The Sony a7r IV Has a 61MP Full Frame Sensor (And There’s More)

The new Sony a7r IV is probably going to make you drool. 

Sony Electronics President and COO Mike Fasulo presented some of the company’s latest products for the Digital Imaging Division. Amongst those products is the new Sony a7r IV that includes features like a new 61MP full-frame sensor at heart. It has a whole lot of great features for professional photographers. At $3,500 it’s going to include things like upgraded weather sealing, wireless tethering capabilities, a ton of autofocus points, and much more.


But first a fun fact: more than half of the smartphones out there have a Sony imaging sensor at the heart of the camera. Also, Full Frame ILC has been dominated by Sony for the last 20 months in both units and dollars.

Also, mirrorless camera growth is up! That’s nice to know. This is different from CIPA data that we’ve analyzed over the past few months. Reports previously stated that the entire market was down. To be clear, that’s not just for Sony but Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, etc. Of the DI segment though, mirrorless seems to have gone up according to what Sony said during their presentation today. This just makes sense as DSLRs continue to fade into obscurity except for flash sales that we often see on Amazon, Adorama, and several other platforms.

Sony a7R IV

Here are the specs on the new Sony a7r IV:

  • There is a 240MP pixel shift option
  • 15 stops of dynamic range
  • 5.76 MP viewfinder
  • 4K video
  • 26MP APS-C capture mode
  • 5 axis optical in-body stabilization
  • 10fps shooting with full AF and AE tracking
  • 567 phase AF points
  • Touch tracking for movies
  • 6K movie mode

At 26MP in APS-C mode, it’s basically going to make many of APS-C cameras obsolete. That’s a strong statement, but we’ll have to see.

In APS-C mode the camera has 325 AF points, but in full-frame mode there are 567 phase detection autofocus points. Considering how good previous Sony cameras are, we’re sure this is going to do really well too. We’ll be playing with the camera a bit later today so we can give our fuller first impressions later on.

The Sony a7r IV has real-time eye-AF for movie shooting too. That’s huge and something that is brand new. There is also an upgrade to audio with an audio interface. It works with the company’s latest microphone to help with video recording and audio recording.

Here’s a screenshot of some of the best new features.

There are also several other cool features like wireless tethering, a WiFi upgrade, and improved weather sealing.

Chris Gampat

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