5 Challenges That Canon Will Need to Overcome in the MILC Market

The photography world has been waiting for Canon to take a step into the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera world, and today they finally have. The company essentially just took one of their Powershot cameras and stuffed a big sensor in there. Coined the EOS M aims itself squarely at the lower end market such as against the Olympus EMP1 and Sony NEX F3. Amongst the notable features are an 18MP CMOS sensor, Hybrid CMOS AF (phase detection and constrast) a touch screen and much more. Now that the company is here though, there is a lot of ground that they need to cover.

Hit the jump for more specs.

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RollPro III Is an Organizer For Your GoPro(s)

Introducing an almost near funded Kickstarter project that was created to organize your GoPro kit. Designed for people who have 1 to multiple GoPro pros to stash the large amount of accessories that came with the camera. Mike Bratcher and his company Riseful went on a mission to create this product that didn’t exist.

The Product is designed in California and will be handmade mainly out of “hightech industrial grade marine fabric”. The case will be able to carry quite a bit, the list is as follows: Continue reading…

Picosteady Camera Stabilizer Surpasses Goal on Kickstarter

When brothers Karim and Nadim Elgarhy, amateur filmmakers, had a heck of a time stabilizing their handheld shots, they decided to make a camera stabilizer for amateur filmmakers. They came up with an idea to make a low-cost, light weight system that could be used with ease. So, they put their idea on Kickstarter, set a goal to make a batch of units–and with the support of many achieved their goal.

The Picosteady comes in at an incredibly light weight of just 6.50z. It can support many different types of setups: iPhones, Micro 4/3’s, Sony NEX, and even some DSLRs like the Canon T2i. Although lenses were not mentioned for use with the Picosteady, I would think Canon’s nifty 50, or brand new 40mm f2.8 would be good candidates for this unit.

One thing I do like about this unit is the price. $179 dollars is pretty hard to beat.

We will have more info on the Picosteady when we get a unit in for review. Hopefully soon.

British Journal of Photography: Fujifilm Discontinues Velvia 100F And Velvia 50 In Some Formats (Developing Story)

Update 2, July 20th 7:30 AM EST: Fujifilm UK already posted an official note yesterday, confirming the discontinuance of Velvia 100 in all formats and Velvia 50 in large formats. Still no word from Fujifilm USA, though.

Update: 4:44 PM- Fujifilm USA hasn’t heard anything and believes the stock to still be the same. Rejoice, everyone?

According to the BJP, Fujifilm just announced discontinuation of their Velvia 100F and Velvia 50 professional slide films in the following formats:

  • Velvia 100F: 35mm, 120 and 4×5
  • Velvia 50: 4×5 and 8×10

After contacting two of our Fujifilm USA contacts, they haven’t heard about this discontinuation; we’re currently waiting to hear from them.

If true, this means that Velvia 100F is practically killed off. Velvia 50, Velvia 100 and Provia 100F will also no longer available in Large Format. This basically leaves us with Velvia 50, Velvia 100, Provia 100F and Provia 400X in 35mm and 120 formats — large format slide films will no longer be available from Fujifilm once remaining stocks are sold out.

This announcement comes only shortly after the news of Fujifilm killing off some of their color negative emulsions, and Kodak killing off their slide film lineup entirely.

The good news, however, is that many of the now-discontinued films are still in stock. Here’s a list of what you can still buy online over at B&H Photo:

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When Kinect Meets a Digital Camera You Get The Samsung MV900

In a world where we all want everything to be instant point and shoot digital cameras have been struggling for awhile. What these cameras lack when compared to smartphones is the simple option to upload to social sites in the moment. Samsung has recently announced the MV900 camera and it features wifi and social sharing which its older version the MV800 did not have.

The new camera boasts some serious numbers and features for a point and shoot and for a reasonable price. I will go over its features and highlights here. Continue reading…

Manfrotto & Kata Introduce Series Of New D-Light Camera Bags

Manfrotto and Kata have just introduced a whole slew of new camera bags. If you’re a fan of bags with a high usability factor, you will surely find one that’s to your liking in Kata’s new D-Light lineup. Starting from small shoulder bags over medium-sized waistpacks up to full-size rucksack bags, the new D-Light collection has something to offer for every taste.
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Panasonic’s G5 and LX7 Seem to Be Exactly What All the Rumors Said They Would Be

43Rumors received loads and loads of leaks on the G5 and apparently, it had leaked before from other technology sites. But today, it and various other items have been made official by Panasonic. Leading the pack is the G5: which succeeds the previous G3 that was raved about by forum lurkers for its amazing image quality and solidly designed body.

