Epson Launches Print Academy YouTube Channel to Highlight the Importance of Print

The Epson Print Academy channel will be a repository of educational content not only for photographers, but also other professional imaging markets using the company’s products.

Not everyone prints their photos these days, but photographers will always want and work with printed matter. Those would like to learn more about getting optimum prints to best showcase their work may find Epson’s newly launched YouTube channel helpful. Promising to be a platform where you’ll find a variety of videos designed to both educate and inspire, this could be one of the useful resources to fuel your creativity and get those projects going.

YouTube channels have become a go-to resource for many photographers who either want to improve their techniques or learn new ones. So it’s about time Epson brought the Epson Print Academy, established in 2001 originally to orient photographers to digital photography and inkjet printing, to the video sharing website.

While initially launched for the photography market, the Epson Print Academy channel will eventually be expanded to cover topics for other professional imaging markets. These include graphic design, signage, and textile, making it a comprehensive learning resource for a new generation of photographers who are also multi-disciplinary creatives.

The Epson Print Academy channel promises to provide detailed explanations of workflows for topics such as monitor calibration, color management, and printing. There will also be videos celebrating the craft of printing, and will take viewers and subscribers to photo festivals, workshops, events, and even renowned studios to demonstrate how print is not dead. In fact, it continues to be an essential part of various industries. The channel is primarily geared to be a central resource for Epson Professional Imaging products, but there should be tips and tricks that could prove useful for many projects and applications.

Curious? Watch the Epson Print Academy introduction video below, then proceed to the check out what they’ve uploaded so far.