Dear Friends, I Do Not Want to Be Your Wedding Photographer

Dearest friends,

There are no congratulatory words strong enough nor effective enough to show my excitement for what is about to come for you. You and your fiancé found a way to persevere through the world of modern dating and have arrived at genuine love. For years, you will be the envy of myself and many others.

This letter is coined in response to your request to have me photograph your wedding. In short, I will need to respectfully decline your invitation; I would much rather be a guest. I will be happy to take photos at your wedding, but I would not like to be your wedding photographer.

Being a wedding photographer takes a whole lot of skill, patience and practice. It isn’t something Uncle Bob can do, and it isn’t something I really want to do anymore. I used to shoot weddings, but those days are behind me. I’m a man who is much more than just my camera, and I have a personality that we’ve obviously bonded over in some way or another.

My understanding goes out to you for not being able to afford a wedding photographer. I’d suggest looking for a more affordable option with the full understanding that these images are the ones you’re going to show your children or future kittens/puppies. They’ll live online for many years and they’ll be in your memory even longer. I genuinely do not want to be responsible for this, and I also believe I’d be happier simply observing your wedding without the major responsibility required  of shooting your perfect day.

I would, however, enjoy the privilege of attending your wedding as a guest and being happy with you all. My mind does not want to be in work mode and I don’t want to bring your personal memories into my work. The days and hours I would spend editing and putting together albums are high stress. Instead, I’m sure that you’d much rather I purchase a beautiful gift for your home.

Please do accept this note with the kindest sincerity from the bottom of my heart.


A Photographer

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.