Great Items for DSLR Video Audio Recording

The blog has briefly discussed great items for DSLR videography. However, where would great videos be without excellent audio? In film school, you’re taught that sound is 60% of your video/film. It can make a huge difference. For those of you dabbling in DSLR videography, here are some items that you may want to get to create great audio.

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Beacktek Adapter

This is perhaps the one item that any videographer will need to monitor the sound levels on their cameras. This box mounts onto the bottom of the DSLR and monitors sound from external microphones to the camera. It also has a headphone jack for you to plug into and monitor it even more.

Rode Videomic

This has been the staple microphone of most video productions I’ve worked on and for what it’s worth, it’s done the job very effectively for when the microphone can be mounted on camera. Otherwise you’re going to need some more heavy duty microphones.

Otherwise, go for something like the Sennheiser MKE 44-P.

Sony MDR-7509HD Professional Monitor Headphones

These are the headphones I used to use back in college and on professional sets during my internships. They’re amazing headphones that deliver excellent quality and cancel all other noise out so that you can focus on what’s being recorded.

K&M Mobile Overhead Mic Stand and Boom Pole

In addition to your microphones, boom poles are also very important to get in close enough for the placement of the microphones and in monitoring the sound. This stand and pole setup allows for lots of flexibility in the field or on a closed set because of the added microphone stand and the long pole.

Wireless systems

Get the transmitters and the lavalier microphones together in a kit for use. Audio-Technica is a company that I’ve experimented with and overall have been very satisfactory with their products. This kit is great for videographers and indie filmmakers on a budget. With the right sound crew, users can get quite a bit of excellent audio out of them that your editors will appreciate in the post-production process.

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