How a Wedding Made Me Not Miss My DSLR

This is the story of how I was reminded that I do not miss the DSLR days, and how I am very happy mirrorless has arrived in full. A childhood friend of my companion got married last weekend and I found myself photographing her wedding, a little against my will. That story needs a bit of context first. My girlfriend was invited to a wedding. She could bring a +1 and, being the boyfriend, that ended up being me. Nothing special. During cocktails, the wedding photographer came down with some sort of food poisoning. She turned red and could barely stand on her feet. After a little bit of panic, my girlfriend had the great idea to remind everyone that her +1 happens to be a wedding photographer who can help out while the hired photographer rested in the back room.

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Why Every Wedding Photographer Should Get Paid and Not Work for Free

You should never do a wedding for free; always make sure that you’re shooting a wedding and getting compensated.

We’re going to get a lot of hate for saying this–we can feel it now. But no one should be doing a wedding for free these days. Wedding photography is a whole lot of work. Unless you shoot in a certain way, there’s a ton of post-production work. Then there’s also the budget. It seems like folks are trying to be cheaper about weddings and spend less money overall. But you’d be amazed at how much money is still involved in a wedding. So why shouldn’t a photographer get a chunk of that change? A good wedding photographer is a lot more than just their camera and a light. There’s a lot of work involved. I used to have to tell this to my aunt, who thought that what I did was simple. I’d retort that I’m instead just very skilled at what I do.

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Capture One 21 Speed Edit – The Fastest Way to Your Best Edits

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What is Speed Edit? Speed Edit is a unique to Capture One feature, allowing photographers to edit photos without the need to navigate to any editing tools. Keyboard shortcuts hook up to designated adjustment tools and are then simply adjusted by scrolling your mouse or using another input method like your trackpad or Wacom.

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They Finally Got It Right! Holdfast Gear Vegan Money Maker Strap Review

The Holdfast Gear Vegan Money Maker is oddly enough their best camera strap yet.

I’ve never really adored many vegan leather products, but the Holdfast Gear Vegan Money Maker is changing my mind. A staple amongst the wedding and event photography community, this camera strap is their softest and most comfortable option yet. Most vegan leather I’ve used tended to be rigid, tough, and sort of weird. But the Holdfast Gear Vegan Money Maker isn’t like that at all. I’ve been very used to their Money Maker straps cutting into my shirt or skin. The exception is their canvas option, and now the Holdfast Gear Vegan Money Maker is my favorite. Not only is this the best vegan leather camera strap I’ve used, but it’s something I may consider using more often.

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Review: Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 11 (Get Excited for a Glass Lens)

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is the successor to the company’s most affordable Instax camera, and it’s better in every single way.

There was a time where I wouldn’t be caught dead with the Fujifilm Instax Mini series of cameras, but the Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 11 is part of what’s winning me over fully through the line. Though the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay is still my favorite camera in the lineup, the Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 11 isn’t at all far behind. This is the company’s most basic Instax camera. There is no digital component. There aren’t a lot of fancy switches and knobs. It just gets turned on and off and shoots Instax film. There’s a selfie mode on the lens for photos of your beautiful mug. But perhaps best of all is the glass lens that’s on the front. Instax has been doing this for a few models now and it’s great that it’s coming to the Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 11.

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Investing in a Cheap Wedding Photographer Is the Worst Idea Ever

Wedding Photography is all fun and games until the bad photographs arrive. This is proof that you almost always get what you pay for.

As first reported on the Insider, a couple paid $800 to a photographer to capture their big day. Full of hope and promise, Hayley and Nick Kelble were looking forward to seeing the photographic memories of their wedding. However, once they received the final images, they were disappointed. Dark, grainy, poorly composed wedding photography is what their money got them. While we would love to sympathize, lousy planning and weak investment got them exactly what they deserved.

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Does Everyone Really Need to Whip Their Phones Out During a Wedding?

A wedding will never be complete without a photographer or his team to immortalize the event — plus some dozens of smartphones clicking away alongside them. Maybe that has to change.

Back in the days before smartphone cameras, it was the sole responsibility of a wedding photographer (or his team) to make sure that there are great photos of the big day, from start to finish. But today, there could be as many cameras out as there are guests in a wedding — and those are just smartphones. But, is all that really necessary?

