Opinion: Crowdfunding Isn’t How You Go Funding Your Next Camera Purchase

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding platforms aren’t there for funding that $1,000 camera you’ve been drooling over.

Today in “face palm-worthy stuff you find in the Internet”, we spotted an Indiegogo campaign by someone asking funding for photography equipment, and subsequently, his stint as an amateur photographer. This is not meant to shame the person to a pulp, but more to raise awareness for people like him about what crowdfunding platforms are made for. And it’s definitely not for funding your next camera purchase.

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The Citograph 50mm F2.8 is a Premium Pancake Lens

C.P. Goerz is back with a new citograph design following the success of their 35mm model.

The idea of a Citograph lens is an exciting one, a true ‘plug and play’ photography experience. Just attach the lens to your camera and start shooting, capturing the world around you; no need to worry about focus, just point and shoot. C.P. Goerz successfully brought the world’s original 35mm Citograph design into the modern era last year with Kickstarter, and now the company is back with another Citograph, but this one has some interesting tricks up its sleeve. Continue reading…

The Legendary 1910 Emil Busch Glauker 3.1 is Now on IndieGogo

Meyer-Optik is bringing back the Emil Busch Glauker 3.1 lens.

It has been over 100 years since Emil Busch introduced his Glauker 3.1, which would turn out to be one of the most advanced and important lenses of its era. A huge trend in the global photography lens market these days, thanks to mirrorless mounts making older lens designs easily adaptable to modern cameras, has been updating classic lenses for modern use. Continue reading…

Scrublands, a Compelling Glimpse on the Lives of People Living Off-the-Grid


All photographs by Antoine Bruy. Used with permission.

The idea of leaving our basic modern comforts – the Internet, our smart phones, central heating, the ability to go to a store and simply pay for whatever we need is at the least an inconvenience and at the worst a terrifying idea to many of us. But while the majority of the population wouldn’t be willing to let go of modern conveniences, there are some in this world that would gladly give up these comforts for an independent, self-sustaining life off-the-grid.

It is in this group of people, scattered all over the world living in remote, inaccessible areas, and their off-the-grid lifestyle where French photographer and traveller Antoine Bruy, armed with his Mamiya 6, found the subject for his poignant and very illuminating series, Scrublands.

With its subjects once “functioning and useful members of society,” whatever this phrase really means, who have taken to the wild lands to search for a more meaningful life, Scrublands explores the idea of going back to the old ways of life, like raising your own livestock, farming your own land, and having an outhouse for a toilet, despite modernity. At the same time, it offers a glimpse of how that kind of life can not only be possible but also fulfilling and in many ways, more profound.

The imagery that Scrublands presents is so compelling, so strong that it quickly converts the unbelievers and it promptly convinces its spectators that there is a happy and contented life to be found sans all our modern comforts.

We recently caught up with Antoine to talk about his series and his Fotofund crowdfunding campaign to continue the project in the Appalachian Mountains. Read his interview and see some of the photos from Scrublands after the jump.
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New55 Has Created a Brand New 4×5 Instant Film

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 8.20.50 AM

Since 2011, film enthusiasts from all over the globe have been patiently waiting for the commercial release of the New55 film, a 4×5 black and white instant film that produces both a negative and a positive print much like Fujifilm’s FP-3000B peel-apart.

The project, led by Bob Crowley of Ashland, MA, has suffered a number of delays and setbacks. Since the start of this year, however, the team has gotten back on track and is now running at full speed – the film community will be pleased to know that the film is ready for production.

Well, almost. First, they need our help. Crowley and his team have taken to crowdfunding so they can finally mass-produce the New55 film, which they need a lot of money for – $400,000 to be exact. So far they’ve gotten less than $27,000 worth of pledges. Unfortunately, if the funding falls short, we may never get to see this exciting new film in the market. Fortunately, their Kickstarter project still has 42 days to go. That’s plenty of time to raise a few hundred thousand dollars, right?

Whether or not you love film, if you’re interested in doing your part in actualizing this project, visit their Kickstarter page and back it up. A pledge of $75 will get you a box of the New55 First Edition while a $750 pledge will get you 10. They also have some sample shots and information about the manufacturing details on there too.

To know more about the New55 film, follow this link. And check out their Kickstarter video after the jump for a preview.

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The Kúla Deeper Wants to Make Any Camera 3D-Capable

Kúla Deeper 3D Stereoscopic Adapter

Kúla Inventions Ltd., a startup company from Iceland, is currently crowdfunding a 3D adapter that will make any camera 3D-capable. Called the Kúla Deeper, the adapter they’ve developed attaches to the filter thread of your lens, and with the help of mirrors projects two images through the lens and onto your sensor (or film, or whatever type of camera you’re using.) Once the image is recorded, it can be run through the provided software, and turned into any kind of 3D output medium desired. But the greatest thing about the Kúla Deeper is that the technology is super simple, and that it won’t break the bank at all.

The project still needs to reach its funding goal of € 55k (US-$ 73k), of which it has so far raised only roughly € 3k. But there are still 37 more days to go. So head over to their crowdfunding page and back the project, because it would really be sad not to see such an ingenious idea be realized.

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