SnapKnot: A New Resource for Wedding Photographers

As a wedding photographer, I was recently friended on Flickr by SnapKnot, a new website designed for photographers to better market themselves and for Brides to (very) easily search for the type of photographer that they want based upon a large number of criteria. Impressed with the site, I decided to interview Reid and Michael, the founders of If you’re a wedding photographer or looking to get into it, hit the jump. For a quick demo, take a look at my own SnapKnot page.

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The Complete Canon 7D Review

The Field Review of the Canon 7D is now over, and the camera has my personal recommendation for best APS-C sensor camera. As a compliment to the 5D Mk II, it works well due to the cropped sensor, faster frame rates, video options, wireless flash controls, etc. More on all this as well as the compilation and thoughts after the jump.

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Recommended Items For the Canon T2i

Most readers of The Phoblographer have entry-level DSLRs (like the T2i) or very high ones (like a 5D Mk II). After spending quite some time with the Canon T2i, I’ve realized that there are a couple of items that people buying this camera should get their hands on to get the very best out of it. In addition, it will probably totally be, “all that they need” as many people in this segment of the market want one camera and won’t replace it for years. Either way, here are some great items for users to get no matter what your photography level.

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Leica V-LUX 20 Review Based on The Panasonic ZS-7

With the release of Leica’s new V-LUX 20 camera, it has quickly been deduced that it is really just a Panasonic ZS-7. Leica and Panasonic have a close relationship like this, as they have done previously with the LX-3 and the D-LUX 4 (the latter was reviewed here). The V-LUX 20, like the ZS-7 is aimed towards photography enthusiasts that tend to travel often and want to have a compact camera. Though I haven’t had time with the V-LUX 20 yet, one can expect that when reviews come out, they will be very similar to that of the ZS-7. That said, here’s a round-up of my ZS-7 field review postings and findings.

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Field Review: Canon T2i (Night 2)

The Canon T2i was used recently as part of the field review doing something that many Rebel users do: shoot parties and get-togethers. Go to nearly any restaurant or party in NYC and you will see people using their Canon Rebel cameras as they steadily are replacing point-and-shoots as the cameras of choice. A complete gallery, as well as full analysis after the jump.

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Canon 50D and XSi Deals at B&H

The Canon 50D and the XSi are available at B&H for $1,099 with $100 instant savings and $599.95 respectively. What’s better about this is that there is also free shipping. While you’re at it you also may want to check out some of the best budget lenses for the system.

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Hands On: Leica S2

A while ago at the Leica Roadshow in NYC, the S2 was presented to all who attended. The camera, Leica’s main entry into the professional medium format space, is one that surprised all during the seminar. Being a 37.5MP beast of a camera, when one actually holds it they notice that it is actually more elegant that it is a monster. However, it does have a couple of quirks; as do most medium format cameras.

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Sony Alpha 550 Scores Higher Than Canon T2i in DXO Mark

Though only by a hair, the Sony A550 has beat the T2i. However, also look at the low-light ISO readings. The A550 does beat it, if only perhaps for the less megapixels on a slightly larger APS-C sized sensor (Nikon and Sony have a larger one than Canon.) Despite this is not something to jump all over, it is still quite interesting to note.

Is the Leica V-Lux 20 Imminent?

LeicaRumors has been reporting on the possible release of the  V-LUX 20 for a little while now. According to Leica’s Facebook page, there is news to come next week. In addition there is also quite a bit of speculation as to what could be coming.

My bet is the V-LUX 20 for sure. Although keep in mind that Leica did recently confirm their joining of the Micro Four Thirds alliance and that there may have been possible hints dropped in my recent interview with them.

Recommended Step Up Cameras For Summer Travel

The Purple Sunset

It’s getting much warmer here in NYC and summer is approaching. You’ll probably be taking a vacation or go site seeing. That said, it may possibly be time to upgrade your camera or get something new. If you or someone you love is looking and they’re in the entry-level crowd, check out this list of cameras to go for.

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