Reports: Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Mount to Feature 16mm Flange Distance

Nikon’s Mirrorless ‘Z’ Mount to Feature 16mm Flange Distance

By now it should be no surprise that Nikon is working on a full frame mirrorless camera system – this has been common knowledge for some time now. But what did just hit the airwaves was the news that apparently this new full frame mount, which the entire Nikon mirrorless system will be based around, could be called the Z Mount.

Now on top of that, according to the report over on Nikon Rumors, this reported Z Mount will feature a 16mm flange focal distance. By comparison, the Nikon F mount has a 46.5mm flange focal distance, the Canon EF-M and Sony E mount features an 18mm flange focal distance, and Fujifilm’s APS-C based X Mount has a 17.7mm flange focal distance.

The other interesting note, according to this report, is the mount will feature a 49mm external diameter, 3.9mm more than the Sony E Mount at 46.1mm, and 2mm more than the Canon EF-M mount at 47mm. This doesn’t mean a whole lot to us without also knowing more about the camera the mount will be featured in. However, its interesting for comparison’s sake and looking at how the mount itself could compare physically to its mirrorless competition.

So basically, in case you don’t understand what the above numbers mean. Essentially this reported Nikon ‘Z Mount’ will be shallower but wider than the Canon, Sony, and Fujifilm mirrorless mounts.

We still don’t know when we are going to see this Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera, but little snippets like this are certainly an interesting look at what is potentially behind the curtains over there at team Yellow.

Anthony Thurston

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