Laibox Cam Could be a Game-Changing Modular Action Camera

The promising Laibox Cam will let you switch lenses on your action camera.

If you haven’t jumped on the action cam bandwagon yet, you’d be glad to know there are currently a lot of choices other than the GoPro offerings. One of them is the Laibox Cam, an action camera that lists interchangeable lenses and a flip-screen among its features.

While GoPro is essentially rolling out the same thing with piecemeal upgrades year after year, this new player could beat the company at its action cam game. Laibox Cam has been marketing itself via Indiegogo as the world’s first modular action camera. From the looks of it on the campaign page, backers are instantly charmed by its modular approach.

The Laibox Cam’s main draw is its capability to shoot different modes through the modular lenses: 720° Full View, 8X Optical Zoom, Flat Angle, and 170° Wide Angle Lens. Changing lenses is as easy as sticking together two Lego bricks. Aside from its 14 MP sensor, it has an extra 13 MP dual lens that captures more details and renders better depth of field.

With its 180° rotatable screen, you’ll no longer guess where you’re aiming when you take selfie videos and photos. For those who take a lot of action cam selfies, this definitely looks like a useful feature.

How does it compare with the GoPro HERO5 Black? With 4K video at 30 fps, plus optical image stabilization technlogy, the Laibox Cam’s recording capabilities make it a strong contender. It actually beats the HERO Black when it comes to slow motion videos at 1080P at 120 fps.

The best part about this modular action cam? It’s cheaper than the GoPro at a retail price of $279. The starter kit, comprised of the camera, waterproof case, battery, and remote control, is at $139 for Indiegogo backers. The Indiegogo Special set additionaly includes a panoramic lens module and 8X optical lens in the starter kit for $239.

Don’t forget to check out the Laibox Cam Indiegogo campaign to find out more.