Get the Cinematic Look in Your Photos Quickly with This $39 LUT Bundle

7,000 LUTs that give a cinematic look with ease for just $39!

We talk a lot about presets and how they can help create incredibly unique images in Lightroom and Capture One. However, we rarely mention Photoshop when it comes to presets. Now, though, we have a reason to. We have found a LUT bundle that features over 7,000 options to help give your images the much desired cinematic look. The best part, this bundle of LUTs costs just $39 (regularly $499). Find out more, and look at samples after the break.

Here’s the thing with presets and LUTs. They aren’t meant to replace your editing. However, they are there to give you a great starting point with your images. A preset or a LUT will put you in the ballpark of where you want your pictures to be, and then you tweak them until they are just right. LUTs can honestly save you hours. Especially when they make a lot of sophisticated changes to multiple image settings. That’s precisely what these 7,000 LUTs do. You can spend hours trying to create the cinematic look in your images, but these LUTs will get you there in seconds.

Spoiled for Choice

cinematic look

All of the cinematic look LUTs are broken down into easy to identify styles. This will help you quickly find the mood and tone to apply to your image. There are categories such as Espresso, Vaporwave, Cyberpunk, Tokyo, Fairytale, Cinematic Vibes, Cinematic Film, and many more. There are 141 categories in all (look at the full list here). Not only can these LUTs be used in Photoshop, but they can also be used in Affinity Photo, Luminar, On1, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and more. Just $39 for all of this flexibility. What a bargain.

Use the Cinematic Look LUTs However You Want

cinematic look

Another incredible and not usually seen feature is that this bundle gives you a full commercial license. You can use the cinematic look LUTs within an ad agency, as a freelance photographer, a graphic designer, or for personal projects. There are no restrictions and no limits! That’s incredible for a bundle, which costs just $39!

These Photoshop LUTs are easy to use. Not only are they easy to use, but they will also make your images stand head and shoulders above others. If you have always wanted to be able to create images with the cinematic look, this bundle is for you. Grab it while you can at the sale price of just $39.

Buy now: $39 (Save $460)