REFLEX to Launch Kickstarter Project for Three Manual Focus Full Frame Lenses

REFLEX is set to crowdfund three manual focus lenses in native mount version for four Full Frame mirrorless system cameras.

If you’re one of the backers who helped bring the Reflex I to life, looks like you’ll have another Kickstarter project to consider backing in the coming months. In a Photokina 2018 preview special, REFLEX presented the Reflex 40mm f1.8, the first of its lineup of three manual focus Full Frame lenses. The other lenses planned for the lineup are a 75mm f1.8 and a 24mm f1.8, which will complete a selection of large aperture prime lenses. This announcement also came ahead of the anticipated release of the Reflex I film SLR camera later this year.

According to the report by Mirrorless Rumors, the lens series going with the Reflex I has been “optimized for both SLR and mirrorless photography with a compact form factor, carrying a double gauss lens design that signs for an organic look and smooth bokeh, making it a light and ideal daily shooter for both analog and digital photography. Furthermore, it features a clicked/step-less aperture ring for videography and cine adaptation and a large focus-ring rotation angle which enables for highly accurate focusing.”

The Reflex 40mm f1.8 presented at the Photokina was in the native Reflex AR-i, Sony E-mount, and Canon EF mount, mirrorless versions for the Nikon Z, Canon RF, and Leica/Lumix L mount were also promised to be available. Adapters for the EF mount will also make it compatible for Fujifilm X-mount and Micro 4/3 cameras. The Kickstarter campaign for the lens will be launched by mid-November, with an “anticipated retail price” of under $400. Shipping is planned for January 2019.

Check out the specs of the Reflex 40mm f1.8 (we’ll keep an eye out for more details as we get closer to the Kickstarter campaign launch):

Images via Mirrorless Rumors