Opinion: A New Nikon Rangefinder Mirrorless Might Surprise Us All

A recent post from the folks at NikonRumors hinted at the possibility of an upcoming entry-level model in Nikon’s mirrorless lineup. Based on some patent drawings for a camera mount, it shows a mirrorless camera without an EVF. While this model might look like the Sony a7c, I’m hoping the Nikon Z4 (as the report says it might be named) will actually be a digital Nikon rangefinder camera.

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Medium-Format Magic in a Full-frame Lens. Laowa 45mm F0.95 Review

Imagine being able to get the kind of bokeh and depth of field with your full-frame camera that medium format camera users show off in their images. Creamy, buttery, super smooth, out of focus portions with an ultra-shallow depth of field. The Laowa 45mm f0.95 Z-mount lens delivered this and more in the week or so of indoor and outdoor testing I did with it. It’s not an autofocus lens, but it still won me over.

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You’ll Love the Experience and IQ: Nikon Zfc First Impressions

It looks really eye-catching, is surprisingly lightweight, and packs really good photo and video quality. The Zfc does feel like an APS-C all-rounder now.

If you read our article back in May about the need for a mirrorless retro body from Nikon, you would have noticed how badly I was hoping for one with a full-frame sensor. It didn’t get that, nor did it come close to the 30-megapixel resolution I was hoping for. But, I was pleasantly surprised when I got the Nikon Zfc in my hands to try out. Almost a carbon copy of my FM2, but seemingly a lot lighter, the Zfc more than delighted me when I used it. It might have the Nikon Z50 sensor in there, but it feels like the Zfc has dethroned it as Nikon’s best-ever APS-C camera. They’ve definitely put some emphasis on style, too: it’s available in six colors besides the classic silver-black you’ll see below. Plus, it’s got a pretty competitive price.

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The Nikon Z9 Is Sure to Be a Professional Mirrorless Beast

Combining and improving upon the best of the D850 and the D6, Nikon is going all-in with their upcoming flagship model.

A new report says that the upcoming Nikon Z9 is likely to have the 45-megapixel resolution of the D850. If the Z9 can beat the low light performance of the D850 by at least two stops, then we’re looking at a real game-changer here. The D850 is easily Nikon’s most sought after camera in recent times and one of their all-time best cameras. Nikon was the company that didn’t give you everything in their top models. You either had to make do with high frames per second or high resolution, but not both in a single model. Then, the D850 came around. It was consistently on backorder due to its unprecedented demand worldwide. Can the Z9 become another best seller for Nikon?

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We’ve Updated Our Nikon 50mm F1.8 S Lens Review. The Lens Improved!

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Nikon’s 50mm f1.8 S lens is probably the sharpest lens they’ve manufactured. Its optical quality far exceeds that of any F-mount lens ever made. During our earlier reviews, its AF speed and accuracy weren’t up to competitor levels. Many users reported frustration with its AF accuracy levels, especially when using Eye-AF. Nikon has released updates to existing Z body firmware and released new dual-processor bodies (Z6 II and Z7 II). In our latest tests, the AF accuracy and speed are much improved. There has also been an update to the lens firmware since our last review. It’s also got a great price to boot!

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Is the new Nikon Zfc the Perfect Step Forward for the Company Now?

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The closer it got to the release date, the more apparent it became that the Nikon Zfc would be a crop sensor body. This was a feature that I was desperately hoping against, having made the decisive and firm jump to Full-Frame sensors nearly a decade ago. If the similarly styled Nikon Df could have been released with a Full-Frame sensor, why did the Zfc have to fall short in this department? With a crop sensor in an 80s-looking body, can the company bring back some much-needed camera sales in 2021 and beyond?

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Terry Godlove Converts Stunning Vintage Lenses to New Camera Mounts

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“There are lots of readily available adapters—but I find they offer no advantage over a standard helicoid and mounting plate”, says Terry F. Godlove. A professor of philosophy and religion at Hofstra University, Terry loves tinkering around with vintage lenses, to makes their mounts compatible with modern mirrorless cameras.

