Video: Jamie Windsor Shares the Truth on Being Successful on YouTube

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Photographers who create content for YouTube can get a bad rep. Often seen as fame-hungry attention seekers, only concerned about views and popularity, some industry members reject their credibility as skilled photographers. But that can hardly be fair. Surely there’s more depth to a photographer who makes YouTube content? I was eager to find out. So I invited popular YouTuber Jamie Windsor on to The Phoblographer’s official podcast: Inside The Photographers Mind.

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Psst…Photographers Can Stop Being a Slave to Their Computers

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I’ve thankfully seen more YouTubers talk about how they’re so sick of staring at screens. This is what I’ve been saying for a while now. I’ve just wanted to move more and more away from editing my photos for a few years. But all of these tutorials out there show you how to shoot an image and then edit it for the rest of your life. That, to me, isn’t photography. Photography is you actually going out there to shoot. And specifically, one video has really struck me. I feel it’s well worthy of praise. It speaks to photographers in a way that slaps what the industry has told us for years.

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Five YouTube Videos for Better Smartphone Photography

Ready to take your smartphone photography to the next level?

Smartphone photography isn’t easy. Despite the advancements of the cameras in the likes of the iPhone and Google’s Pixel line, making images with such devices has its limitations. For example, they’re not as responsive as mirrorless and DSLR cameras. And the way they feel in hand can make usability a little restricted. Using a smartphone camera is a skill in itself. If you’re looking to improve your skills, and want to take better photos, then the YouTube videos below will surely help.

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College Vs. Online: Where’s the Best Place to Learn Photography?

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20 years ago, those interested in learning photography would read textbooks and attend classes. Today, accessing educational content is much easier. Log in to your laptop, visit YouTube, and you can find thousands of videos that will help you learn. Both in-class and online learning have value in 2020. They both have their pros and cons. But let’s answer the question; which method of learning will give you the best education in photography?

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Looking for a Good Photography Documentary? Check These Out!

If you want a solid photography documentary, check what we’ve got below!

If you’re passionate about photography, then it’s likely your interest goes beyond the practical aspect of the craft. Your love leads you to consume: other photographs, photo books, tutorials, and the like. A well-made photography documentary is popular with budding photographers and seasoned pros. Thanks YouTube, there are plenty of photo docs you can invest your time in, and gain inspiration and education along the way. Let’s take a look.

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Video: What We Want to See In the Sony a7s III

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Pro Camera Reviews is a new web show by the Reviews Team of the Phoblographer. Join Gear Editor Brett Day, Reviews Editor Paul Ip, and Editor in Chief Chris Gampat as they candidly discuss the products they’re actively reviewing and the gear they’ve just reviewed. Open Q and A from the audience towards the end of the show. Every Sunday at 7pm EST. Please Register here.

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5 YouTube Channels to Watch for Those New to Portrait Photography

If you want to improve your portrait photography, these YouTube channels will surely help.

If you’ve been experimenting with portrait photography, then you’ll know by now that it’s not easy. Getting the perfect portrait requires skill, experience, and a lot of learning. Thankfully, in the digital era, with the likes of YouTube being at the forefront of content consumption, plenty of experienced photographers are happy to share their knowledge with the world. We’ve rounded up a list of the best of the best, to help take your portrait photography to the next level.

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What’s Your Favorite Vintage Camera? This and More on Pro Camera Reviews

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Pro Camera Reviews is a new web show by the Reviews Team of the Phoblographer. Join Gear Editor Brett Day, Reviews Editor Paul Ip, and Editor in Chief Chris Gampat as they candidly discuss the products they’re actively reviewing and the gear they’ve just reviewed. Open Q and A from the audience towards the end of the show. Every Sunday at 7pm EST.

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Stay in Shape During Quarantine With Nick Turpin’s Streetercise Video

This hilarious Streetercise workout video is for all photographers who miss feeling the burn!

Quarantine sucks; there’s no two ways about it, but we are doing this for the greater good, and that’s the important thing. However, if you’re used to hitting the streets with your camera around your neck, you might be missing the exercise you are used to. Have no fear! Nick Turpin has created Streetercise, the first workout for street photographers (or any photographers really) who miss getting their heart pumping. Join us after the break for the hilarious workout video.

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Check Out Our 1st Episode of Pro Camera Reviews! Sign Up for Sunday!

On our first episode of Pro Camera Reviews, we talked about Canon, Sigma, Tamron, Sony gear and much more.

On Sunday, we had our first episode of Pro Camera Reviews; our new interactive show on Zoom! Pro Camera Reviews is a new web show featuring discussion of the products the Reviews Team at the Phoblographer are actively reviewing and the gear they’ve just reviewed. It includes open Q&A from the audience towards the end of the show, and will air every Sunday at 7pm EST. You can register for the next episode right here.

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5 Small Photography YouTube Channels You Need to Know About

If you’re looking for a fresh photography YouTube channel, we have some quality options below.

Having many subscribers isn’t always synonymous with quality content. Sure, the cream tends to rise to the top, but they’re plenty of relatively unknown channels putting out great photography content. We have a soft spot for those on their grind, putting out videos, and trying to grow their channel; everyone has to start somewhere. And large photography sites like ours can help hardworking creators get a leg up. That’s why we want to help (both the creator and the consumer) by highlighting five photography YouTube channels you need to know about.

