Missouri Wedding Photographer Disappears Leaving Brides Without Photos

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One of the worst things that you could possibly do as a wedding photographer is never give a couple their images. But apparently, that’s what Missouri Wedding Photographer Samantha Woolsey has done according to a story from Fox News. The story implies that Ms. Woolsey was behind on rent at her storefront in Cameron, Mo and that in order to not go into further debt, she took off and left. A forwarding address was also not left behind for mail or contact info–which further implies that she did not want to be contacted.

While photographers tend to go out of business all the time (sadly) Samantha had a couple of major debts left–to the brides whose weddings she had photographed. The story in particular shares the account of Toni Gardner whose family came from Australia for the wedding. But the problem is that she never got the images from Ms. Woolsey and now only has cell phone images from the guests. But Toni isn’t alone, and many other brides also called Fox News to complain.

The news story states that Samantha Woolsey photography is still advertising on Facebook, but if you indeed check her page you’ll see that no posts have been made since May of this year.

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Her Facebook page has reviews that are very recent stating that she indeed took the brides’ money and ran. But the star ratings are very split amongst 5 stars and 1 star–which means that Samantha had many clients that were otherwise grateful for her services. In fact, according to her Pinterest, she won an award this year. Her Knot profile has no reviews though.

What’s even crazier is that she also seemed to have removed all images from her website. We went into the code to check the HTML coding and there are no images at all on the site except for a couple of social buttons.

What Samantha did is completely unprofessional and unjust; and we wouldn’t wish that on any bride out there.

Chris Gampat

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