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The Nikon Z 24-70mm F2.8 S Has a Little Info Panel on Top of It

Professionals opting to use a Nikon z6 or z7 may want to check out the Nikon Z 24-70mm f2.8 S.

In what promises to be Nikon’s first really usable zoom lens in Z mount, the Nikon Z 24-70mm f2.8 S is being billed as an option for the pro who wants to shoot weddings, landscapes, portraits, events, etc. We found its older, f4 variant to be too soft for our liking, and the Nikon Z 24-70mm f2.8 S has something added to it that is quite interesting. It’s called an ARNEO coating and is designed to cut down on ghosting and flare entering from vertical angles.

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Useful Photography Tip #190: A Relatable Tip to Justify Your Costs as a Wedding Photographer

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Though this is partially written in satire, I think that it’s a wonderful point to sometimes make to couples who are about to elope–just how to justify the costs of your services as a wedding photographer. And for years, the tradition has been to talk about the memories that they’re going to have, but they completely understand that. But what they don’t understand is the viewpoint of more than just them. So to that end, you need to think a bit more like them.

I’ve given this serious thought over the past few months, and I think that telling couples about not only the great photos that they’re going to have of them is important, but also those of their guests. Go across social media, dating apps, etc and you’ll find so many photos of folks at weddings and looking their best. Social media avatars are often images that put our best foot forward. To that end, it’s great to not only sell the idea that the couple will have fantastic photos of them, but also their friends and family will get great photos too. So packaging all that in at your price point will ensure that every single person is happy. Of course, it means that you need to either be fantastic at shooting candid portraiture or proper portraits. For the latter, a photo booth can help.

But then the challenge remains: can you deliver?

It’s Been Eight Years and This Wedding Photography Meme Is Still So True!

Wedding photographers are still trying to justify this to their clients at times…

It’s very sad, but photographers who shoot weddings are still trying to justify their prices to folks. It’s not unusual to hear, “Oh, we have a budget.” or, “We really can’t afford to pay a whole lot.” And on top of that, it’s also sad that many people aren’t able to understand the difference between what their phone does, and what a proper camera in the hands of an experienced professional with a creative vision can do. Unfortunately, it’s too easy for folks to say, “I can do that.” until they realize that they can’t. Plus, they actually like Uncle Bob.

And that’s why it’s so amazing that this almost 10 year old meme about wedding photography is still true.

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The Absolute Must Have Telephoto Lenses for Event Photographers

sigma lenses

Event photography is a mixed bag, more so than any other genre of photography. The lenses you choose will be vital to your success in this field. This is where the beauty of telephoto lenses come into play.

Telephoto lenses are, in a word, amazing. They allow us to get closer to our subjects, and they often come with fast apertures, which means they are perfect for low light photography. What is a telephoto lens? Telephoto refers to lenses that offer a focal range of greater then 85mm. Telephoto lenses should not be confused with zoom lenses. A zoom lens can be any lens that goes from a wide angle to normal angle like the 24-70mm, or ultra-wide to wide such as a 16-35mm. A telephoto can be a zoom lens if the focal range exceeds 85mm, like the 70-200mm, but they can also be prime lenses too such as a 135mm f2. With that said, let’s jump right in and take a look at the absolute must-have telephoto lenses for event photography.

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The Primera Impressa IP60 Is Aiming for Your Next Photo Booth

Wedding and party photographers running a photo booth may want to check out the new Primera Impressa IP60.

As it aims squarely at the market that DNP has worked on for many years, the Primera Impressa IP60 is promising to do, well, pretty much exactly what DNP has been doing for many years. Go to a trade show, an event, a wedding or a party that provides the opportunity to print photos and what you’ll see and get are something like what the Primera Impressa IP60 is aiming for. Ever get your prints done at Walgreens or Costco with that extra slick and shiny print quality that could withstand a spill of your friends’ questionable choice of Bud Light? Well, that’s print quality one typically gets with something akin to this.

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Flash Review: Profoto A1 (Canon Version Using Sony Air TTL Trigger)

The Profoto A1 is what many photographers have wanted for a while. But is it the perfect tool?

When the Profoto A1 was announced, I was very curious. Granted, I love lights that are as small as speedlites, but also thoroughly enjoy the power a full blown monolight provides. I was reminded of that even more so on a recent Sony Press trip. In many ways, and for the wedding photography crowd, the Profoto A1 could be the absolute most perfect light ever made. It offers a lot of color consistency, has a fast recycle time, works best with fast lenses, is small, and can integrate with whatever supported camera system you have when used wirelessly. It isn’t bad for location shoots either. Then, you consider just how fantastic the battery life is and how critical that is to wedding photographers, and you realize you have a perfect product for a working pro.