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Learn How to Edit Portraits Like a Pro in Capture One 20 with This Guide

If you have wondered how the pros edit their portrait images in Capture One 20, you’ll want to see this video guide from Michael Comeau.

Capture One 20 is a seriously powerful, yet sometimes overwhelming piece of photo editing software. Once you come to grips with it, you will never go back to using anything else. If you’re a portrait photographer, have switched to Capture One 20, and are in the process of figuring this piece of software out, you may want to check out Michael Comeau’s latest video where he edits five of his portrait images right before your eyes. Jump past the break for the video and more.

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After Many Cameras, Daniel Milnor Settled on Fujifilm for Six Key Reasons


Throughout his career, Daniel has used many iconic cameras including Leica’s and Hasslblads, but he has settled down and now loves Fujifilm cameras.

It has been approximately 2 days, 17 hours, and 32 seconds since the last YouTuber uploaded an ‘I use system X for my photography’ video, so it is about time for another. In his latest video, photographer Daniel Milnor does something he said he would never do because people wouldn’t stop asking him; and that’s talking about his gear. Why we think it is so important to find out what others are using is baffling, but to appease his subscribers, he lists the six reasons why he uses Fujifilm cameras. Join us after the break for the video.

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The Best Photography Websites, YouTube Accounts, and Blogs in 2020

You’re probably looking for a round-up of some of the best places to get your photography fix this year.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a ton of places where I search for news and inspiration within the photography space. I’m positive my list is different than yours. As an Editor in Chief, I admit I’m not listing competing websites here. But, I’m listing some of my personal favorites that I have a true attachment to. So, without further adieu, here are some of the best.

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Melissa Stemmer Uses Fujifilm to Create Charming Portrait Photography

Photographer Melissa Stemmer has a sense of magic about her photos that translates very well.

“The conversation is everything,” says Photographer Melissa Stemmer when working with models for portraits. “So I talk a lot with my models. Saying what is good and what can be improved.” Ms. Stemmer is pretty new to photography and has that Je ne sais quoi many of us have when we just start out. In fact, she got into the craft from watching a lot of YouTube videos. After a while, she knew this was the creative medium for her. The spark is brighter than ever with her as she finds inspiration all around her. Based in Germany, Ms. Stemmer works a lot with people, and that’s the basis behind a lot of her work.

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Learn How to Fully Weather Seal Your Fujifilm X100V with This Quick Vid

For whatever reason, *cough*profits*cough* Fujifilm left it up to the end-user to fully weather seal their Fujifilm X100V.

The X100V is a camera many have been waiting for and one of the most exciting cameras of 2020. The Fujifilm X100V boasts a new (to this line) sensor, an updated lens, and it is 98% percent weather-sealed (which is better than the zero weather sealing the X100F had). Still, it boggles the mind why Fujifilm couldn’t finish the weather sealing job. Fortunately, the Fuji Guys have put together a very short video that shows you how you can fully weather seal your Fujifilm X100V. We have it for you after the break.

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5 Photography YouTube Channels You Need to Subscribe To

Are you looking for some photography YouTube channels? We’ve got some.

More and more photography channels are appearing on YouTube. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good that you have more access to information and content. But, it’s bad that you have to trawl through all the poorly made material to find the gems. Thankfully, we’re happy to do the dirty work. We’ve dug up the very best photography YouTube channels for you to enjoy.

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3 Reasons Why Sonder Creative Couldn’t Switch From Sony to the X-T3


The Fujifilm X-T3 is a solid camera, but it’s certainly not for everyone.

We seem to see videos like this one from Sonder Creative quite often these days. It can be interesting to hear why individuals feel like they couldn’t make the jump to a new platform, and in this case, Usman from Sonder Creative explains why the Fujifilm X-T3 and the Fujifilm platform in general just doesn’t have what it takes to pull him away from Sony and the a7r III that he is using. Join us after the break to find out what his three reasons are.

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You Can Learn How to Shoot with Ambient Light in Just Over 8 Minutes

ambient light

If you are new to photography and want to learn how to make the most of ambient light, this is one video you need to see.

Photography is nothing without light. We all know this, but it can actually be hard to know where to begin when it comes to capturing and harnessing the power of light when starting out. Luke Edwin has released a new video on his YouTube channel, and he looks at the subject of ambient light in a way that will help explain things very well to those who have just picked up their first camera. We have the video for you after the break.

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Portrait Guide: Making the Most of a Room’s Corner and Studio Lighting

studio lighting

Make the most of the space you have by following this studio lighting guide from Gavin Hoey.

Do you ever wish you had just a little bit more room in your studio or rented studio space to create more images? If you answered yes, you might want to check out this studio lighting guide from Gavin Hoey that shows you how to make the often unused corners of your studio an effective workspace with just one light source. Jump past the break to see how Gavin does it.

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Tips For Avoiding Bad Advice For The Newbie Photographer

If you’re new to photography, then get ready for a sea of information — some very good, and some, extremely bad.

The process of learning never ends if you’re open to constantly developing yourself. However, in the beginning, you’re going to go from knowing nothing to falling deep into a world of knowledge and skill. This time is as exciting as it is overwhelming. You’re a blank piece of paper, open to people writing down their wisdom. You don’t know any better, why would you question anything? To ensure you don’t fall into some unhealthy habits or get sucked in by the wrong know it all, here are some tips for avoiding bad advice for the newbie photographer.

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