In-Stock Alert: Olympus OM-D E-M5 Black Kits Back In-Stock at B&H

Yup, that’s right. B&H have the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (our review here) back in stock — in black with either the weather-sealed 12-50mm kit lens or the 14-42mm kit lens known from the PEN models. The 12-50mm kit retails for US-$ 1,299.00, while the 14-42mm kit retails for US-$ 1,099.00.

The OM-D E-M5 is selling like hotcakes everywhere, so you should grab the opportunity by its horns and act quickly before they’re all sold out again.

Buy the Olympus OM-D E-M5 black 12-50mm kit from B&H Photo

Buy the Olympus OM-D E-M5 black 14-42mm kit from B&H Photo

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Not Getting Through to PocketWizard’s Customer Service? That’s Because They’re Busy Working on Canon 5D Mk III Compatibility

PocketWizard, creator of popular remote flash triggers such as the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5, have released an official note on their website stating that they’re currently über-busy working on compatibility with the new Canon 5D Mk III. Which means that they may not be answering their phones, replying to emails or answering questions on facebook for the next couple days. While this may be a bummer for those who are currently experiencing troubles with their PocketWizard gear, on the upside this means that very soon PocketWizard’s ControlTL firmware will be compatible with the Canon 5D Mk III, allowing users of the camera to pair it with their PocketWizard remote flash triggers (and not experiencing any troubles, hopefully.)

However, PocketWizard cannot give a specific date when the new firmware version will be finished. So while they keep on chimping and pimping and tinkering in their secret labs, we will just have to have a little more patience. After all, their goal is “to deliver firmware that you will have confidence in.”

Profoto Announces New B4 1000 Air Lighting Kit

Love your Profoto Air lights? We rated the D1 Studio kit very highly in our review, and today the company has announced another update to the product line with the B4 Air 1000 light (after teasing it on their blog). So what’s so amazing about it? Here’s the breakdown for us humans in bite sized packages:

– flash durations down to 1/25,000 of a second

– the company claims it is has the fastest recycling time in the world. In fact, it can fire 30 flashes per second at the lowest power setting and at full power the recharge happens in less than one second

– 1/10th F stop increments

– When the power is all drained, it can be recharged in less than 45 mins

– Aluminum chassis with rubber frame

No word on pricing or availability yet. But we’ll be sure to get our hands on a review unit soon. At this point, I should probably remind you guys that I’m a former MAC Group employee (Profoto’s mother company) and that I’m drooling to give these a spin.

Via Dan Carr Photography

Anyone Want a Canon 5D Mk III or Nikon D800? Here’s Your Chance: SnapKnot is Giving One Away

Yes, you got that right., the website that connects brides-to-be and wedding photographers, has decided to do some good in the world and give away a Canon 5D Mk III (read our review here) or Nikon D800 (read our review here). If you’re the lucky winner, you get to choose which one you take. Isn’t that just awesome?

To partake in the giveaway, just head over to SnapKnot’s facebook page, like them, and enter the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes officially began on August 15th, and participation is possible until November 15th. After the deadline, the winner will be randomly chosen from all contestants. And here’s the best part: if you actively promote the sweepstakes via your facebook, twitter, blog or via email, and get your friends to participate as well, you will get 5 extra entries per friend, increasing your chance of winning.

So, why are you still reading this? Get yourself over to facebook and enter the sweepstakes! 😉

Announcing The Birth of The Lomography Diana Baby 110

Not too long ago the fine folks over at Lomography announced that they were bringing back the tiny film format with the Orca. They have now announced a new camera based on their popular Diana camera but its much much tinier. This Baby Diana now has the ability to not only shoot their B/W Orca 110 film but also their new Tiger 110 color film.

The Diana Baby 110 will have the option of two lenses, the 24mm and the 12mm for wide angle photos. Here are some additional information and images of the newborn. Continue reading…

Adobe Releases Revel 1.5

Today Adobe announced Revel 1.5 and it brings a few features including photo albums, ability to share private web albums on the web and new photo looks. Revel is basically an online version of iPhoto with the ability to sync photos over to all of your devices without using precious memory space. Edits and new photos effortlessly sync with the cloud, the service costs you $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year. There is a 30 day trial that goes along with the service and the explicitly state that you will not be charged when the trial ends, thats a nice touch.

Revel at the moment is only available for Mac and iOS devices. If you wish to be notified when it comes to Android or Windows they have a place where you can be alerted when the service becomes available here. More information can be found on Adobe’s site.

