Field Review: Panasonic GF-1 (Day 3)

The GF-1 has accompanied me almost everywhere I go. The image quality is decent, and so far the best part of it all seems to be just how well the camera has been designed. But today, we’re taking a look at the full ISO range.

Author’s Note: I received a complaint about this test. I actually did it for the reason of showing how much detail can be obtained in an ill lit area over the various ISOs while also trying to balance how much detail is retained against the in-camera noise reduction. Believe it or not, that area even makes my 7D get cranked up to 1600 or above.

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The Complete Sony NEX 5 Review

The Sony NEX 5has been a rather odd camera to review in many ways. However, the pure image quality that comes from the sensor is just fascinating for something in the mirrorless interchangeable lens compact market. It hands down wins awards for best image quality over the G2, GF-1, and Olympus EP-2. Granted, it isn’t the holy grail of the segment.

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Hands On: Sony Bloggie Touch

At this year’s Pepcom, many companies came to display their latest products as well as their soon to be released ones. Sony had a modest booth with some keyboard skins, a laptop, some digital frames, and the Bloggie Touch. The latter is the latest in a line of pocket sized camcorders, and I got some hands-on time with it at the booth.

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Hands-On: Pentax K-r

The very first thing I noticed about Pentax’s new entry-level DSLR was its color schemes. I’ve seen hundreds of black SLRs and a handful of silver ones, but white or red SLRs? Madness. It’s just part of the K-r’s entry-level appeal, to make the camera seem as fashionable as a high-end compact while offering all the benefits of a real SLR.

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Lensbaby Announces Nikon Lens Tilt-Shift Adapters For Micro Four Thirds And Sony Alpha NEX Cameras

Lensbaby just announced its Composer lens and Tilt Transformer adapter for Micro Four Thirds and Sony Alpha NEX digital cameras. The adapter doesn’t work with Micro Four Thirds/NEX lenses, though; instead, the Tilt Transformer allows the use of Nikon mount lenses on the smaller cameras, while the Composer is its own dedicated lens for use with the Tilt Transformer. The device is designed for tilt-shift focus, creating small areas of focus in a picture while filling the rest of the frame with bokeh.

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Leica S-System Gets Its Own Facebook Page

Leica announced today that their S-system is getting its own Facebook page. I was able to get some hands-on time with the S2 and actually was really impressed with it. In addition to offering fans the opportunity to register for S-System demos, the page specifically highlights news, tips and features of the S-System, a completely new digital camera concept that meets supreme professional photography requirements.

This makes me wonder if we should be expecting a special edition of the S2 during Photokina.

Buy a Bokeh Master's Kit, Help a Child

The other day, we showed off a sample from the Bokeh Master’s kit. Udi J Tirosh, the creator, has announced that he is trying to raise funds for Kids with Cameras. So how do you help? Well, Udi has created a couple of special editions of the kit for 70-200mm lenses that are being auctioned off on eBay. Udi states that all profits will go towards helping the organization.

Here are the links for the five auctions if you’re interested.:

Pentax K-5 Gets All Official

Sure the Pentax K-5 was rumored to be quite a trooper, but do you think that there might be a Korejanairobot Limited Edition as well? The important specs: 16.3 CMOS sensor, 7fps shooting, ISO 80-12,800, 1080p HD video at 25p, 11 point AF, fully weathersealed, 3 inch 921,000 dot LCD, 100% viewfinder and will retail for $1,599.95 in October. Pentax has a first look at their Youtube and the pres release is after the jump.

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Photographers will <3 the Fujifilm X100; Price not so much

The Fujifilm X100 is the rave of the photo world right now. It appears as if Fujifilm might have gotten it right the first time with loads of photographers. However, reports are saying that it will cost $1,500-$1,700; which many photographers will not be happy to pay.

Let us know your thoughts. We talked about mirrorless cameras yesterday, do you think this is a game changer? That viewfinder sure as hell is.

Edit: The camera will cost approximately $1,000 and be released in March 2011.

Do You Feel That Mirrorless Cameras Are The Future?

With the promise of DSLR quality in a smaller package from Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras, do you truly feel that they will be the future and will replace DSLRs? If so, do you feel that DSLRs will continue to live on for niche purposes of some sort? For example, in the medium format category DSLRs may continue to live on past their Full frame cousins.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Quick Sample with the Bokeh Master’s Kit

The other night was Snapshots and I brought along the Bokeh Master’s Kit. Currently in the process of reviewing the kit, this is the only photo I took that I actually considered to be decent. Don’t blame this on the Bokeh master’s kit though, I was using the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 IIwhich is a lens known to be very soft wide open. Unfortunately, in order to get the shaped bokeh (in this case the hearts that you see in the background, the user needs to shoot wide open on the Canon EOS 7D (Will is currently borrowing my Canon EOS 5D Mark IIand L lenses). My Canon EF 85mm f/1.8would have been too long for this shot, as the effective focal length would have been 136mm.

The filter put on the lens was the heart-shaped one, which delivered otherwise very lovely results in terms of the out of focus lights. Granted, it has done much better before. More to come later on!

OK GO Films Video with Samsung NX100 (And we’ve got still samples)

We recently did a hands-on with the Samsung NX100 and we just got news that OK GO has filmed a viral music video with the camera. Samsung is releasing a teaser trailer today. According to the press release, “A series of behind-the-scenes episodes has also been produced using the Samsung NX100, following OK Go as they embark on this creative project. The clips show the creative brilliance of OK Go meeting the technical ingenuity of the i-Function Lens, as they create a piece of video art that will be viewed, downloaded, sent on and talked about across the world. In addition, the episodes provide a fun way to learn about how the NX100 itself works. The series also challenges viewers to explore their own creativity.”

Beyond the videos though, we got to put an SD card in a pre-production NX100 the other night to take some stills. Check them out after the jump. Admittedly, we found the metering to be a bit off but otherwise thought this to be a very stellar piece of gear. You can currently pre-order the camera at B&H in Black or Brown.

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