Two Must-Have Portrait Lenses for Portrait Photographers

Screenshot image from the video by Manny Ortiz

So, you’ve decided to focus on portrait photography and want to start putting together a gear setup that will let you achieve the best results. Choosing the right lens is a big part of working with portraiture, so if you’re still looking, Chicago-based portrait photographer Manny Ortiz talks about his recommendations in a recent video.

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50mm vs 35mm Lenses: a Visual Guide for Portrait Photography

With wider angle lenses becoming better and better, photographers are bound to ask the question of 50mm vs 35mm lenses and how they relate to portraiture. For years now, it was never recommended that photographers use something like a 35mm or a 50mm lenses. In fact, the shortest focal length recommended was an 85mm–to some degree that’s still true. But in many situations, a 35mm and 50mm lens can be awesome. Photographers who perhaps come from a street background or prefer to work physically closer to their subjects may like the 50mm and 35mm lens options. So in this post, we’re going to explore why you’d choose one over the other.

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The Phoblographer Answers: Why Do SLR Film Cameras Need Filters?

Yes, I know; if you’re an experienced photographer then this sounds pretty crazy. But this question was typed into our search bar a number of times and so I decided I’d take a stab at answering exactly what’s going on here. The question comes from the idea that digital cameras don’t need UV or other filters but instead only film cameras do. It’s something easily misunderstood by many people who are just starting out. In fact, digital cameras do indeed sometimes need filters, but by and large they are much more necessary with various film cameras.

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Got the New Nikon D850? Here Are Nikon’s Recommended Lenses


Nikon’s D850 has been out for a little while now and if you were interested in one you have likely had a chance to check out all of the first looks and reviews to help make up your mind. If you are leaning into the yes category, you may be wondering if your current Nikon lenses will be up to the task with that new high-resolution sensor, and who better to ask than Nikon themselves?

But luckily you don’t need to ask, because Nikon publishes a list of recommended lenses for their cameras, and while this list for the D850 isn’t exactly new, it may not be something you have seen before – so strap in, and let’s take a look at Nikon’s recommended lenses for the D850. Continue reading…

Andrei Duman: Travel Photography and Forming Connections With Your Subjects

All images by Andrei Duman. Used with permission.

Photographer Andrei Duman has been shooting photos since he was very young. He started out with travel and was always fascinated by the fact that one could go from place to place within a few hours. Along the way, he studied the works of different photographers and the ways they went about getting their photos. Perhaps this has helped influence the way Andrei approaches his subjects and the way he gets his images. For Andrei, it's always been about human connection and ensuring it's there even before he picks up the camera to his eye.

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Canon Introduces New Trio of Tilt Shift Lenses with Macro Focusing Capabilities

Today, Canon is introducing a lineup of lenses that are surely doing something different from all the other options out there. The company is refreshing and introducing a number of new tilt-shift options–but these aren’t just any tilt-shift lenses. These lenses have macro focusing capabilities. We can say hello to a brand new Canon 50mm f2.8 L Macro, a 90mm f2.8 L Macro, and a 135mm f4 L Macro option. All of these lenses have tilt-shift and macro capabilities–and Canon is specific in saying that they’re true macro at 1:1. In addition to that, they all have 9 aperture blades. Even further, they’re all L lenses–but they obviously lack weather sealing as that’s very difficult to do otherwise.

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Take a Trip With John Emery’s Astonishing Black and White Landscape Photography

All images and words by John Emery. Used with permission. Be sure to follow him on Instagram @jemeryphoto

My number one goal as a photographer is to capture a moment in time as I experienced it when I released the shutter button. I want people to look at a photograph that I took and to feel as if they were standing there with me at the moment I took it. My specialty is the natural landscape in black and white – I’ve always been attracted to the drama, texture, detail, and contrast of a well-done black and white photograph.

I had just turned 23 and had never left the eastern time zone. On a whim I flew to Las Vegas, rented a car, and visited the Grand Canyon. I was woefully unprepared for the trip – I hadn’t seen snow in 15 years and it made me realize that south Florida living had made me ill-prepared for northern Arizona in late November. Regardless, I was hooked. Since that first trip I have been all over the country, and with each successive trip more photographic equipment joined me.

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