Finding Inspiration in the Great Outdoors with Sunny Herzinger

All images by Sunny Herzinger. Used with permission.

Some photographers travel to take photos, while others take up photography to travel. For Germany-based engineer and landscape photographer Sunny Herzinger, it’s hard to tell which camp he belongs to. “Probably both,” was also he could say, and it’s pretty easy to see why he thinks it’s the case, as travel and photography are inseparable. Luckily for him, inspiration is not hard to come by, as he’s surrounded by the beauty of nature and the great outdoors. Continue reading…

In Pursuit of Candid Moments with Irynka Hromotska

All images by Irynka Hromotska. Used with permission.

The love for photography is sparked by things both big and small. For Ukraine-based Irynka Hromotska, those things were as big as her dad’s lot of undeveloped films from his mountain trips, and as small as a few issues of National Geographic magazine. These things naturally sparked her interest not only in travel and photography, but also the pursuit of candid moments. This is very much the meat of her work, whether it’s travel photography or street photography.

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Adobe Introduces Their “Rising Stars of Photography” for 2018

Adobe shares with us some fresh photography from all over the world in their lineup of “rising stars of photography” for this year.

Looking for more photography inspiration? It’s time for us once again to check out some impressive photography by some up and coming photographers rounded up by Adobe for their latest “rising stars” this year. This time, the goal was to bring together some unique perspectives and interpretations through various photographic styles, subjects, and purposes.

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