This Beautiful Photo By Niki Phillips Has a Heartwarming Story

“Picasso once said ‘good artists borrow, great artists steal,’” photographer Niki Phillips told us in an interview. “And that’s kind of what we did with this photo. But definitely want to give the credit to Jordi (Koalitic) for having this awesome idea. He’s insanely talented and outrageously creative.” Niki is a duo along with his wife, Aubrey. To create this mesmerizing portrait, the two did some spur-of-the-moment work.

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Manual Mode Is Overrated: A Popular, Unpopular Opinion

For most of my time as a photographer, it’s been instilled in me to always shoot in manual mode. This is the mentality of plenty of photographers from older generations. Make no mistake, there’s something to be said for the lessons from these sages. But the wisdom isn’t fundamentally timeless. Today, there are zillions of situations where manual mode is overrated. Don’t just take my word for it; consider the fact that most smartphone photographers use auto mode.

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Kodak 400TX Single-Use Camera Review. Fun and Easy to Use!

My mom was always taking pictures of us as we grew up. It was standard procedure to grab a snapshot before we could scurry about and enjoy vacations. Eye rolls were aplenty, but I quickly picked up her fascination for photography. My mom didn’t trust an eight-year-old with her prized Vivitar. Instead, she stocked up on disposable cameras for me whenever they were on sale. The Kodak 400TX single-use camera bridges my childhood and the nostalgia of learning black and white photography in college.

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Self Care for Photographers: Why You Need to Do More Core Work

For years, I had a lot of significant back pain. It was only in my 30s that I realized how crucial exercise is. Couple that with the fact that we’ve reviewed the most camera bags of any publication on the web, and you genuinely need exercise. Thankfully, the back pain has gone away with exercise. But more importantly, what we found is that it’s all about exercising your core. If you’ve been curious about self-care for photographers, we invite you to dive in with us.

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7 Perfect Examples of Inspiring Wedding Photography

We love good wedding photography. A wedding is a happy time to be alive, and here are some fresh photographers doing great work on the big day!

Weddings are one of the most stressful gigs a photographer can take. High emotions and interfering families make shooting a wedding an interesting time, to say the least. That’s why it takes a level of skill – and temperament – to ensure you deliver the client something they can cherish forever. It can take years to reach a standard where you can charge thousands of dollars for the gig. But rather than focusing on experienced photographers, we want to show you the freshest of wedding photographers we’re digging right now.

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A Cheat Sheet for Every Wedding Photographer’s Mental Health

Precious memories depend on you when you’re a wedding photographer. Help your clients get the best photos of the big day by sharing this photography cheat sheet with them.

Wedding photography can be stressful both for the photographer and the couples, but you can do something about it. Preparation is key, and it’s a team effort. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet is specially designed for that. If you’re looking for some tips to make the job easier for you, this is a visual guide you should definitely share with your clients.

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The Best Gear for Successful Wedding Photography in 2019

This gear will make wedding photography that much easier for you, and your clients will love the results.

Wedding photography is one of the most demanding, most challenging genres of photography around. Photographers usually find themselves in dimly lit churches, cathedrals, and gathering places, and they usually have a list of demands from their clients as long as Mt. Everest is tall. There are things we can do to make it easier on ourselves, but perhaps the best thing we can do is use cameras, lenses, and accessories that can not only cope with the rigors of wedding photography, but that can also make it easier. Continue reading…

The Best Fujifilm Prime Lenses For Every Genre of Photography

Fujifilm shooters are spoiled rotten when it comes to razor sharp, fast prime lenses–there are just so many good ones.

Prime lenses are simply the only way to go if you need super sharp, fast lenses. Their ability to shoot in low light situations, and the blistering speed at which they can acquire focus makes them ideal for just about any genre of photography. Fujifilm camera users sure have their fair share of prime lenses that can be used in any situation, and they’re all rock solid. From street photography to portraiture, and wildlife to documentary photography, you’re covered multiple times over. In this round up we’re going to take a look at the best prime lenses for every type of photographic work. Continue reading…

5 of Our Top Camera Bag Picks for Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers need bags for all of the gear they take with them to a wedding. Here are some of our favorite picks. 

