Spencer Lum’s Scholarly Advice on Selling Wedding Photography and Speaking with Clients

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The key to being a successful wedding photographer is equal parts artistic talent and good business sense. While there are countless tutorials teaching you how to shoot portraits and use lighting adequately, business sense is something a little harder to pass on. This is where Spencer Lum has stepped in with a series of tutorial videos teaching you how to talk to clients and setting the right price for your work.

The videos are just a sliver of the advice Spencer offers on his site called Ground Glass. Spencer is a seasoned wedding photographer and owner of 5 West Studios, so his tips come from years of experience and working with clients.

“Ground Glass is about the breaking down barriers and dealing with real-world business,” Spencer wrote on his site. “The top reason people fail isn’t a lack of desire or effort. It’s finding a course of action that specifically fits their business.”

Watch out one of Spencer’s videos past the break and be sure to check out his YouTube channel and visit Ground Glass.

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How to Avoid Being “Uncle Bob” for a Wedding Photographer


A recent episode of All Things Considered ran a piece titled, “Meet Uncle Bob, the Wedding Photographer’s Friendly Terror”. It featured an interview with wedding photographer Amy Wurdock about her experience contending with the well-intentioned family member with expensive camera equipment who inevitably gets in the way of her doing her job.

If you have photographed many weddings, you no doubt have your own Uncle Bob story or you may even be guilty of being Uncle Bob yourself. It was something that was on my mind while attending a recent wedding. Here are some suggestions to avoid having to be a wedding photographer’s painful anecdote.

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Josh Newton on Wedding Photography, Passions, and Going the Distance

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All photographs taken by and used with permission from Josh Newton.

In just a few years, wedding photography has evolved from just a way to document a special event in people’s lives to a meticulous artform and a movement. Yet, there’s still only a handful of photographers out there who would actually go that extra mile for their clients, who would go the distance – literally and figuratively – for the happy couples who trust them enough to capture one of the most important days in their lives.

One such photographer is Josh Newton, who may have just gotten uber famous for those now-iconic wildfire wedding photos that went social media viral (the best kind!), but has established his status in the highly competitive world wedding photography long before he took those famous photos. In just over 7 years as a wedding photographer, he’s already travelled to over 30 states and 20 countries to cover more than 120 weddings, filling up his portfolio with photographs that are as romantic and as intimate as the locations they were taken in.

We’re lucky enough to catch him in between his many engagements to get to know the man behind lens and the photographs.

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NPR Talks About Wedding Photographers’ Worst Nightmare: Uncle Bob

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Editor’s Note: The photographer on the segment is Amy Wurdock, not Melissa Block as previously written.

Wedding photographers everywhere probably shook their heads in agreement during a recent episode of All Things Considered. Amy Wurdock, a wedding photographer, talked about “Uncle Bob”, an all-too-common guest at any given wedding, and he happens to be a massive nuisance for photographers. Uncle Bob is a guest, not necessarily an uncle and not necessarily named Bob, who brings an awful lot of camera equipment, and is often in the worst possible place for the hired photographer to get the essential images.

Of course, this isn’t exclusive to weddings necessarily. If you’ve been hired to shoot any type of event, you’ve probably run into someone with a camera who had a penchant for getting in the way of your shots. We’ve all been there at least once, but the best thing we can say, as is said in the segment, is to talk with that shutterbug in order to work something out. It’s undoubtedly frustrating, but not impossible to work around.

Head on over to NPR to listen to the segment.

JD, Husband of Jasmine Star, Talks About What’s in His Gear Bag


Wedding photographers sometimes have the most interesting camera bag contents. JD is famed Wedding Photographer Jasmine Star’s other half, and he often second shoots her weddings. Not familiar with the couple? They hail from Southern California. Jasmine was voted Top 10 Wedding Photographer in the World, Top 5 Most Influential Photographers, and her work has graced the pages of the world’s leading wedding publications. Today, they are teaching a free course on The Art of Being a Second Shooter today on creativeLIVE.

But as a quick teaser, check out what JD has in his camera bag after the jump.

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