We Raced 5 Photo Editors. The Results May Surprise You

When you need to get from shoot to published the fastest, which photo editor excels at culling, importing, and exporting?

Between the shoot and the edit is the cull — the dreaded time spent sitting behind the computer, sifting through photos for keepers. Slow software only makes the tedious task worse. Importing can take several minutes, even hours, with large uploads. But, can a specific photo editor speed up the culling process?

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It Taught a Pro Something. Serge Ramelli’s Lightroom Masterclass Review

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As one of the more popular photo editors, Lightroom tutorials are easy to find. But, learning the photo editor and asset management system through random YouTube tutorials creates a hole-riddled foundation. The Lightroom Masterclass with Serge Ramelli is designed to create a complete understanding of the software. With classes on both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC — and even a taste of Photoshop — the Mastercourse is the ideal start-to-finish course. Both beginners and intermediate users can build a complete understanding of editing in Lightroom.

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The Latest Adobe Creative Cloud Updates Include Lightroom Classic CC

Adobe Lightrooms Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Photoshop are getting updated, but that’s not the most exciting thing.

Today at Adobe MAX, the company’s annual creative conference, the San Jose based software giant announced upgrades to Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Photoshop CC, as well as other applications in the Creative Cloud suite. Adobe also introduced Adobe Premiere Rush CC, an industry first all-in-one video creation and editing application designed with social media creators in mind, simplifying video creation as well as sharing on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Details about the updates for photography related Creative Cloud applications as well as the full press release can be found after the jump.

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Review: Excire Search Plugin for Lightroom CC Classic (AI Search in Lightroom?)

Excire could be giving Adobe Lightroom CC exactly what it has desperately needed for a long time.

Machine learning and AI Image search have improved a lot over the last few years, moving on from keyword-based searching (where you find images based on a keyword that another human tagged it with) into the realm of computers analyzing images and presenting you with what it thinks you are looking for. Adobe has introduced features like this into new Lightroom CC software, making searching for specific images a whole lot easier. But for those who are still married to Lightroom CC Classic this sort of advanced search capability has not been possible; at least until now, thanks to the Excire search plugin.

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First Impressions Review: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC April 2018 Update (Mac, PC and iPad Test)

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC just got a big update involving the way Profiles work

Today, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is receiving a pretty big update: the way camera profiles work is getting a revamp. They’re first and foremost moving to the top of the interface and Adobe has been working with a number of third party companies to create even more. Profiles are pretty big if you wanted your RAW image to look the way that the JPEG preview did. For Fujifilm users, being able to apply the Astia, Velvia or Acros film simulations are huge–and Profiles did those. For Sony, being able to add something like their Portrait or Clear simulation is also pretty big. And for Canon, there are options like Faithful, Landscape, etc. In addition to that, Adobe has added a number of their own options.

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Editing the Same Photo in Capture One Pro 10 vs Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Which one? Adobe Lightroom Classic CC or Capture One Pro 10? That’s the question

Today’s video isn’t really a ReEdit episode per se, but more of a comparison of Adobe Lightroom Classic CC vs Capture One Pro 10. To do this comparison, I’ll show you guys how I’d go about editing the same image in Adobe Lightroom vs editing it in Capture One Pro 10. Lots of photographers swear by Lightroom and those who tend to want more controls and an arguably better RAW processor tend to go for Capture One Pro 10. But with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, we got a number of powerful upgrades. In addition to that, I’m editing these photos on a very good machine. So which does the better job?

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Review: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (Apple iMac)

The New Adobe Lightroom Classic CC has surely improved, but it could still do much more

In light (pun intended) of the new changes that Adobe is announcing today at Adobe Max, we got the chance to play with the new Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to put it through its paces. For a while now, photographers have been complaining about Lightroom. While most haven’t moved away the way that I have to Capture One, they kept trudging through it. Lightroom has been suffering from performance issues for a long time due to changing technology, algorithms, cloud sync, etc. Then consider that cameras have file sizes that have been getting bigger and bigger. Of course, Adobe needs to keep up. Today’s announcement gives us the latest version of Lightroom: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. This is more or less the Lightroom that you’ve known and loved for years. But there are some changes that are pretty subtle and that arguably most photographers may not use or really notice.

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Thanks Adobe! There Are Two Different Versions of Adobe Lightroom CC Now

You’re going to want to pay attention if you use Adobe Lightroom

Today, Adobe is introducing brand new versions of Adobe Lightroom entitled Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. What’s the difference you ask? The way that I like to think of it is that it’s more or less designed for more of the desktop, classic (hint hint) experience while the other is more centered around the people who can’t figure out how to work sliders unless they’re in an Instagram-like interface. Essentially, the Lightroom that you’ve known and loved for years now will be rebranded as Lightroom Classic CC. To be fair, that’s probably what you care about the most.

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