a lot to get through in this feature. But all of it will add value to your photographic journey, as Mihalache shares the wisdom he’s obtained during a career that’s lasted over a decade.

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How Pat Brownewell Is Teaching High Schoolers to Not Photoshop

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“It’s kind of cool that this thing, which was used to document death and destruction, is now being used to photograph bubbles and as a teaching tool for kids,” says Pat Brownewell. Pat is truly something special, and we know this from our previous feature! After honing his digital techniques to be flawless, he went back to large format film. And he’s done that with wedding photography. With the pandemic being what it is, wedding photography dried up, but Pat continued his craft by teaching. And now, he’s showing high school students how to get it right in-camera.

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In New Jersey, Wedding Photographer Mike Zawadzki Creates Magic

All images by Mike Zawadzki. Used with permission. Please follow him on Instagram.

“Vulnerability comes into play big time with clients,” explains photographer Mike Zawadzki. “I mean who is used to being in front of the camera all of the time, unless you’re a TV/movie star?” A part of Mike’s secret is something that I think is inherently a part of growing up in the Northeast. He says that he strives to build strong relationships with his couples. Traditionally not something that you do, but it surely does work when you consider that we’re all human. Mike has a fascinating story and I’ve personally adored watching him change over the years. Mike is one of the many people who I saw quit alcohol in pursuit of improving their own life. I did it for a year and it really changed me. And to see Mike in a spot where he’s a shining star brings me joy. Most of all, I hope that this interview with Mike puts a smile on your face.

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Review: Disk Drill Pro 4 (You Deleted Images You Needed, Didn’t You?)

Disk Drill Pro 4 is insurance against accidentally formating the wrong memory card with images that haven’t been backed up.

We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of busy season and you’re shooting back-to-back-to-back events all weekend. You’re at the sixth event of the weekend and you run out of space on your memory card in the middle of shooting. Naturally, you swap the card out for another one in your memory card wallet, format the card in-camera, and keep shooting. You finally get home at the end of the night, sink into your chair at your desk, and start importing everything you shot into Capture One. Wait a minute, what happened to the images from the first event you shot yesterday? You start going through all of the cards in your memory card wallet frantically, popping them into your computer one at a time in a desperate attempt to locate the missing images until you come to the terrible realization that you accidentally formatted the wrong card. This is the stuff of nightmares for many photographers and it can happen to any of us. Although we preach the importance of backing up your images, no drives are immune to hardware failure. in the event of severe hardware failures, sending your drives to a data recovery company may be your only recourse and can be prohibitively expensive. But, what if there was an affordable program you can use at home or at your office to try recovering the data, and it doesn’t require you to have a degree in computer science to master? This is where Disk Drill Pro 4 comes in. Disk Drill Pro 4 is the latest version of the data recovery software that aims to help you rescue your precious data easily and quickly from the comfort of your own home. Keep ready to see whether or not Disk Drill Pro 4 can live up to its claims.

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Investing in a Cheap Wedding Photographer Is the Worst Idea Ever

Wedding Photography is all fun and games until the bad photographs arrive. This is proof that you almost always get what you pay for.

As first reported on the Insider, a couple paid $800 to a photographer to capture their big day. Full of hope and promise, Hayley and Nick Kelble were looking forward to seeing the photographic memories of their wedding. However, once they received the final images, they were disappointed. Dark, grainy, poorly composed wedding photography is what their money got them. While we would love to sympathize, lousy planning and weak investment got them exactly what they deserved.

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A Cheat Sheet for Every Wedding Photographer’s Mental Health

Precious memories depend on you when you’re a wedding photographer. Help your clients get the best photos of the big day by sharing this photography cheat sheet with them.

Wedding photography can be stressful both for the photographer and the couples, but you can do something about it. Preparation is key, and it’s a team effort. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet is specially designed for that. If you’re looking for some tips to make the job easier for you, this is a visual guide you should definitely share with your clients.

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Does Everyone Really Need to Whip Their Phones Out During a Wedding?

A wedding will never be complete without a photographer or his team to immortalize the event — plus some dozens of smartphones clicking away alongside them. Maybe that has to change.

