First Impressions: Canon 5D Mk II Firmware 2.0.3

If you can’t see the video, know that YouTube is Processing it!

I’ve been waiting forever for the new firmware update for the Canon 5D Mk II. Upon first getting it, I hooked up my Rode VideoMic and the 50mm F1.8 adjusted the audio mode through the menu settings, set it to 24p and went to shooting the journey from my room to the kitchen where my sister was washing dishes. This was all done at ISO 200. It’s very, very unprofessional as a test but this is to really just show off the quality and what is possible. It’s also safe to say that it is the most random video ever. Afterwards, I just uploaded it straight to my computer and it went to Youtube.

My verdict: I love it. I love the new display features with the histogram available though I will hardly use it as I prefer to set exposures manually to my own liking. The adjustment for manual microphone/audio adjustment is very easy to do. My only criticism is that I wish it were easier to access and that I didn’t have to go through the menu system to change it first. The 24p mode looks beautiful. I’ve missed it as I used to shoot it with a Canon HV20 on MiniDV tapes. You can see lots of that stuff on my Youtube and my Vimeo page.

So glad those days are over. More tests to come soon!

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.