NiSi Showcased a 75mm f0.95 Full Frame Lens Prototype for Mirrorless Cameras

NiSi showed off a prototype of the bokeh-licious 75mm f0.95 lens at the Photokina 2018 show.

Optics company NiSi has recently launched a new line of prime cinema lenses, but those aren’t the only glass people are curious about. During the recently concluded Photokina, the company also had on display a new prototype of the NiSi 75mm f0.95 FE Full Frame lens, which will come in Sony E, Canon R, Nikon Z, and L-mounts.

Photo Rumors shared a couple of teaser images from Phillip Reeve and slashCAM. Reeve also shared his insights about the prototype on his blog, noting that this will be NiSi’s first camera lens. He also described that, despite being an early stage prototype, the build and quality both left a good impression. The emphasis is certainly on bokeh rendering, which he mentioned to be very smooth. His post also includes a handful of sample shots he took at f0.95 using a Sony A7rII, which look promising for those shallow depth of feel photography.

“The lens is quite big and heavy as is to be expected from one with these parameters. It is a short flange/mirrorless design and will be available for several mounts (including Sony FE, Canon R and Nikon Z). The prototype we saw is native E-mount and the lens covers the full frame sensor area,” Reeve added.

slashCAM, meanwhile, had more technical details about this lens. The translated report says that 75mm f0.95 prototype lens is actually part of a manual Full Frame cine lenses line that NiSi is currently working on for mirrorless cameras. It is also said to come in four fixed focal lengths; 35mm, 55, 75mm and 100mm, “all of which should turn out very bright with T1.1.”

No hints yet as to when the NiSi 75mm f0.95 FE Full Frame lens and the rest of the camera lenses will be released, but as usual, let’s keep our eyes peeled!

Image from Photo Rumors