A Great Guide For Everyone: Ian Plant’s Landscape Photography Course

A landscape photography course from someone who finally gets it.

Do a quick search on Google for landscape photography guides, and you’ll quickly get a few million results thrown back at you. Sure, you could pick one of those courses, and you might learn a thing or two. Still, it’s important to know that not all photography courses are created equal. I recently had the chance to sit through and learn from the $29 Ian Plant’s Ultimate Landscape Photography Course. As a landscape photographer myself, I was interested to see what Ian’s course had to offer over others out there. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Whether you’re a seasoned landscape photographer or a beginner, find out what makes this course so good in our essentials review.

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Fix Any Blown Out Sky in Any Photo for Just $29 and More Big Deals

sky overlays

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Are you tired of having blown out, colorless skies in your images? Well, we have found the perfect solution. You can now fix any sky in any photo with this easy to use bundle of sky replacements. It’s on sale for just $29! Tired of messing around with the cutout tool in Photoshop? CutOut 8 Pro makes this task easy, and it’s only $29! We’ve also found a deal for Affinity users too! Just $29.95 will get you over 2,000 Affinity presets! Perhaps you’d like to learn about the world of nude photography? Dan Hecho’s masterclass will ensure you can overcome any obstacle in your way. We’ve also found deals on Lightroom tips and tricks, photoshop actions, and more photography software. Check out the excellent photography deals after the break.

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These $39 BOGO Presets and Overlay Bundles Will Make Great Gifts

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I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t love a good buy one get one free deal. Today, we’re bringing you two exclusive BOGO deals that will make your life easier. They’ll also make your images stand out from the crowd. You can get 7500 premium Lightroom presets for a limited time, with another bundle of 1500 presets thrown in for free for just $39. You can also score 4000 high-quality overlays and get another 1,000 for free! This bundle is also just $39! After the break, you’ll find more outstanding deals on presets and overlays, and we’ll show you how you can get $399 worth of tutorials and presets for FREE!

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Get the Cinematic Look in Your Photos Quickly with This $39 LUT Bundle

7,000 LUTs that give a cinematic look with ease for just $39!

We talk a lot about presets and how they can help create incredibly unique images in Lightroom and Capture One. However, we rarely mention Photoshop when it comes to presets. Now, though, we have a reason to. We have found a LUT bundle that features over 7,000 options to help give your images the much desired cinematic look. The best part, this bundle of LUTs costs just $39 (regularly $499). Find out more, and look at samples after the break.

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DxOMark and DxO Labs Break Up, Now Separate Entities

DxOMark and DxO Labs have split, and apparently it was months ago.

It was just revealed, in a DxOMark email sent out to cover milestones for the company during 2017, that DxOMark was officially spun off from DxO Labs into its own company. This change happened back in September according to the email, but for whatever reason, the company/companies chose not to disclose this until now – 4 months later. Continue reading…

The Best Computer Mice For Photographers (Mid 2017)

Let’s be real here, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the next computer mouse that you are going to buy. But the fact remains that these are a very important tool for interacting with you computer, be it a desktop or laptop, and having a quality mouse can be the difference between an enjoyable editing session or a frustrating one.

So what are the mice out there that you should be looking at if you are in the market? Today we will take a look at several options that we think make a lot of sense for photographers. So let’s get into it! Continue reading…