Teaser Shows the New Nikon Mirrorless Camera Looks Like a DSLR

The latest teaser for the new Nikon mirrorless camera gives us a closer look at the mount and body — and it sports a form very similar to a DSLR.

Those who are already aware that Nikon has a new mirrorless coming out very soon have also most likely been checking out the countdown on the website. The latest teaser so far gives us a closer look at the new mount and body, and it looks very much like a DSLR.

Before we get to the newest member of the Nikon family, we first get a nice round-up of the classic SLR bodies. Some eagle-eyed fans out there must have noticed that these are all professional models. That can be a clue for something interesting, but maybe we’ll have to get back to that in the next teaser.

At the end of the quick trip down memory lane, we finally see a DSLR-style body that even sports what looks very much like the D850’s handgrip and the new mount. “This new mount is Nikon’s response to the challenges of the future,” the 30-seconder concluded. With more teaser videos “Coming Soon” on the website, hopefully we’ll be getting more clues as to why Nikon chose a more familiar form for its new mirrorless camera.

So far, everyone is expecting the camera to have a full-frame sensor and a host of NIKKOR lenses for the new mount. Users can use their existing Nikon DSLR lenses using adapters. Now that Nikon will be unveiling this new camera ahead of the Photokina, we’re still wondering what they will be announcing for the event.

Whether this new offering can indeed save the company from the poor sales that have plagued the DSLR market and take it well into the next 100 years would be interesting to see altogether.

Keep checking out the Nikon website for more of these teasers and other details.


Screenshot image from the video