But at the same time, you’ll need to justify the price. And if you’re a location portrait shooter, you’ll really need to remember to bring your fast lenses with you. In many cases I saw, F2.8 zooms just won’t cut it.

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The Ultimate Wedding Photographer’s Gear Guide For 2017

Shoot Weddings? Want to Shoot Weddings? This is the Ultimate Guide for You. 

As we continue our ultimate guide series rounding up our top content of 2017 we make our stop in the land of love and eternal happiness – weddings. Wedding photography has grown to become one of the most popular and reliable photography niches left for professional photographers.

If you are just getting into shooting weddings or are thinking about jumping into them in 2018, then you will want to check out this ultimate guide, featuring our top wedding focused content of 2017. So, let’s get into it.

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The Sony 24-105mm F4 G OSS FE Lens is the Smallest in its Class

The Sony 24-105mm f4 G OSS lens may be perfect for wedding photographers

One of the new announcements today is the Sony 24-105mm F4 G OSS FE–a lens that Sony is touting as really fantastic in many ways. 24-105mm F4 lenses have always targeted the wedding and event photographers amongst the professional world; but they’re also often used as kit lenses. In this case, Sony is still sort of debating whether or not this will be one, but they’re probably not going to do it. Also, just to be clear, this isn’t a G Master lens, but instead it is a G series lens.

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Martin Beddall: Tips From a Wedding Photojournalist

Hats at the ready as we are half way through our favourite time of year – wedding season! Beautiful dresses, flowers and memories that will last a life time – it’s one of the most special and important days, and having a great photographer there to capture these moments is priceless.

Martin Beddall has been working in the photography industry over 25 years. His background is in national newspapers and magazines having worked for The Times for over ten years and capturing some extremely special and unique moments along the way. It’s this passion to record important moments that led Martin to wedding photography. Here, Martin tells us how he uses his photojournalistic eye to capture the emotional, happy and often chaotic moments of wedding day through his award-winning reportage photography.

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Review: Capture One Styles (Capture One 10, All Packs)

Presets are the lifeblood of so many photographers who don’t have a whole lot of time, and so Capture One Styles is more than a welcome entry into the photography world. Capture One has had a number of styles built into the program itself. Then there are other options such as the large variety of film styles (presets) available. But earlier this year, Capture One Styles was released–therefore expanding the number of official presets made available directly from the company. Available with a number of different packages for purchase, photographers and editors using the latest version of Capture One can utilize some of the newest and interesting options available for editing.

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This Fiery Wedding Photo is a Single Exposure Done With Two Strobes

First of all the result with this Fiery Wedding Photo: The Hot Rod on Fire Shooting inspired me to this one. But there was a huge difference, this photograph was done with only one exposure. We got it done after a lot of preparation – a nearly three-meter-long diy fire torch, two strobes and a 4.4 seconds exposure created this image. Planning took this time much longer, Because we had to build a small pond with a platform for the reflection. Additionally, I had to cut down some branches from a tree to get enough space.

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Messenger Bags For Your Party And Event Photography Kit

So you’re shooting an event or party, right. What the heck are you going to carry all of this stuff in?!

Yeah, we have spent all of this time talking about this gear and such, but unless you are the octaman we doubt that you are going to be able to carry all of this without a bag of some kind. So we figured that now is as good of a time as any to point out some quality messenger style bags for your party and event photography pros. Continue reading…

Our Top Camera Recommendations For Wedding Photographers

It is no secret that the wedding photography niche is one of the most lucrative and ‘safe’ (as in, we don’t expect people to stop getting married and wanting pictures of it any time soon) photography markets in today’s industry. This means there is a never ending flow of new photographers picking up their cameras hoping to make it big in the wedding industry. While there is a lot to learn about the business of weddings, another avenue that should be considered as well is if the gear on hand is sufficient for a wedding environment.

Weddings are major life events for these couples and their families, they can’t just be redone like a portrait session can. This means it is mission critical you have reliable gear, capable of capturing the moments as they come, without slowing you down or making your life difficult. So to that end, today we have compiled a list of our top camera recommendations for wedding photographers.

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