NYA-EVO Introduces the FJORD 60-C Adventure Camera Backpack for Longer Journeys

FJORD 60-C, the latest NYA-EVO camera backpack, is big and roomy but still carry-on compatible. 

Heeding the call of their customers for a larger version, NYA-EVO has come up the FJORD 60-C, the big brother of the FJORD 36 and designed for longer journeys. This new camera backpack is not only roomier but also more adaptable and feature-loaded, picking up where the FJORD 36 left off. If this sounds like the right camera backpack for travelling with your gear, you might want to help NYA-EVO get it into production by supporting their Kickstarter campaign.

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Compagnon is Trying to Create the Ultimate Explorer Camera Backpack

All images by compagnon. Used with permission.

There’s no question that a sturdy camera bag or backpack to protect precious gear is a must for every photographer. But not everyone gets the right one straight away, whether in terms of style, functionality, or design.  Fortunately for us, there are many independent brands that continuously churn out options for the discerning photographer. The latest to join the roster is German backpack maker compagnon with a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture “the most comfortable camera backpack.”

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