DxOMark and DxO Labs Break Up, Now Separate Entities

DxOMark and DxO Labs have split, and apparently it was months ago.

It was just revealed, in a DxOMark email sent out to cover milestones for the company during 2017, that DxOMark was officially spun off from DxO Labs into its own company. This change happened back in September according to the email, but for whatever reason, the company/companies chose not to disclose this until now – 4 months later.

The change comes, one would assume, in order to eliminate the possible conflict of interest issues that could arise with DxO testing its own products in their lab and giving it a favorable ranking. This change, at least on a legal level, removes that conflict of interest because presumably, since the two companies are separate, no preferential treatment would occur.

As far as what the change means, well, basically the DxO testing/evaluation and consulting business is now separate (as DxO Labs) and the products of the company, like their image processing software and the [amazon_textlink asin=’B01L25N77O’ text=’DxO One camera’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1150dc8f-f4b1-11e7-a5f9-5f7a1cab9542′] are under the umbrella of a separate and unaffiliated entity. Now, again, this change happened something like four months ago.

The email didn’t indicate HOW things would be different for DxOMark Products or for the testing at DxO Labs but mostly focused on the change itself. It was almost an aside, something like an ‘oh, by the way’ moment of the email. Which is interesting, because this isn’t a minor thing… the company split. Regardless, so far things seem to be business as usual for the two companies, just as when they were one outfit. So it’s unclear how things will be different, but maybe they plan on shedding some light on that in the future.

For now, here is the quoted blurb from the DxOMark email as reported by the folks over at Image Sensors World.

We’ve had an important internal change as well: In September, DxOMark Image Labs was spun off from DxO Labs. DxOMark Image Labs is now a privately-owned, independent company. As such, we continue to pursue the development and commercialization of image quality solutions and services that support our customers in designing the best-quality camera systems for a range of markets, including smartphones, DSC/DSLRs, drones, action cams, surveillance, and automotive.

Anthony Thurston

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