Adobe Introduces Their “Rising Stars of Photography” for 2018

Adobe shares with us some fresh photography from all over the world in their lineup of “rising stars of photography” for this year.

Looking for more photography inspiration? It’s time for us once again to check out some impressive photography by some up and coming photographers rounded up by Adobe for their latest “rising stars” this year. This time, the goal was to bring together some unique perspectives and interpretations through various photographic styles, subjects, and purposes.

Adobe’s search led them to ten photographers scattered across the globe, each representing diverse backgrounds, interests, age groups, professions, and experiences in photography. “From an Indonesian high schooler, to an environmental conservationist in Los Angeles, this group of emerging photographers are the ones to watch,” said Adobe, and we couldn’t agree more. From documentary photography, coming of age stories, and street photography, to travel snaps and architecture photography, this lineup sure has something interesting for everyone.

The ten “Rising Star” finalists are:

Gabriella Achadinha (South Africa)

Sarah Blesener (USA)

Michael Theodric (Indonesia)

Mette Lampcov (Denmark)

Eza Chung (USA)

Irynka Hromotska (Ukraine)

Sunny Herzinger (Germany)

David Leong (USA)

Mekdela Maskal (Ethiopia)

Grace Chen (USA)

According to Adobe, the Rising Stars were chosen based on the following criteria: “Finalists should have under five years of photography experience, with a focus on the artists’ talents considering the short time they’ve been photographing. Additionally, the artists were sourced to ensure representation of most of the world’s regions, with a variety of unique photographic styles, motivators, and subject matters represented.”

Aside from the introduction on their blog post, Adobe is also set to share more works of the Adobe Rising Stars through the Lightroom Instagram in the coming weeks.

We will also be placing the spotlight on some of these Rising Stars here on The Phoblographer, so stay tuned!

Photos via Adobe Blog