Spencer Lum’s Scholarly Advice on Selling Wedding Photography and Speaking with Clients

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The key to being a successful wedding photographer is equal parts artistic talent and good business sense. While there are countless tutorials teaching you how to shoot portraits and use lighting adequately, business sense is something a little harder to pass on. This is where Spencer Lum has stepped in with a series of tutorial videos teaching you how to talk to clients and setting the right price for your work.

The videos are just a sliver of the advice Spencer offers on his site called Ground Glass. Spencer is a seasoned wedding photographer and owner of 5 West Studios, so his tips come from years of experience and working with clients.

“Ground Glass is about the breaking down barriers and dealing with real-world business,” Spencer wrote on his site. “The top reason people fail isn’t a lack of desire or effort. It’s finding a course of action that specifically fits their business.”

Watch out one of Spencer’s videos past the break and be sure to check out his YouTube channel and visit Ground Glass.

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Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.