Sony is Announcing at Least 10 New Lenses in the Near Future

Sony announced a new strategy for their Interchangeable lens cameras at Photokina 2018. 

At Photokina 2018, Sony announced that they’re changing up their strategy when it comes to interchangeable lens cameras. Amongst things discussed are their innovations over the years and how they’ve worked to change the full frame mirrorless camera market. But hey also let u know a few new things, like that there are at least 10 new lenses coming in the near future and Eye AF is going to work for Animals too.

Some stats:

  • Sony has the #1 share of the full frame market in the world
  • They’re #1 in mirrorless share in the world.
  • Sony is #1 when it comes to sensor manufacturing and EVF manufacturing
  • The resolution of the full frame sensor has gone beyond what 35mm film is capable of doing.
  • Their new XA lens elements are designed to achieve high surface precision
  • The E mount system has 48 lenses
  • Sony will be adding more lenses to the system to make it up to 60 in the near future. They didn’t say what lenses are coming though.
  • Sony’s Eye AF is more advanced than those from other companies’.
  • Eye AF is coming to animals soon

That was really all that came. Sony told the press that nothing new in terms of products were being announced but that instead there is going to be a strategy discussion. Considering that:

  • New lenses are coming
  • Eye AF is going to work with animals soon

I think that it’s very fair for us to conclude that they’re going to target wildlife and landscape photographers in addition to sports shooters. There isn’t a whole of other information as we said, But for all the photographers who have been holding onto their DSLRs for telephoto lenses and the more rugged needs, keep watching Sony and what they’re doing.

Oh, that also probably means that their cameras are probably going to get tougher. As it is, their weather sealing isn’t all that bad. But it isn’t the best. Maybe we’ll see the best from Sony?