Five YouTube Videos for Better Smartphone Photography

Ready to take your smartphone photography to the next level?

Smartphone photography isn’t easy. Despite the advancements of the cameras in the likes of the iPhone and Google’s Pixel line, making images with such devices has its limitations. For example, they’re not as responsive as mirrorless and DSLR cameras. And the way they feel in hand can make usability a little restricted. Using a smartphone camera is a skill in itself. If you’re looking to improve your skills, and want to take better photos, then the YouTube videos below will surely help.

The Best in Smartphone Photography

Before we get into the core of the article, we want to inspire you with photographers who are making fantastic smartphone photographs. We also want to share some smartphone cameras and accessories that have impressed us over the past 12 months.

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Now let’s check out the videos!

1. Peter McKinnon: S10+ Smartphone VS Pro DSLR

When it comes to photography, Peter McKinnon is in the elite tier of YouTube creators. In the above video, he puts the Samsung S10+ up against the Canon 1DX Mark II. Of course, the latter is an absolute powerhouse. And in no way can the Samsung S10+ compete, despite how it good the camera is. But the point of the video isn’t really about the cameras. Instead, it’s more to do with what you, as a photographer, can do with the gear you have in your hand.

The video should inspire those who just want to use the smartphone in their pocket. Because, as you will see in the video, you can still make quality photos, and McKinnon shows how.

2. Sorelle Amore: How to Take Better Self-Portraits

Let’s face it; we are fully immersed in the world of the selfie. We all want to look our best as we show off where we are in life. Taking a good selfie – or self-portrait as we say in the industry – is an art.

In this video, popular YouTuber, Sorelle Amore, takes you through some simple (but effective) tips to get the most out of your self-portrait. From posing yourself to using a tripod, she covers a lot of ground to help you feel more confident when taking the shot. As a bonus, she’s funny too. Her personality makes the video more engaging and you’re less likely to get bored while absorbing technical information!

3. The Bite Shot: How to Shoot Food on Your Phone

We had to take a break from this video to stuff our faces full of goodness, because, well, food photography makes us hungry! And that’s the point. Good food photography is meant to get viewers drooling. And while all commercial food photography is done with the best mirrorless and DSLRs, it doesn’t mean smartphone photography needs to be pushed aside.

In this video, you’ll learn about the importance of composition, shutter speed, and setting up your scene. The result is that you’ll be able to create tasty looking food pics with your smartphone!

4. The iPhone 11 and Moment Lenses

As the popularity of the smartphone photography genre has increased, so has the number of accessories available to photographers. If you’re looking for more than the hardware in your smartphone, third party lenses are a great option.

A popular brand, and one we rate highly, is Moment. They make a range of lenses and all of them are sure to provide sharper images and more compositional options. Don’t just take our word for it either. In the above video, you’ll see exactly what each lens can do, and how to get the most out of them when creating images.

5. Roman Fox: Street Smartphone Photography

A smartphone camera is perfect for street photography because everyone is shooting on their phone, and fewer people will suspect you’re making a photo of them.

In the above video, Roman Fox takes you through 10 tips for better street photography with your phone. He dedicates a good chunk of time talking about the importance of understanding light. Because of the small sensor on your smartphone camera, knowing how to get the most out of good light is essential. Another tip we appreciated is how to hold your camera. Smartphones can feel awkward, yet Fox shows you the best way to keep it steady and always be ready for the shot!

Learning About Smartphone Photography

The above videos will give you all you need and more. But we’re interested to know which videos you watch when learning about smartphone photography. Let us know in the comments below and we – and our readers – will be sure to check them out!

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