Compagnon is Trying to Create the Ultimate Explorer Camera Backpack

All images by compagnon. Used with permission.

There’s no question that a sturdy camera bag or backpack to protect precious gear is a must for every photographer. But not everyone gets the right one straight away, whether in terms of style, functionality, or design.  Fortunately for us, there are many independent brands that continuously churn out options for the discerning photographer. The latest to join the roster is German backpack maker compagnon with a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture “the most comfortable camera backpack.”

Compagnon has been making stylish and functional camera bags and backpacks since 2013. For their latest project, compagnon founders Vitalis Baidinger and Valentin Schüle have teamed up with iconic German backpack maker Deuter to create the compagnon explorer and explorer+ backpacks. Designed with adventurous and creative photographers in mind, they promise to deliver “the most comfortable and versatile camera backpack ever.”


The compagnon explorer and explorer+ backpacks are identical in functionality, features, and design, and only differ in storage capacity. What probably makes these backpacks stand out is the provision for extra storage in its rolltop feature. The explorer carries 16 liters in its main storage and an additional 9 liters in the rolltop section. The explorer+ has a capacity of 25 liters plus an extra 12 liters in the rolltop. Rolltop camera bags are super convenient because you can expand the storage with relative ease.


The main storage of the compagnon explorer backpacks comes with a variety of velcro dividers which can be adapted to carry all kinds of photography or video equipment. As with many backpacks designed for photographers who are always on the go, the explorer backpacks have room for your laptop as well.

Living up to their name, the explorer backpacks boast of great comfort, usability, durability, and toughness for outdoor use. Its features for this include a durable and water resistant shell, all around protective padding, and ultra rugged Hypalon. With the optional hip belt, carrying a heavy load during a hike or bike ride would be more comfortable. Should you need to a rest or break from your adventure, there’s also a handy sitting mat integrated in the back panel.

Sounds like the camera backpack for you? Head to the compagnon explorer backpack Kickstarter campaign to learn more and back the project.