Pentax K-r Official: New Colors, Infrared Transmission Standard

Today, the Pentax K-r was announced. It will be capable of shooting 6fps, infrared data transmission to cell phones and other devices, 11-point AF, 720p HD video, in-camera special effects filters, ISO 25,600, and will be available in October for $799.95 in a number of colors. You can pre-order it at Amazonright now.

Full Press Release at Photography Bay.

Preview at DPReview

Overview at Imaging Resource

Basics over at Digital Camera Review

Morgan Spurlock and More to Speak at This Year's Vimeo Festival and Awards

Chances are that if you’re a reader of this site that you’re an HDSLR user. Vimeo, the community with loads and loads of creative filmmakers and HDSLR users is hosting their annual Festival and Awards event and there seem to be quite a great number of speakers. Morgan Spurlock, the guy that did Super size Me, will be one of the guest speakers. Him and others will be talking more about the digital world and how documentaries are changing. This sounds really exciting as a guy that used to be an avid Vimeo user. Check out the press release after the jump. Also, you may want to check out B&H’s new HDSLR Guide.

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Nikon Announces New P7000 Prosumer Point-And-Shoot and Others

Watch out Canon! Nikon’s new P7000 seems very aggressively targeted towards taking out the Canon PowerShot G11(reviewed here) from the market. With a long feature set, we may perhaps see this taking aim at the Canon PowerShot S95in addition to the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5(comparison here) and the rumored G12. Nikon also announced the S8100 and the S80—all of which I’ve seen in person and was able to hold. I’ve seen these cameras about a month ago: my notes from the meeting and press releases are after the jump.

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Associated Press: Shutterbugs Ditching Digital For Film

AP released a video story not long ago exploring how the recent trend in photography is how users are ditching digital for film. According to the video, “Shutterbugs are rediscovering aperture settings, ISO film, shutter speeds and other terminology.” The piece goes on to talk to a Lomography store owner.

Professionals, photography students and those with the knowledge: share your thoughts in the comments below. I for one think this is kind of dissing digital, but there is a recent trend of shooting with film again. I also believe that AP isn’t going in-depth enough to explore why film is making the comeback and that those that really know how to do digital work (and make good money off of it) will still continue to do so. That’s also not to say I hate film. The Leica M7and 50mm F1.4 Summilux review is in the works. Additionally, so is a review of the Fujifilm Instax MINI 7s White Instant Film Camerawith the INSTAX MINI Twin Pack Instant Film(which also come in a bundlefor the hipster in all of us.)

Samsung Unveils HMX-T10 HD Camcorder

Samsung just announced the HMX-T10, a new HD-capable camcorder. It’s small, smooth, stylish, and sports a slightly slanted lens that Samsung claims lets users “enjoy their recording experience without any discomfort to their arm or wrist.” It can record 1920 x 1080 video at 60 interpolated frames per second and features a 10X optical zoom lens, an SD/SDHC card slot, and a 2.7-inch touchscreen. It will retail for $299 when it ships late this month. Read the full press release after the jump. Continue reading…

Olympus Announces New Limited Edition Black EP-2 and Lenses

Today, Olympus announced a limited edition black EP-2 Pen camera along with accessories to match for the fashionista/special ops types. On top of this are the announcement of new lenses—the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 will be available in December 2010, while the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm f4.0-5.6 will be available in November 2010. Both lenses will be available in black and silver. Press releases are after the jump.

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Free Manfrotto Webinar Tomorrow On Choosing the Right Lens, Exposure

We’ve already discussed how important your lenses are and tomorrow the Manfrotto School of Xcellence will be hosting a free webinar coaching photographers on tips and tricks for improving one’s photography. Specifically, they’ll be discussing mastering specific camera modes such as aperture priority and shutter priority, even full manual, as well as proper lens selection. The webinar will feature commentary from Marc De Tollenaere.

You can catch it tomorrow, 8/27/2010 from 2-3 PM Eastern time for free. You can go here to register.

Canon Announces 60D and Lens Updates

Today, Canon announced the long awaited and long rumored 60D DSLR camera along with the 400mm F2.8 L IS II, 300mm F2.8 L IS II, a new 1.4x extender, 2x extender, 70-300 4.5-5.6 L IS USM, and an 8-15mm f4 L fisheye zoom. The 60D is placed between the T2i(reviewed here) and the 7D(reviewed here) and replaces the current 50D. Unfortunately, no details or predicted features on the 1Ds Mk IV were spilled, which is a camera that everyone is still waiting for. I’ve had hands-on time with the 60D for the PDN Gear Guide, which I’m writing, to be released at Photo Plus. For a full-report, stay tuned to PDN.