But there seems to be more though: Panasonic also announced their LX-5 successor, the LX-7. Most prominently, the new camera sports an f1.4 lens. All the tech specs you care about are after the jump.

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Details of Switronix’s Power Solution for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Emerge


Switronix previously announced a power solution for the BMCC, and now images have emerged.. It’s called the PB70-BMCC. This Powerbase kit will extend the battery life of the BMCC from 90 minutes to almost quadruple the time. All while giving you the ability to run accessories like an on-camera light, reference monitor, and other accessories using 2 p-tap connectors. You can monitor the powerbase’s battery life using the 4-LED gauge with a simple touch of button.

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Quick Note: Voigtländer Color Skopar 28mm f2.8 SL II Lens Formally Announced


The Voigtländer Color Skopar 28mm f2.8 SL II lens–which was first shown at the CP+ show back in February–is now finally available for Canon and Nikon SLRs. So far, only European prices have been announced, with the Canon version retailing for € 549 and the Nikon version retailing for € 529. It is unknown as of yet when the lenses will hit the U.S. market.

Correction: the lens is listed at a couple of German retailers but not available for purchase as of the publishing of this piece

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The Sinar eXact 192 MP Medium Format Camera Back Was Designed For Forum Lurkers Who Do Nothing Else But Pixel-Peep

The realms of super-high-resolution medium format backs have just gotten a new contender – the Sinar Sinarback eXact, which is capable of taking pictures with a resolution of 192 megapixels. Yup, that’s one hundred and ninety-two million. Or, measured in width × height of the final image, 16,000 × 12,000 pixels. Just for comparison’s sake … that’s sixteen times the size of an image from an Olympus E-P3. Dig that …


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What You Get When You Combine Lego Technic With Inline Skates — The iStabilizer Dolly

So, this is what happens when some crazy chaps from Utah disassemble their inline skates and mate them to Lego Technic parts. The iStabilizer Dolly for mobile devices looks like a miniature Mars rover, but it does in fact have a practical use: it takes your mobile video recording device (up to 7″ wide) and lets you shoot smooth, stabilized video clips. The only thing we miss is an RC. Imagine what you could do with a fully motorized version of this. Continue reading…

Noiseware 5 Photoshop Plugin Has Been Released


In a world where cameras are better at higher ISO and noise reduction software is getting better its like the candle burning at both ends, but in a good way! Imagenomic today announced version 5 of their noise reduction software, Noiseware. It is available for Photoshop as well as a standalone application and boasts many improvements. Best of all its free for existing users of Noiseware! Continue reading…

Lexar Joins Sony in XQD Development

Today Lexar announced that they are going to start supporting and producing XQD memory cards. Lexar joins Sony as only the second company to offer support for the XQD specification. The only camera that currently supports the new standard of memory card is the Nikon D4.

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Another P&S With A Fast Lens From A Manufacturer From Whom We Would’ve Least Expected

Yes, that’s right. Almost as out-of-nowhere as the announcement of Samsung’s EX2F a few days ago, came the announcement of the BenQ G1, another contender in the category of the fast-lens-point-and-shoot. However, the BenQ announcement went by almost unnoticed, and we would probably have overlooked it ourselves if we hadn’t stumbled upon it by chance. Because, seriously, who in the world gets excited when BenQ announces a new camera? (Or should I rather ask: who even knows that BenQ actually makes cameras?) But this one is a little different and a little confusing.

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Nik Announces HDR Efex Pro 2: First Impressions

First there was Photomatix and then Nik came along with HDR Efex Pro, today Nik has announced HDR Efex Pro 2. Version 1 of HDR Efex Pro (HEP) to me was the first program that got HDR right. HEP was easy to use and all of a sudden all of the sliders and adjustments just made sense. Along with a logical layout they also combined existing NIK strengths like U Point Technology into the program. Simply put, I never looked back to Photomatix and while people still swear by it, I just swear at it.