Wedding Photographers: you may know one or you may be one. Regardless of your status, there is one thing about wedding photographers that’s a given; they potentially have a lot of different gear that they need to take with them to a shoot; cameras, lenses, lighting and other accessories. This requires a solid bag (or bags) to accommodate and protect such a large kit while at the same time remaining easy to transport and access.

Today, we wanted to highlight some of our top camera/gear bag picks with wedding photographers in mind. As well, if you have a big photography kit or a small photography kit, it makes no difference. We will have options below that appeal to a variety of wedding photographers with varying amounts of gear. So, if you are ready. let’s get into it… Continue reading…

Posing Brides and Grooms: An Introduction for Photographers

Posing brides and grooms on their wedding day just means that you need to pay attention a bit more.

“What do you envision for your photography on wedding day? Is there a particular style that comes to mind?” This is a question asked in every single wedding photography consultation with every couple interested in our wedding photography services. I’m never surprised by the answer as it is the same nearly 90% of the time. “I love candids!”

I may cringe a little inside because while clearly my job as a wedding photographer is partially photojournalism, the other (LARGE) part of what I personally love to do is portraiture. The kind where I’m basically in control of everything, including but not limited to actual posing. Candid photography has it’s place, don’t get me wrong. I just know after years of studying subjects bodies, faces and movement, that unless they happen to be a model there is a high likelihood that the average person doesn’t know what they look like while they’re doing things.

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Review: Profoto B1X (Sony TTL Version)

If you’re a working photographer that uses studio lighting, then chances are that you’ve been considering a light like the Profoto B1X since first hearing about it. Profoto lights are already at the top of the game and all the studios use them, and what makes the Profoto B1X so special is the added versatility over the original Profoto B1 monolights. For example, the modelling light has 50% more power for video users. Then there’s the ability to do high speed sync at up to 1/8,000 and with a flash duration of 1/19,000. That’s pretty insane! And then you have to remember Profoto’s color consistency assurance, their Air Remote TTL system, and the solid build quality. I can go on and on about Profoto and how great their lights are and how little extra post-production work you’ll need to do because of how good they are, but the truth is that some folks still have no problems with extra long post-production that I sometimes find to be unnecessary.

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What Makes a 24mm Lens So Special, And Why You Should Use It

Are you interested in shooting photojournalism or landscapes, maybe dabbling in street photography? If that is the case and you are doing any sort of research into the kind of lenses you should look into the chances are you may have seen 24mm pop up quite a bit in your research. So, as we continue our look at various focal lengths and what makes them special today we have a look at the 24mm lens.

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Before You Build A Photographic Portfolio, Figure Out Your Photographic Identity

Let’s get something absolutely out of the way here: your Instagram page isn’t necessarily your portfolio. A photographic portfolio is a body of work that helps let others know what kind of photographer you are. It’s a product you’re capable of delivering. For example, Toyota’s portfolio includes the Camry and their other cars. Peter Hurley’s portfolio includes headshots. Annie Leibovitz’s portfolio has portraits and editorial work. These are the products that we know they’re capable of producing. And in the same way, a photographer needs to tightly curate that portfolio, specialize (despite what some may tell you not to do, and they’re dead wrong), and put forward images and services that really make them standout from the rest.

But before you even go about doing this, you’ll need to figure out your photographic identity.

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The Perfect Prime Lenses For Your Party and Event Photography

As we continue our look into party and event photography kits our next stop will be talking about lightweight prime lenses. Now, prime lenses are generally not as popular in a part/event atmosphere due to many photographers in this arena preferring the versatility of zoom lenses to be able to quickly react to the party environment. We will, of course, be looking at zoom lenses later, but for now, we wanted to hit on prime lenses.

One reason you may choose a prime lens over a zoom is that you will have access to faster apertures, allowing you to take advantage of shorter shutter speeds – reducing the chance of motion blur and other undesirable side effects of shooting movement in a low light situation. Another reason is that they are generally much smaller and light-weight, meaning less stress on your body over the course of a long event.