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Opinion: A Nikon Retro Mirrorless Camera is Everything We Want

If NikonRumors gets this one right (and they have a high success rate of doing so), then a film SLR styled Mirrorless body could be coming to Nikon’s lineup soon.

Whether it’s Leica’s M and Q cameras, Fuji’s X series, or the Olympus OM-D and PEN collection, there’s always been something appealing about digital cameras housed in a vintage body. I don’t own cameras from either of these brands. But to me, they represent some of the most beautifully designed digital cameras made. I agree with the views of our EIC Chris when he speaks about the beauty in the design of the Olympus PEN-F (a camera that’s long overdue for an update now). For the most part today, camera brands tend to match each other in specifications such as megapixels, frames per second, high ISO values and noise handling. But where is Nikon?

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Our Buyer’s Guide for Nikon Z Mount Lenses Is Now Better Than Ever

If you’re a Nikon user or plan to be one, you need to bookmark this guide for Nikon Z mount lenses.

We have been working tirelessly to provide our reviews of Nikon Z mount lenses ever since Nikon announced their Mirrorless platform. While Nikon currently might not have the largest selection of Mirrorless lenses, we know that the library will continue to grow. We started the buyer’s guide for Nikon Z mount lenses so that those interested in the platform could have an easy to find guide that could help them with their lens purchases. We launched the guide last year, and have now updated it with new reviews. Head on past the break for all the deets.

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Why the New Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 S for Z Mount Is So Exciting

The Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 for Z mount is the much more exciting offering of the two lenses being announced today.

My jaw dropped and I became very excited when Nikon briefed us on the new Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 for Z mount lens. I’ve been very critical of Nikon. For a while, they were seemingly playing catch up. Nothing they created was unique. Though their Noct lens is one of a kind, it’s not attainable for most folks. With the new Z mount Nikon 14-24mm f2.8, Nikon will have 24 lenses in the lineup. It’s something special. The lens design is totally different from its DSLR predecessor. That’s thanks to the specs on the Z mount. The Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 for Z mount has an almost flat front. And the accessories that come with it will excite so many wide-angle shooters.

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A Rumored Bokeh Monster F0.7 Lens Could Be in the Works for Nikon Z-Mount Cameras

Camera Deals

One can only imagine the ridiculous bokeh this lens would produce on the new Nikon Mirrorless Cameras.

When Nikon launched their Nikon Z cameras earlier this year they told the world that the Z mount would be capable of supporting lenses faster the f0.95. Thanks to a recently found schematic it seems as though an unnamed third party lens developer is indeed thinking about making a f0.7 lens for Nikon Mirrorless cameras. Read on after the break to find out more about what could be a bokeh beast. Continue reading…

Nikon Reported to Take Aim at the A7 III, But Do They Have a Chance?

Here is what we know and what we think

The latest reports say Nikon is targeting Sony’s A7 III and it’s $2,000 price tag as the primary competitor for their upcoming, professional, full frame mirrorless system. These reports also indicate that the new Nikon camera will be announced and on display at Photokina later this year, with shipments starting to go out a month or so following the big trade show. But the real question here is, given all that we have heard about Nikon’s upcoming full frame mirrorless system, will it even be able to compete with Sony’s entry-level [amazon_textlink asin=’B07B43WPVK’ text=’A7 III’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’61593c99-5dfc-11e8-8af1-2fce0b222682′]? Continue reading…

Reports: Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Mount to Feature 16mm Flange Distance

Nikon’s Mirrorless ‘Z’ Mount to Feature 16mm Flange Distance

By now it should be no surprise that Nikon is working on a full frame mirrorless camera system – this has been common knowledge for some time now. But what did just hit the airwaves was the news that apparently this new full frame mount, which the entire Nikon mirrorless system will be based around, could be called the Z Mount. Continue reading…