My Discontinued D700 Lives On

Yesterday Nikon officially discontinued my Nikon D700. I have owned her since the first week that she came out in mid 2008. Yes I keep referring to her as her and not an it because like a lot of us who travel alone we become attached. Yesterday, when the announcement happened surprisingly my D700 didn’t just up and die. Today’s modern digital cameras are becoming very similar to yesterdays film cameras. We are at a point where the technology is so good that these items wont become irrelevant after their lifecycle.

I have been viewing Ming Thein’s “Inspirations from an older cameras” series and it reminds me how these cameras will live on as long as we put them to work. If you haven’t seen Ming’s series please take a look here and enjoy browsing.

Developing News: Kodak Selling Off Film Business?

Kodak Ektar 100 from my Mamiya RB67

A company that I hate to see in the news is once again making headlines. Don’t break out the tissues just yet but the developing story is that Kodak is selling their “Personalized Imaging businesses” which does contain their film business.

It appears that Kodak will only make the sale of these “Personalized Imaging” products if the buyer agrees to still offer the same products and services that Kodak currently offers. Kodak has had a good history is selling their products and businesses seamlessly like their online photo printing. The company appears to want to focus strongly on emerging from the financial crisis that they are in and become a sustainable business. There is an online document stating some facts here.

This news makes me sick to my stomach and while they are going to continue to manufacture film in the mean time. The future is unforeseeable. We will bring new news and updates as they become available.

Instacube Lets You See Photos Of the Food and Puppies From the People You Follow on a Big Screen

Fan of Instagram? We are too according to our recent review. A special KickStarter is looking to make your love of the experience even larger. The Instacube is a giant cube thinger with rounded edges that takes the feeds from your Instagram and spews them out for you in a much nicer way than the current interface. Additionally, it has buttons to heart an image, comment, and more. To make it even simpler, the screen is also a 600×600 LCD touchscreen to simulate a tablet-style viewing experience. Plus it was wireless connectivity.

At the moment and without getting some personal fondling time, it seems pretty cool. At the time of publishing this piece, the project still has yet to reach its intended goal. It can with your help.

Availability Alert: Panasonic Lumix G5 (Black) In-Stock at B&H Photo

The recently announced Lumix G5, Panasonic’s latest mid-level Micro Four Thirds camera, is now in-stock over at B&H Photo. The Lumix G5 is an update to the previous G3, and while it features basically the same SLR-style body design, it has a more pronounced grip for better handling, a slightly rounder overall appearance and of course updated specs. The Lumix G3’s features include:

  • 16.05 MP Live MOS Sensor
  • Redesigned Venus Engine Image Processor
  • 3.0″ Touch Screen LCD (vari-angle) with 920k dots
  • Shooting HD video at 1080 60p
  • Contrast AF
  • Live View Finder with Eye Sensor (lacking in G3) and button to select to use the finder or the LCD screen
  • Three custom function buttons
  • Electronic Silent Shutter Mode
  • 14 Adjustable In-camera Filters
  • Stereo microphone
  • Includes Lumix-G Vario 14-42mm Lens

Buy the Panasonic Lumix G5 black kit w/ 14-42mm lens from B&H Photo

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Fotodiox Introduces New WonderPana Filter System for Professional Photographers and Cinematographers

Fotodiox announces their new WonderPana filter systems for 145mm and 6.6″ filters. Aimed at professional photographers and videographers, the WonderPana system with its large size filters lends itself especially at use with super wide angle and ultra wide angle lenses, being able to cover such lenses’ large front elements entirely. The WonderPana 145 and 66 filter systems mark the beginning of a new “Wonder” line of products planned for release by Fotodiox in the coming year.


Continue reading…

New Phottix Odin Firmware Update Lets You Adjust Exposure Settings in 1/3rds of a Stop

Today, Phottix released a new firmware update to their extremely popular and very favorably reviewed Odin TTL radio triggers. According to the Phottix Journal, firmware v1.2 now allows the user to made exposure adjustments in 1/3 stops when the group is set to manual mode: just like you can with Canon’s normal system.

But there’s more to the update. According to Phottix, the latest firmware also includes

  • Added manual zoom settings: 20mm, 135mm and 200mm.
  • 5D Mark III over exposure issues resolved. (we never saw any in our review)
  • 650D not firing in A:B ratio mode resolved
  • 600D and 430EX Flash modeling light / misfire / exposure issues resolved.

Users can spring for it now on the PC or Mac.

Still considering purchasing an Odin? Take a look at our review first, and then consider purchasing yourself at this link. Personally, you’ll have to pull these out of my cold, dead hands.