Back in the days before smartphone cameras, it was the sole responsibility of a wedding photographer (or his team) to make sure that there are great photos of the big day, from start to finish. But today, there could be as many cameras out as there are guests in a wedding — and those are just smartphones. But, is all that really necessary?

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Cassie Roschs’ Heart Warming Wedding Photography Will Make You Smile

All images by Cassie Rosch. Used with permission.

When that big day arrives, the soon to be married couple need to be confident they’ve got a photographer that can perfectly document their intimate moment–Cassie Rosch is one of those photographers. Her heart-warming and breathtaking photography has made her high in demand. From Guatemala to Italy; from mountains to lakesides, Cassie is an extremely well-traveled wedding photographer. This comes as no surprise, as her work goes far beyond the candid snapshot. Cassie has the ability to show empathy, love, connectivity and that all-important emotional bond in her images.

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5 of Our Top Camera Bag Picks for Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers need bags for all of the gear they take with them to a wedding. Here are some of our favorite picks. 

Wedding Photographers: you may know one or you may be one. Regardless of your status, there is one thing about wedding photographers that’s a given; they potentially have a lot of different gear that they need to take with them to a shoot; cameras, lenses, lighting and other accessories. This requires a solid bag (or bags) to accommodate and protect such a large kit while at the same time remaining easy to transport and access.

Today, we wanted to highlight some of our top camera/gear bag picks with wedding photographers in mind. As well, if you have a big photography kit or a small photography kit, it makes no difference. We will have options below that appeal to a variety of wedding photographers with varying amounts of gear. So, if you are ready. let’s get into it… Continue reading…

Creating the Photograph: Chantal Routhier’s “Science Fiction Fantasy”

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach you about how they conceived an image, shot it, and edited it. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching readers how to light. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

Photographer Chantal Routhier was recently named one of Canada’s Top 30 Inspiring Wedding Photographers for two years in a row. Part of this for sure come from her special creative vision that’s evident in her “Science Fiction Fantasy” photo. Her work has been featured in a number of publications. She describes her work as fun, bright, and modern.

So when she showed us her portfolio, we just had to ask her about her image, “Science Fiction Fantasy.”

Be sure to check her out on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Report: UK Couples Favor Uncle Bob to Wedding Photographers

*sigh* it seems like Uncle Bob could be winning the wedding photography wars…

In the UK, couples are ditching wedding photographers in favor of amateurs and GoPros; at least that’s what a report from Amateur Photographer is stating. So rather than paying an experienced professional, they’re going for friends, friends of friends, relatives, and essentially crowd sourcing their wedding using hashtags on Instagram.

It’s a sign of the times; but honestly, we should have seen this coming.

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Stefano Santucci: Wedding Photography Inspired by Romance


All images by Stefano Santucci. Used with permission.

Stefano Santucci lives in the middle of Tuscany in Florence. He’s a destination wedding and visual storytelling photographer. “My style — and my objective — is simple: every shot must tell a true story. Nothing less.” he says in his pitch email to the Phoblographer.

Stefano is inspired by love stories, romance novels, forgotten objects, etc. To that end, it makes so much sense that he’s a wedding photographer. But a part of it is also the culture of the Studio where photographer Lucrezia Cosso works. “In my veins flows Italian, Argentine, Irish, Spanish, Lebanese and French blood. I like to think at me as a citizen of the world. Indeed my best friend is Japanese.”

He’s always on the search for what he says is authenticity in images. Part of that has made him very niche. “In my business I am deliberately small and I want stay in this way: I prefer to work for quality rather than quantity and to keep the artistic control over all my projects.” he says. “I offer photo services and own a small print lab I’m very proud of.”

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Review: Think Tank Retrospective 30 Leather

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Think Tank Retrospective Leather Camera Bag review prodcut images (1 of 11)ISO 1001-500 sec at f - 2.8

Think Tank’s Retrospective series of camera bags are very popular with photographers. They can carry lots of gear and are designed to take loads of abuse. For a very long time, they were my personal favorite camera bags not only because of these reasons, but also because no matter how much gear was packed into the bag, the shoulder strap provided loads and loads of excellent comfort.

