Field Review: Canon 1D Mk IV (Day 5)

Wedding photographers that use Canon have a huge interest in the Canon 1D Mk IV. Technicalities that are of interest to this group is above all else High ISO performance. Go to any forum and read about most wedding photographers and how often they try to avoid the higher ISO settings on their cameras. To show you what the images look like at each ISO setting here are all the images on display for you one right after another. All images were taken at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to simulate a church setting. To take these images, the camera was set in Aperture priority where I rested on one of the pews (after genuflecting towards the alter and blessing myself with holy water of course, I’m a catholic school boy) and just adjusted the ISO setting while shooting the images.

All photos had no post-processing except for sizing down for display purposes. As you can see, noise control is very good for the most part. ISO 3200 is extremely usable.

ISO 200

ISO 250

ISO 320

ISO 400

ISO 500

ISO 640

ISO 800

ISO 1000

ISO 1250

ISO 1600

ISO 2000

ISO 2500

ISO 3200

ISO 4000

ISO 5000

ISO 6400

ISO 8000

ISO 10000

ISO 12800

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