The Loupedeck Creative Tool Is for the Photographer Who Does Everything

The new Loupedeck Creative Tool is targeting the multi-media creative that needs to operate in a ton of different spheres.

If you’re one of those photographers who edges into other mediums, then the Loupedeck Creative Tool is probably the next peripheral you need. Loupedeck has always created strong peripherals for photographers and videographers, and this latest product is designed to help those who also edit audio and much more. To that end, its ability to integrate with more software on the market make it more scalable and versatile. That translates into wedding photographers also being able to cut a video and edit audio using the same tool–pun not really, but really intended. Although the Loupedeck Creative Tool only uses USB 2.0 A, it has Bluetooth 5 low energy abilities.

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The Sony a7r IV Is Out, So Where Is the Sony a7s III?

If the Sony a7s III still exists, then it’s going to have a massive update over the previous models.

We’re wondering the same thing you are: where is the Sony a7s III? With the Sony a7r series of cameras undergoing two other refreshes, the a7s series hasn’t seen a single update in years. We know it’s coming, but we have no idea when. However, with the launch of the Sony a7r IV, and the company’s emphasis on Speed and AI amongst other things, we can get a better idea of what the Sony a7s III could be used for and who it’s targeted to.

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The Sony a7r IV Has a 61MP Full Frame Sensor (And There’s More)

The new Sony a7r IV is probably going to make you drool. 

Sony Electronics President and COO Mike Fasulo presented some of the company’s latest products for the Digital Imaging Division. Amongst those products is the new Sony a7r IV that includes features like a new 61MP full-frame sensor at heart. It has a whole lot of great features for professional photographers. At $3,500 it’s going to include things like upgraded weather sealing, wireless tethering capabilities, a ton of autofocus points, and much more.


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Welcome to ISO 400, a Podcast by The Phoblographer


Here at the Phoblographer, we’ve been working on diversifying our content both to reach new audiences and offer something more to our readers. For the past couple of months, we’ve been hard at work crafting our latest venture, a photography podcast called ISO 400.

On this site, you’ll find plenty of interviews with photographers, most of which were conducted over email. While that’s a great way to connect with someone, it often suffers from a lack of the back-and-forth that can really make an interview great, so we thought we’d interview photographers live over Skype. In order to be flexible, we’re offering both audio and video versions of each episode.

We are traditionally a gear-focused blog with our reviews and other features, but with ISO 400, we’re looking to break our own mold by focusing heavily on the art, craft and story of each photographer. Any mention of gear only serves to help our readers, and now our listeners, better understand how each photographer makes the images they’re known for.

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7 Great Photography Podcasts to Help the Workday Pass


I used to have to face a brutal commute. For 5 days a week, I would be trapped in my car for an average of 2.5 hours, all to make a 30-mile round trip. Though I had tried listening to music, talk radio and books on tape to help endure the notorious stop-and-go traffic of the 405 and 210 Freeways, it was podcasts that transformed the drive from feeling like an extreme sport to an enjoyable part of my day.

It was my fondness for podcasts that helped inspire my own show The Candid Frame, but I still listen to a lot of shows to help keep me informed and inspired, especially when it comes to my photography.

Though there are a lot more choices than I had 8 years ago, I wanted to offer my own personal favorite podcasts (most of which are photo related) for you to discover and explore. I hope you find enjoyment in them whether or not you face your own challenging commute. They are listed here in no particular order.

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The Best Budget Lenses and Accessories for Canon DSLR Users Shooting Video

Rokinon Cine 35mm top of lens

We’ve written before about the best budget lenses, the best accessories for HDSLR cameras, the right Canon lens for you and we even listed a bunch of autofocus lenses for DSLR videography. But what if you need to start shooting more video to help your business grow? Sure, you can spring for the autofocus lenses but they’re not always the most affordable and photographic lenses aren’t always the most ergonomical when it comes to shooting video. Instead, you may want to spring for some of these bad boys: providing that you have the right accessories too.

After having real-world and live testing, we bring you the guide to the best lenses for shooting video (and lots of other accessories too.)

With this said, always remember: vision comes first.

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Review: Zoom H4n Microphone

The Zoom H4n has become a very popular gadget due to DSLRs’ full 1080 HD video capability. This added functionality is great for not only still photographers who buy HDSLRs (High Definition SLRs), but also for videographers who can’t splurge on professional video cameras. The only issue is that an HDSLR’s audio does not sound very good. The sound might be good for home movies, but if you are using your camera to shoot professional quality movies then you need a different solution for recording sound.

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Great Items for DSLR Video Audio Recording

The blog has briefly discussed great items for DSLR videography. However, where would great videos be without excellent audio? In film school, you’re taught that sound is 60% of your video/film. It can make a huge difference. For those of you dabbling in DSLR videography, here are some items that you may want to get to create great audio.

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First Impressions: Canon 5D Mk II Firmware 2.0.3

If you can’t see the video, know that YouTube is Processing it!

I’ve been waiting forever for the new firmware update for the Canon 5D Mk II. Upon first getting it, I hooked up my Rode VideoMic and the 50mm F1.8 adjusted the audio mode through the menu settings, set it to 24p and went to shooting the journey from my room to the kitchen where my sister was washing dishes. This was all done at ISO 200. It’s very, very unprofessional as a test but this is to really just show off the quality and what is possible. It’s also safe to say that it is the most random video ever. Afterwards, I just uploaded it straight to my computer and it went to Youtube.

My verdict: I love it. I love the new display features with the histogram available though I will hardly use it as I prefer to set exposures manually to my own liking. The adjustment for manual microphone/audio adjustment is very easy to do. My only criticism is that I wish it were easier to access and that I didn’t have to go through the menu system to change it first. The 24p mode looks beautiful. I’ve missed it as I used to shoot it with a Canon HV20 on MiniDV tapes. You can see lots of that stuff on my Youtube and my Vimeo page.

So glad those days are over. More tests to come soon!

Canon Announces 24p Movie Firmware Update for the 5D Mk II

It’s coming (again)! Canon has announced that in mid-March, Firmware update 2.03 for the Canon 5D Mk II will allow for full 1080p HD video recording at 24, 25 and 29.97fps to match the PAL and NTSC broadcast standards. Other features include a new histogram display while shooting movies and allows users to manually control sound recording levels. My favorite though is perhaps that audio sampling frequency has also been increased to match broadcast material standards from 44.1KHz to 48KHz and will allow for users to set the audio volume. Read more over at DPReview.

The 5D Mk II is my camera of choice and so I am excited for this.