Capture One’s Beyond Collection Gives Your Images a Film Inspired Look

The Capture One Beyond Collection offers a lot of versatile styles for photographers that have a fondness for classic analog imagery.

Capture One is introducing two new style packs today: Beyond B&W and Beyond Film. These style packs take inspiration from timeless black and white images and classic film emulsions, respectively. While created with classic film stocks and imagery in mind, the Beyond Collection aren’t designed to emulate the look of film emulsions like styles from RNI or Mastin Labs do. Both new style packs were created to provide a quick and repeatable workflow for photographers and photo editors. Like other style packs from Capture One, the Beyond Collection styles packs installs easily with a simple double click and work right out of the box. We got a chance to test-drive these new styles before their public release. Head on after the jump to check out the results.

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The Latest Capture One Update MAY Make You Leave Lightroom for Good

Capture One 20 is already superior to Lightroom in many ways, but it still lacks some features that hinder it from exerting total dominance.

A new update is coming to Capture One 20 today. We’ve been testing the beta for the better part of the past month. So far, the improvements included in this update seem quite promising. Chief amongst them is the newly enhanced Heal and Clone tools, and there’s a new Before & After tool as well. Photographers looking to break free from Adobe will also appreciate the new Lightroom catalog importer. The best part: all this is gratis for existing Capture One 20 users! Photographers shooting exclusively with Nikon gear will be glad to know that a Nikon specific version of Capture One 20 will now be available too. Capture One for Nikon is a full-featured version of Capture One Pro available for a reduced cost. The only limit is that it will only work with Nikon raw files, like other brand-specific versions of the software that are already available.

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Cheap Photo: Capture One 12 Tutorial $84, Huge Savings on Presets

capture one pro 12

These photography tutorials, Lightroom presets, and Photoshop overlays and actions are excellent value for money.

Do you want to get the most out of the photo editing software you’re using? Do you want your images to look the absolute best they can? If so, these deals are for you. Right now you can get the amazing Capture One Pro 12 Complete Tutorial for just $84, and the Complete Photoshop Tutorial is currently half price at just $99! There are also incredible deals on Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions and overlays. Join us after the break to see all of the amazing photography tutorials, presets, and overlays we have found deals on.
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Review: Capture One 12 (Most of the Enhancements We Really Needed and Wanted)

photography software guides

We’ve been waiting patiently for Capture One 12; it’s finally here.

I’ve made a conscious effort in the past few years to move away from Adobe Lightroom Classic CC in every way possible. With today’s release of Capture One 12 I can say with certainty that it does most of what Lightroom does even better. There is a big emphasis on most, but the truth is Capture One 12 will do everything better than Lightroom does for most photographers. In that previous sentence there is a HUGE emphasis on everything. With today’s announcement integrating into Capture One 12 the addition of plugins, a variety of masks, and the long awaited Fujifilm Film Simulation additions, there are lots of major reasons why Capture One 12 is the best version yet.

At the same time though, it still isn’t the most perfect program out there.

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The New Capture One 12 Introduces UI Enhancements, Plugins, and More

Capture One 12 makes the already powerful RAW converter & image editor even more feature rich

Earlier today, Phase One announced the release of Capture One 12, a major version update to the company’s RAW conversion, image editing, and asset management software. With the release of version 12, Capture One’s user interface has been completely overhauled while maintaining the program’s high degree of customizability, including a brand new menu system as well as a keyboard shortcut manager. Additionally, Capture One 12 also introduces three new masking tools; Luma Range (Luminosity) Masking, Linear Gradient Masking, and Radial Gradient Masking. Another enhancement introduced with Capture One 12 is a new Capture One Plugins ecosystem, allowing third party developers to expand the functionalities of Capture One. Fujifilm support was first introduced with Capture One 11.3, and with Capture One 12, Fujifilm support is further enhanced with the introduction of Fujifilm Film Simulations support.

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After 6+ Months with Capture One, I’m Coming Back to Lightroom

Around the beginning of this year, I decided to switch to Capture One, and I loved it. But after 6+ months I am coming back to Lightroom.

If you have been reading the internet for the last year or two you would be hard-pressed not to notice the uptick in photographers unhappy with Adobe Lightroom and it’s nearly constant performance issues. Unsurprisingly, this also is when we started to really see a rise in photographers denouncing Lightroom in favor of PhaseOne’s Capture One Pro; a longtime favorite of professional retouchers that hadn’t really caught on with the masses. Continue reading…

The New Capture One 11.1 Has a Resource Hub with All the Tutorials You Need

Hot on the heels of Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud updates, Phase One brings us Capture One 11.1

It is the way of the world these days: a new camera is released and it can take weeks, sometimes months, before the popular RAW processors are updated in order to support them. It’s one of the biggest drawbacks to being an early adopter, but thankfully the wait isn’t generally long. If you happen to have purchased a [amazon_textlink asin=’B07B43WPVK’ text=’Sony A7 III’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bd52ca93-42ba-11e8-b05e-75767a700aea’] or [amazon_textlink asin=’B079PTRNKK’ text=’Fujifilm X-H1′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c67a8ab4-42ba-11e8-b076-bf17b7e3042e’] in the last months then you know this pain, but if you are a Capture One 11 user then your wait is over.

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Capture One Pro 10.0.2 Adds Support for Fujifilm’s X100F and Canon’s EOS M5

As more and more photographers are becoming frustrated with slowdowns and performance issues with Adobe’s Lightroom, many are finding themselves looking for alternatives, with Phase One’s Capture One Pro being a popular and well-reviewed option.

Today Phase One launched Capture One Pro 10.0.2, the most recent update to their non-destructive RAW image processing software. The update adds support for several new cameras and lenses, as well as bug reports for several bugs that users had reported. Continue reading…