Sony vs Nikon vs Pentax: Which is the Most Weather Sealed?

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The Pentax K1, the Nikon D850, and the Sony A7r II are all weather sealed cameras; but do you get more for your money?

Weather sealed cameras are a beautiful thing. You can go outside in the elements and you just don’t have to worry (too much) about your camera taking a shower. Many cameras offer weather sealing, but a recent video put the Pentax K1, the Nikon D850, and the Sony A7R III side by side for a comparison on the amount of weather sealing each body really has. Join us after the break to check out the video. Continue reading…

Review: Pentax K1 Mk II (A Camera That Was Born to be Wild)

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The Pentax K1 Mk II is a solid camera, but does it offer enough to make it a viable choice in 2019?

The Pentax K1 Mk II was launched in March of 2018 with little fanfare. Its predecessor the K1 launched in 2016 and made much more of an impact due to the fact that it was Pentax’s first Full Frame DSLR. The camera introduced features that had never been seen before in a DSLR, and the 36 Megapixel sensor was capable of producing beautiful images. So why was there so little excitement in regards to the K1 Mk II? The Pentax K1 Mk II is almost the exact same camera as the K1. The body is the same, the sensor is the same, the main image processing unit is the same; the only changes are an additional processing unit which works in tandem with the main processor, a slightly faster autofocusing system, higher ISO output, and a new handheld pixel shift mode. Are these updates really enough to make it a worthwhile buy over the now cheaper, Pentax K1?
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If You Want to be Happy, Stop Stressing About Cameras and Just Focus On Your Photography

It’s easy to get caught up in camera lust and what new cameras can do, but are you focusing enough on your photography to get the most out of your gear?

Gear lust and gear envy are two very real things that all photographers go through at some point during their photography journey. While it’s nice to fantasize about the newest camera on the block, or pour over technical specifications, you shouldn’t spend too long there. If you’re not careful you’ll fall into trap that becomes harder to get out of as time passes by. Not only will you never be happy with what you have, your photography will suffer too. YouTube star and photographer Thomas Heaton has just found this out for himself as his quest for a new camera continues. After the break we have his latest video that explores what he has gone through and the realization that he has made. You don’t want to miss this. Continue reading…

Nikon Camera Guide: Our Four Favorite Nikon Cameras for Beginners, Hobbyists, and Pros

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Whether you pronounce it Nikon, or Nikon (I know you said those differently in your head), there are Nikon Cameras that are perfect for beginners to pros.

Nikon cameras are some of the best in the DSLR world. This has been proven time and time again. They are solidly built, offer outstanding image quality, and are easy to use. Couple these things with the fact that Nikon cameras have a massive library of first and third party lenses, and you begin to see why switching allegiances makes sense to some.

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Teaser Shows the New Nikon Mirrorless Camera Looks Like a DSLR

The latest teaser for the new Nikon mirrorless camera gives us a closer look at the mount and body — and it sports a form very similar to a DSLR.

Those who are already aware that Nikon has a new mirrorless coming out very soon have also most likely been checking out the countdown on the website. The latest teaser so far gives us a closer look at the new mount and body, and it looks very much like a DSLR.

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The Nikon D850 Filmmaker’s Kit Will Have Everything You Need for Serious Video

The new D850 Filmmaker’s Kit will come with the camera, three lenses, 2 mics, and an external recorder/monitor

It could be argued that the D850 is one of the top cameras on the market right now, at the very least one of the top DSLRs (if not THE top DSLR). Some of that can be attributed to its video feature set, which is not something Nikon has ever really been known for. Nikon is looking to continue to capitalize on this with the brand new D850 Filmmaker’s Kit, which looks to be just about everything you could need, from the camera perspective, to be a serious videographer or filmmaker.  Continue reading…

Nikon Was #1 in Full Frame Camera Sales for 2017 Holiday Season

Much was made of Sony overtaking Nikon for #2 in the US Full Frame Market, But Nikon Now Has A Headline Of Their Own.

Earlier last year, a lot (and we mean a lot) of noise was made with the news that Sony had overtaken Nikon to take the #2 spot in US full frame camera sales. But now Nikon has an interesting headline-inducing stat of their own to show off – team yellow was the #1 (not #2, not #3, number ONE) seller of full frame cameras for the 2017 holiday season. Continue reading…

Win For Nikon? Sony A7R III Ties D850 on DxOMark

Sony’s A7R III and Nikon’s D850 Are Too Close To Call… or Are They?

Regardless of how you feel about DxOMark and their camera sensor rankings, the fact is that these numbers are an interesting peek into how one sensor may stack up against another. Probably the two biggest launches of the year in 2017 has been the Nikon D850 and the Sony A7R III. It was huge news when Nikon’s offering broke records to become the highest rated full frame camera on DxOMark with a score of 100 (note this is NOT out of 100).

Well, it was just announced that Sony’s A7R III offering has just matched that score, making it the highest rated full-frame mirrorless camera on DxOMark. Your first thought when seeing this may be that Nikon’s moment at the top was short-lived, and you wouldn’t necessarily be incorrect. However, let’s look at the bigger picture… Continue reading…

Got the New Nikon D850? Here Are Nikon’s Recommended Lenses


Nikon’s D850 has been out for a little while now and if you were interested in one you have likely had a chance to check out all of the first looks and reviews to help make up your mind. If you are leaning into the yes category, you may be wondering if your current Nikon lenses will be up to the task with that new high-resolution sensor, and who better to ask than Nikon themselves?

But luckily you don’t need to ask, because Nikon publishes a list of recommended lenses for their cameras, and while this list for the [amazon_textlink asin=’B07524LHMT’ text=’D850′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’aa03c1fc-a945-11e7-bf15-292c0e93b3bb’] isn’t exactly new, it may not be something you have seen before – so strap in, and let’s take a look at Nikon’s recommended lenses for the D850. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Nikon D610 Savings and Average Joe Workshop Deals!

Nikon’s D850 is busy winning the hearts and minds of DSLR owners on the market for a brand new camera, but another Nikon camera is available for a great deal right now – the D610. Nikon’s budget entry level full frame DSLR isn’t getting talked about much these days, but it is a solid performer for anyone interested in a full frame setup on a budget.

  • Nikon D610 – Deal

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