Calvin Hobson’s Images of Silk Aerialists


All images by Calvin Hobson. Used with permission.

Photographer Calvin Hobson is a wedding photographer that took up the craft after a stint in the military. Though this is his primary focus, it’s important for every photographer to have personal work that they use to improve themselves and expand their creativity.

Calvin shot a portrait series with a pair of aerialist artists (Heather & Dana Foltz) in a cave to expand his creativity and work with new artists. “The “smoke” you see is done behind the girls, and in front of the rim light.. And isn’t smoke at all!” says Calvin. “We had Nick Langton, a good friend of mine, collecting the siltiest handfuls of dirt he could find and throwing it in the air on my command!”

Calvin tells the Phoblographer that he wanted to achieve something angelic and heavenly in contrast to the skeleton leotards they were wearing. He also tells us that nothing was rehearsed beforehand and they did all the performing for the camera.

“Believe it or not, these girls hardly have to try when we do photoshoots. They just kind of…. Go! Its really incredible to see them perform, and even cooler to have them take direction effortlessly for a shoot.”

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