Regardless of the reasons, if you are looking into adding a prime lens or prime lenses into your party or event photography kit we recommend checking out the following options.   Continue reading…

35mm vs 28mm Lenses: A Guide To Which One You Should Choose

The obvious answer to the question of 35mm vs 28mm lens choice is whatever suits you; but the issue is that sometimes photographers require input from others. The two classic focal lengths have been used by many photographers over the years to create fantastic work. Each lens and focal length has their strengths and weaknesses, but after some time one is often more preferred over the other.

We’ve used a number of classic 28mm and 35mm lenses over time in our testing of lenses. So we went through our sample photos to help give you some guidance.

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Three Kits: Wedding Photography With The Sony Mirrorless System

Now that it is the winter and Wedding photographers are in their off-season across much of the northern hemisphere, many are taking stock of their current kits. This is the time to look at what else is on the market, look into buying new gear, and trying out the latest technological achievements. Sony has been one of the most talked about brands of the last few years, and their current generation A7 series full frame mirrorless cameras offer what a lot of professionals are looking for. Here are our picks for kit options for wedding pros thinking about jumping into the full frame E mount (FE) system here in 2017.

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I Used to Say, “I’ll Never Do Weddings.” Then I Shot One.

All images and guest blog post from Nathan Hostetter. Be sure to also check out his instagram.

The phone call was great; the groom and I had a lot in common and he sounded really excited to have me photograph the wedding. I made sure he understood I had never shot a wedding before and that,  based on the budget, I would not be bringing a second shooter. The groom (also named Nathan) told me they weren’t looking for traditional wedding photos. He explained this would be a small wedding, no wedding party, and no expectation of a shot list.

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13 Great Lenses for Capturing Candid Photos

Capturing candid images is easy, but only those of us with the acquired skill are able to really show off some of the most frank moments in time. At this point in technology, it’s very tough for mostly any lens to have a hard time capturing great photos. But some, because of inherent qualities do a better one. Whether it’s firmware updates, an aperture that let’s you separate the subject from the background, etc it’s all possible.

We scoured our reviews index to find lenses with good focusing abilities and an aperture that lets you make your subject stand out when capturing candids. Check them out after the jump.

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Darren Williams: Creating Wedding Portraiture Strobist Style

All images by Darren Williams. Used with permission.

Darren Williams is a photojournalistic wedding photographer who integrates creative portraiture and strobism into his work. His creative vision can be described as almost painterly–for when you look at the work it seems magical in so many different ways. He’s based in North Wales though shoots throughout the UK and Europe.

And for Darren, getting the creative vision he wants it really all about the process.


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The Psychology of Creative Wedding Photography

Photo Essays is a series on the Phoblographer where photographers get to candidly speak their mind about a specific subject or project of theirs. Want to submit? Send them to

All images by Travis and Nina Tank. Used with permission. Be sure to also follow them on Instagram.

Something that I have spent the last few years trying to perfect in wedding photography is creating moments. Raw, real emotion is actually very difficult to achieve when you have a semi-stranger in your face expecting you to model. I have found there to be a significant difference in what sets photographers apart… there are ones who create moments and some that simply capture them. While yes we are all technically “capturing” moments, photojournalism in its purest form doesn’t tend to lend itself to the creative imagery that couples want or hire us for.

Those laughs that you see, the smiles and the people who look like they are having a good time are actually having a good time and laughing with us. This is the reason why few photographers seem to have more stiff imagery in their portfolio than authentic emotions. The good news? It only takes a simple switch in your mindset to completely change the way you view yourself as a photographer and how you capture any subject on the other side of your camera.

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The Creative Mentality Behind Intimate Portraiture (NSFW)

All images by Jason Bach. Used with permission.

“We live in a world where media & film censorship favors violence over the beauty of the naked form.” says photographer Jason Bach about how he got into intimate portraiture. “To me, its an appalling concept and should be reversed – we should be embracing and teaching younger generations that sexuality and nudity is natural and a much more positive representation of humanity than what violence offers.” You see, Jason isn’t one of those guys on the social interwebs using nudity to become Instafamous–he creates genuinely intimate, sensual and beautiful work.

Jason Bach is a wedding and commercial photographer who owns his studio The Photogenic Lab based in Denver, CO. He labels his distinctive style as “playful, innovative images that wrap stories into single moments.” Indeed, it makes a lot of sense. And when it comes to creating intimate scenes, he says that it’s all about the serious nature behind the work.

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