The Impossible Project Releases New 8×10 Instant Film

(Top: Photo by Bill Phelps. Bottom: Photo by Chloe Aftel)

The Impossible Project’s story is one that is really inspirational in the photography world. With the death of Polaroid’s film, they tried to reverse engineer the process to continue the production of the film. Today, the company has announced that they are finally ready to release their PQ 8×10 instant film for large format cameras. As we stated before, we really need to keep medium format and large format film alive, and for the cool price of $189 US, you can score 10 sheets of this new film.

As is typical with Impossible Film though, we can probably expect the first batches to be nowhere as good as the improved formula they come up with in their, “cool” branding. Keep checking the Project’s shop for availability.

Also: not big enough for you? Take a look at the tour of the Polaroid 20 x 24 camera we did last year.

Introducing the Pentax X-5 Camera

The classic Pentax styling of the X-5 made me double take to realize that it wasn’t a DSLR. I also read over the specs for the lens a couple of times… You mean that it has a monstrous zoom yet it also has a very respectable wide? The 35mm equivalent of the lens is 22.3mm wide angle to a super telephoto 580mm.

The cameras features dont stop impressing you there, they also have an actual EVF, 16mp sensor and a high ISO sensitivity of 6400. The last shocker to me is the price, the big two Nikon and Canon have their comparable cameras priced around $4-500. Read on to see the price of this bombshell or check out the camera in black and silver over at B&H Photo Video.


Continue reading…

Seems Like Olympus is Trying to Break the Zoom Record with Their New SP-820 UZ

Olympus just announced a new superzoom compact camera called the SP-820 UZ. What makes this camera special is that it seems to be reaching for a new record in zoom factor. The SP-820 UZ features a 22.4-896 mm (equivalent to 35mm full-frame) f3.4-5.7 lens with an incredible 40x zoom factor. But it’s not only the stunning 896 mm at the end of the zoom range — its initial wide-angle setting of 22.4 mm is equally impressive, with most cameras starting somewhere between 24 and 28 mm these days. And here’s the best thing: it doesn’t stop at 896 mm. With Olympus’ proprietary Super-resolution Zoom you get an extra 2x digital zoom on top, making it a de-facto 1792 mm 80x zoom camera.

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Canon’s New PowerShot SX500IS Does the Framing and Zooming for You

Canon has just announced a new superzoom compact camera, the SX500IS. While most of its specifications are pretty much mainstream — it features a 16 megapixel CCD sensor, a 30x 24-720 mm-equivalent zoom lens, a 3″ 461k dot LCD display and 720p HD video recording –, one feature does stand out and makes this camera unique: the Zoom Framing Assist. By the touch of a button located at the lower front left of the camera, the Zoom Framing Assist automatically zooms out so you can easily overlook the entire scene, shows you a frame of your previous zoom position that helps you better compose your picture, and zooms in again when you release it. According to Canon’s press release, “[t]he lens retraction and extension is faster using the Zoom Framing Assist button than the zoom lever, and allows the photographer to keep the camera more stable for the shot[.]”

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Nikon Announces The Nikon P7700 Camera For Enthusiasts

Nikon has announced the successor to their popular pro point and shoot camera the P7100. The camera features a similar 12mp sensor with a standard rating ISO up to 1600 with 3200 and 6400 available in special modes. The lens sports a 7.1x optical zoom which is a 35mm equivalent to 28-200 which is good enough for most purposes.

In a time where its getting tougher to be a standard point and shoot this is an interesting camera to announce. In a time where you could buy the incredible Sony RX100 for $150 more than this camera is there really a place for cameras now with small sensors?

Editor’s Note: The new camera is available for pre-order at B&H Photo.

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S800c is The First Android Nikon Camera

I am going to write the news on this camera and share the specs. I am also going to share my opinion on this type of camera. This is “skating where the puck is going to be” for the digital camera industry. This is pretty much a low end camera meeting a low end phone, the marriage will share the best features of each.

To quickly go over the features, the S800c has a 16mp sensor with an ISO sensitivity up to 3200. On the back it has quite the large 3.5″ OLED touchscreen display with 819,000 dots (about 273,000 pixels). The lens on this guy has a 10x optical zoom which is 25-250mm 35mm equivalent. Wifi is packed inside as well as the always requested but usually missing GPS. Now that we have gone over the big numbers and features lets get into detail with what makes this camera special, Android.

Editor’s Note: The new camera is available for pre-order at B&H Photo

Continue reading…

Camalapse, The Most Mobile Timelapse Device

I recently bought the Radian from Kickstarter and while browsing Photojojo I found something similar for a smaller camera or phone. The Camalapse is a device that is made for smaller point and shoot cameras as well as mobile phones. Smartphones are loaded with great timelapse apps so there’s no need for complicated electronics inside of the Camalapse. Continue reading…