NYA-EVO Introduces the FJORD 60-C Adventure Camera Backpack for Longer Journeys

FJORD 60-C, the latest NYA-EVO camera backpack, is big and roomy but still carry-on compatible. 

Heeding the call of their customers for a larger version, NYA-EVO has come up the FJORD 60-C, the big brother of the FJORD 36 and designed for longer journeys. This new camera backpack is not only roomier but also more adaptable and feature-loaded, picking up where the FJORD 36 left off. If this sounds like the right camera backpack for travelling with your gear, you might want to help NYA-EVO get it into production by supporting their Kickstarter campaign.

The FJORD 60-C was launched in conjunction with NYA-EVO’s carry-on gear partnership with Phase One, with the goal of helping photographers pack more and go even further. It has the same  aluminium framing and water resistant nylon as the FJORD 36, but the top and front sections expand easily to increase its capacity from 44-liters to 60-liters. Since it comes with more buckles and exterior straps, you can carry more accessories like poles, boards, and tripods. There’s also a new torso height adjustment system to make carrying it as comfortable as possible.

NYA-EVO also made the FJORD 60-C with bigger compartments, reinforced straps, and a hardened rubber base. The removable camera inserts also come in small, medium, and large sizes so you can pack it exactly as you want. All of these features come in a carry-on compatible form that is able to adapt to your journey’s needs.

If you’re keen on seeing this new camera backpack get into production, you can show your support on NYA-EVO’s Kickstarter campaign. For a pledge of €280 (about $322) and above, you can get the FJORD 60-C in the color of your choice. If you want a Removable Camera Insert included, you can pledge €315 for the RCI-S, €315 for the RCI-M, €345 for the RCI-L, and €350 for all three. The campaign also includes the smaller FJORD 36 if you missed last year’s campaign and would like to get it as well.

All images used with permission from NYA-EVO