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Sony Announces New A55, A33, A560 DSLRs, New Lenses

Today, Sony announced their A55 and A33 DSLR cameras that use translucent mirror technology and that get rid of the optical viewfinder. For those that don’t like EVFs, the A560 is the A550 but adds full HD video amongst other features like continuous Phase Detect AF in video mode. Also announced were a bunch of lenses announced earlier on in Europe this year. While you’re at it, be sure to check out our Sony NEX-5review so far that includes some of the features in these DSLRs.

Editor’s Note: I’ve now had hands-on time with the cameras.

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Nikon Announces New Lenses and D3100 Camera

Today, Nikon has announced an update to their lens line as well as a new DSLR, the D3100. Most prominently, the D3100 features full-time auto focus modes while recording video. The lenses include an update to the aging 85mm F1.4 and the new 24-120mm F4 VR ED targeted towards professionals.


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REMINDER: Tomorrow Night is the Snapshots Meetup in Midtown NYC

Tomorrow night, the staff of The Phoblographer and loads of other people will be getting together to have a meet up. There are loads of networking events out there in the technology industry, but not many for photographers. I’m looking to unite us all once a month, every third Thursday. We’re meeting at Stone Creek (140 East 27th between 3rd and Lexington) from 6pm to 10pm (maybe later). Come have a drink with us. We’ve got the front couch area to ourselves. Here are the details from the event:

Hey everyone,

I’m starting my own monthly networking get-together looking to gather people across the photo industry: PR reps, photographers, journalists, art buyers, studio techs, etc. It will be every third Thursday of the month. Come join us, grab a drink, some good food, and chat about the industry.

I’m really trying to get people to connect with one another: PR reps with journalists or with photographers, Art Buyers with Photographers, etc. Think social networking without the computer.

Email me for details: chrisgamapt[at]gmail[dot]com.

Hope to see you all there,
Chris Gampat

Canon Announces New 7D Studio Version

Today, Canon announced the release of the new Canon 7D Studio Version, which they coin as, “Ideal for professional school and event photographers which features four levels of ‘locking’ camera controls for studio environments.” On top of this is a new barcode system that links up with the image files put out by the camera by embedding the information into the EXIF data. Be sure to check out our review of the Canon 7Dand some work we did with wireless flash control. Additionally, check out how it did against the Nikon D300sin our head on review. According to the release, “The new EOS 7DSV (Studio Version) Barcode Kit (EOS 7DSV and WFT-E5A with firmware change) will carry an estimated selling price of $ $2599. The EOS 7DSV (Studio Version) Body Only will carry an estimated selling price of $1829.”

Editor’s note: Apparently the camera has been shipping for a while, but only now announced.

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Leica X1 and a Canon Rebel Make Getty's Approved Camera List

The blogosphere is abuzz about the Leica X1making Getty’s approved camera list. Rightfully so in fact, it is the first camera with a fixed lens to do so. But I don’t think anyone else noticed a couple of strange thing about this list. Before I go on though, please note that this is a list that I used to have memorized by heart when I used to work for agencies:

– It seems as if this is the first time a Rebel, the Canon EOS Rebel T2i, has made the list.

– The 30D and the D200 are still on the list.

– Olympus (and Micro Four Thirds in general) have created better cameras than the Olympus E3, and it is still the only one on the list. Cameras that I believe should be are the Panasonic GH1, Panasonic GF1, and the Olympus E-P2. At minimum, the Olympus E30should be present.

– The Pentax K20D is on the list, but not the Pentax K-xdespite the K-x’s wonderful sensor.

Am I the only one that think this is weird?

Samsung Announces PL90 With a Flip-like Pop-out USB Connector

Samsung has just announced a new budget compact camera that could indicate the company’s desire to carve out an entirely new niche in the market. A few years ago, the Flip Video camcorder made waves by offering users a cheap, convenient way to take videos. Its low price, simple controls, and convenient pop-out USB connector appealed to casual users and it’s since become one of the most popular consumer camcorders on the market. Today, the Flip camcorder is emulated by several companies, including Samsung. However, the HMX-E10 is last week’s news. This pseudo-Flip-like camera is all-new.

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Kodachrome May Be Dead, But Color Polaroid Film Is Back

Even though Kodachrome is dead, film users, hipsters, and Lady Gaga acolytes will be happy to know that the Impossible Project seems to be alive and well. As shown in the video above, lovers of the nostalgic and unique film can get their hands on packs now. The film appears to have been improved as well as it isn’t temperature sensitive anymore.

Check out the video above. The gearhead in me wants that sexy camera bag and a collapsible, smaller camera like the one there. Hell, imaging a Micro Four Thirds model with a Polaroid attachment.

Via The Mijonju Show

Panasonic Announces New HM-TA1 and HDC-SDX1 Camcorders

Panasonic has just announced the release of two interesting new camcorders. The TA1 is a pocket camcorder that doubles as a web-cam and the SDX1 is their lightest full HD camcorder that also doubles as a web-cam. Hit the jump for more specs and the important pieces from the press releases.

Editor’s Note: Apparently more Panasonic information is coming this evening. Stay Tuned!

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