I am going to share my first impressions with the newest addition to the Nik plugin family. I have been lightly using it now for a couple of months as a beta tester and these are my initial thoughts. Continue reading…

The New Samsung EX2F’s F1.4 Lens Might Not Outdo Sony’s 1 Inch Sensor

Oh my! Where did this come from? It looks like Samsung just announced a new compact camera out of nowhere! And what a compact it is! It’s called the EX2F and is the successor to the previous EX1 / TL500 model, wich was already an awesome little snapper in its own right. But the EX2F ups the ante quite a bit, and might just be setting a whole new standard for the “photographer’s compact” section.

First off, the EX2F has the brightest lens ever built into a digital compact. Starting at f/1.4 at its 24mm-equivalent setting, it only goes down to f/2.7 at its maximum focal length of 80mm-equivalent. f/1.4 — f/2.7! Even at its longest position, the lens is still brighter than where most compacts even start! The body is made from durable magnesium and features a pronounced grip as well as enough buttons and dials to satisfy even the most fastidious of photographers.

On the back, the main feature is the bright 3″ AMOLED tilt-and-swivel display. Being a WiFi-enabled “SMART CAMERA”, the EX2F supports features like using an Android device as a remote viewfinder and trigger, or uploading pictures directly to your PC or laptop. The 1/1.7″ back-illuminated CMOS sensor now sports 12.4 megapixels, and ISO sensitivity goes from 80 to 3200. Since this is an enthusiast’s camera, it also comes with the possibility to save RAW files. Videographers will be satisfied to hear that the EX2F supports Full-HD 1080/30p video recording.

Here at TPB headquarters, we’re all going nuts over this camera and can’t wait to get our hands on one for testing. With a feature set like this, the EX2F is probably the most advanced and most awesome enthusiast’s compact ever to hit the market. If you’re just as excited about this camera as we are, then you might want to know that it will be available for purchase in August for an MSRP of US-$ 549.

It will also be interesting to see how it performs against Sony’s RX100 with a larger sensor but an f1.8 lens. More specs after the jump.

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EXCLUSIVE: Switronix Confirmed to Be Releasing BlackMagic Powerbase

My buddy Eric over at Photography Bay received word of a rumor that Switronix will be releasing a power accessory for the Black Magic Cinema Camera. We inquired with the company about it (and we’re currently in the process of reviewing their BOLT Torch LED on-camera constant lighting kit) and they quickly got back to us. According to our contact at Switronix:

So here is what I’m able to disclose at the moment re: Black Magic power accessories (feel free to run with this now, you are the first one’s receiving this info):

– We are releasing a Black Magic Powerbase option so that all of our existing Powerbase users (who currently utilize the battery for 5Ds, 7Ds, etc.) can make an easy and affordable upgrade.

– Furthermore, we will be adding an XP-DV regulator cable to our product line for the Black Magic camera

– We also have one more surprise up our sleeve that I will inform on in a few weeks.

According to their website, the cinema camera will have a battery life of approximately 90 minutes. This power accessory will mean that you’ll be able to shoot for much longer if you’re shooting events, weddings, or short films.

We’re waiting for images of the product, but this is some exciting news for cinematographers. But we’re also scratching our heads about whatever surprises are yet to come.

Tiffen Announces Their New XG13 Tripod

Another day another tripod, the newest to the bunch is Tiffen’s Davis & Sanford Magnum XG13. Davis & Sanford is a company that has been producing tripods designed in New York City for nearly 80 years now. The tripod comes with the FX13 head which has their built in fluid system which will allow smooth movement for video or quick movement for fast paced stills. The head also features a counterbalance which is switchable to prevent the camera from falling forward on the head.
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New Features Coming to The Canon 7D in August

Canon just announced that in August they will be releasing the previously leaked firmware update for their popular 7D camera. In Canon’s statement they mention that they want to continue to offer the users of their current cameras the best features. I will quickly go over the key features and the minor tweaks coming in a couple months. Quick and faster seems to be the overall theme since most of the features include some kind of speed enhancement.
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