As a refresh, Think Tank recently added leather versions of the camera bags. These versions are essentially the same bag but with lots more leather. For the more discerning of us, the Think Tank Retrospective 30 may be a great bag–but it comes with two concerns.

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Calvin Hobson’s Images of Silk Aerialists


All images by Calvin Hobson. Used with permission.

Photographer Calvin Hobson is a wedding photographer that took up the craft after a stint in the military. Though this is his primary focus, it’s important for every photographer to have personal work that they use to improve themselves and expand their creativity.

Calvin shot a portrait series with a pair of aerialist artists (Heather & Dana Foltz) in a cave to expand his creativity and work with new artists. “The “smoke” you see is done behind the girls, and in front of the rim light.. And isn’t smoke at all!” says Calvin. “We had Nick Langton, a good friend of mine, collecting the siltiest handfuls of dirt he could find and throwing it in the air on my command!”

Calvin tells the Phoblographer that he wanted to achieve something angelic and heavenly in contrast to the skeleton leotards they were wearing. He also tells us that nothing was rehearsed beforehand and they did all the performing for the camera.

“Believe it or not, these girls hardly have to try when we do photoshoots. They just kind of…. Go! Its really incredible to see them perform, and even cooler to have them take direction effortlessly for a shoot.”

Calvin’s images are after the jump.

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Evan Rich: Being a Fly on the Wall Wedding Photographer

evan rich photography (27)

All images by Evan Rich. Used with permission.

Photographer Evan Rich has the blessing of being born into a creative family. After a short stint in the finance world, he became bored and eventually enthralled by the passion that he had for photography. He became a destination wedding photographer–perhaps one of the toughest things that any photographer could try to do. As exciting as the job is, it takes a special kind of shooter to pull this off flawlessly. And where we believe Evan excels the most is capturing candids.

So how do you become the “fly-on-the-wall” type of photographer like Evan? He states that it isn’t about being covert at all–instead it’s about blending in.

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The Basics of Posing a Bride for a Wedding Shoot


All images by Angie Candella. Used with permission

Angie Candella is a wedding photographer based in Pittsburgh and who has gained lots of recognition for her work. She’s been shooting professionally since 2008 and bring a unique and modern touch to her weddings. The trend in wedding photography for the past couple of years has moved away from the super traditional and more towards the alternative and nouveau. What Angie has that helps her so much with this is her background in fashion photography. “I go through every photo and make sure that the bride looks flawless, and that the photos look like it came out of a magazine.” says Angie.

We talked to Angie about the specifics of posing a bride–and given her fashion background, Angie has quite a different approach to it.

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This Beautiful Wedding Portrait Uses Creative Light Painting


Image by Nick Murray. Used with permission.

Photographer Nick Murray recently won “Best Wedding Photographer in Wales 2014” at the Welsh National Wedding Awards, and it’s clear to see why. He has always had a love affair with light painting and being a professional wedding photographer for a little over three years has brought him in touch with who he claims are some of the coolest clients ever.

The story behind this photo is incredibly cool–or cold, rather! It was shot on a freezing December night at 10pm and took qite a long time to accomplish.

Mr. Murray’s story is after the jump.

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Missouri Wedding Photographer Disappears Leaving Brides Without Photos

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 9.44.20 AM

One of the worst things that you could possibly do as a wedding photographer is never give a couple their images. But apparently, that’s what Missouri Wedding Photographer Samantha Woolsey has done according to a story from Fox News. The story implies that Ms. Woolsey was behind on rent at her storefront in Cameron, Mo and that in order to not go into further debt, she took off and left. A forwarding address was also not left behind for mail or contact info–which further implies that she did not want to be contacted.

While photographers tend to go out of business all the time (sadly) Samantha had a couple of major debts left–to the brides whose weddings she had photographed. The story in particular shares the account of Toni Gardner whose family came from Australia for the wedding. But the problem is that she never got the images from Ms. Woolsey and now only has cell phone images from the guests. But Toni isn’t alone, and many other brides also called Fox News to complain.

The news story states that Samantha Woolsey photography is still advertising on Facebook, but if you indeed check her page you’ll see that no posts have been made since May of this year.

More, including the video is after the jump.

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