These $39 BOGO Presets and Overlay Bundles Will Make Great Gifts

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I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t love a good buy one get one free deal. Today, we’re bringing you two exclusive BOGO deals that will make your life easier. They’ll also make your images stand out from the crowd. You can get 7500 premium Lightroom presets for a limited time, with another bundle of 1500 presets thrown in for free for just $39. You can also score 4000 high-quality overlays and get another 1,000 for free! This bundle is also just $39! After the break, you’ll find more outstanding deals on presets and overlays, and we’ll show you how you can get $399 worth of tutorials and presets for FREE!

The deals on presets and overlays for Lightroom and Photoshop and sales on tutorials are excellent. The BOGO deals are exclusive for readers of The Phoblographer, so snap them up and save some money. How much money, you ask? The Lightroom BOGO bundle will save you a whopping $910, while the BOGO overlay bundle will save you $261! Check out the deals on presets and overlays below.

Get $399 Worth of Product for Free

lightroom presets

You can now sign up for a Plus Membership from Photowhoa for just $9 per month! This membership will save you 20% on all of Photowhoa’s items. It will also score you six free photography bundles per year too! This is a bargain of a deal at just $9 per month! If you buy tutorials or preset packs regularly, you’ll save a ton! Snap up all the above deals while you can.

Photography Presets, Overlays, Software, and More

presets and overlays

Presets and Overlays

BOGO: Buy 7500 Premium Lightroom Presets & Get 1500 Addons FREE $39 (Save $910)

BOGO: Buy 4000+ Definitive Transparent Overlays & Get 1000 Text Overlays Free $39 (Save $261)

Duotone Photoshop Effects Bundle $19 (Save $25)

1000+ Winter & Christmas Overlays Bundle $29 (Save $20)

The Ultimate 1000+ Sky Overlays Bundle $29 (Save $47)

38 Creative Photoshop Actions In 1 Bundle $29 (Save $502)

2000+ Luminar Presets Advanced Bundle $29 (Save $60)

4000+ Definitive Collection of Transparent Overlays $29 (Save $121)

Affinity Photo Presets Bundle $29.95 (Save $870.05)

7000 Professional LUTs For Photoshop $39 (Save $460)


HDR Pro 7: Create A Masterpiece In Any Situation $29 (Save $60)

CutOut 8 Pro: The Best Photo Cropping Software $29 (Save $70)

Lifetime Cloud Storage Plans For Pro Photographers $39.99-$99.99

DENOISE Photo Projects 3 Professional $39 (Save $60)


presets and overlays
Taken from The Ultimate Photoshop Luminosity Mask Course

SEO 101 For Photographers $15 (Save $24.99)

3,100+ Portrait Photography Poses Cards Bundle $29 (Save $871)

The Ultimate Photoshop Luminosity Mask Courses Bundle $29 (Save $20.20)

Lightroom Masterclass With Serge Ramelli $37 (Save $20)

Lightroom & Photoshop Tips And Tricks By Frank Doorhof $39 (Save $60)

The Creative Photography Bundle $47 (Save $57)

Nude Shooting and Processing Workshop $69 (Save $105)

Brett Day

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