I’ve Tested Dozens of Camera Bags. Here’s Why I Use the Wandrd PRVKE

I’ve always been a bit picky about camera bags. I’ve been known to return bags that didn’t meet my expectations. My hypercritical backpack standards have only intensified as I’ve reviewed dozens of options as the Reviews Editor at The Phoblographer. But, as I have completely changed camera systems and then grew that system a little more, I keet coming back to one bag — the Wandrd PRVKE.

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It’s Great for the Everyday Commute – Tenba Fulton 10L Review

Lightweight, durable, portable, and practical are some of the main characteristics I look for in a camera backpack. They get bonus points if they’re somewhat attractive. I shoot with minimal gear, and I often ride around on a Vespa. The compact size and roll-top design of the Tenba Fulton V2 10L backpack check these boxes on paper. But, how does it hold up in real life? Keep reading to find out.

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Under Priced and Remarkably Versatile: Tenba Fulton 16L V2 Review

My favorite camera backpacks have gear access from the back panel, a waist belt, and room to stash personal items. When Tenba announced the updated version of the Fulton backpack, V2 immediately grabbed my attention with the expanding roll top, waist belt, and even a laptop sleeve at the front instead of resting against your back. Even better, the Tenba Fulton V2 16L sells for under $150.

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Beautiful and Ambidextrous: Jo Totes Bellbrook Backpack Review

Many camera backpacks overwhelm my small frame, with straps that dig into my skin and ergonomic pads that don’t sit where they should. Made from a company that makes camera bags for women, the Jo Totes Bellbrook is a smaller backpack. Designed with waxed canvas and leather accents, it charmingly looks like its primary purpose is fashion. But, with a number of different ways to stash gear, the Bellbrook is more than just good-looking.

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Make Your Photowalks Lighter – Manfrotto Street Slim Backpack Review

It looked like just another photo backpack when I took it out of its packaging. It had the finishing quality we’re used to seeing from Manfrotto’s products. While they’re better known for their durable tripod range, Manfrotto does have a large variety of camera bags under its brand umbrella. They refreshed their Street camera bag lineup in October this year, and I opted to review the Street Slim Backpack model. Having only ever used larger, heavier backpacks (that I mainly bought for travel) while out on the streets, I was hoping this would be a refreshing change. It didn’t disappoint. But how did the Street Slim backpack hold up during a walk around the streets of old Dubai?

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Is This Unique, Light Bag Adventure Ready? F-Stop AJNA 37L Review

Aluminum frame backpacks tend to make me regret my life choices as soon as I put them on. Often, the added structure isn’t worth the added weight. That’s not the case with the F-Stop AJNA, an adventure and travel backpack that has an aluminum frame so light I didn’t even notice it at first. Combined with a waist belt, the backpack helps distribute weight on the hips instead of the back and shoulders.

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It’s Attractive And Functional. Manfrotto Pro Light Flexloader Review

Pretty to look at and added drop protection don’t always go hand in hand when it comes to backpacks. The Manfrotto Pro Light Flexloader backpack exemplifies both. It is an attractive, mid-sized camera backpack that looks like it was made for the city. It’s designed to accommodate a 16″ laptop as well as a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. It can double as a regular backpack when you remove the internal dividers. The backpack is built to absorb impact. Is it comfortable? Keep reading to find out.

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This Bag Is Unique. Morally Toxic Valkyrie 20L Review

From the shed (as they like to call it) of UK-based camera bag and tripod brand 3LeggedThing comes an all-new backpack series – the Morally Toxic Valkyrie. 3LeggedThing is well known in the industry for its bold colors and innovative designs, and the new Morally Toxic brand is no deviation from this. Say hello to some shiny exteriors with not-so-subtle patterns. There are some fabulous functional additions in their first series of backpacks (called Valkyrie). Available in three colors and two sizes, the Morally Toxic Valkyrie bags aim to challenge conventional camera bag design by weaving in premium quality and extraordinary style. I spent a few days testing the 20L Blue Valkyrie, and I was pleasantly impressed with what it has to offer.

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Unexpected, Practical and Green: Lowepro PhotoSport BP AW III Review

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Hiking camera bags are made for the outdoors. But, too often, those bags forget the outdoors when it comes to what they are actually made with. The Lowepro PhotoSport BP AW III is the company’s first bag in a new, sustainable green line. The bag aims to appease outdoor photographers by helping carry gear while also eliminating waste by offering a build that’s 75 percent recycled fabrics. But, can a backpack made from things people threw away protect camera gear and offer quick access?

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This Actually Solves Stupid Back Sweat: Cosyspeed Photohiker 44 Review

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When camera bag makers design bags, they design around the camera. Cosyspeed’s newest backpack takes the opposite approach. The Cosyspeed Photohiker 44 is made around the carrying system first, and the camera second. The goal, the company says, was to create a bag that was comfortable to carry lots of gear for long hikes. So, was putting emphasis on the comfort first and camera second worth the effort?

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This Revisited Bag Lost Its Way: Lowepro Flipside 400 AW III Review

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I’ve used the Lowepro Flipside backpacks almost religiously. The design allows photographers to do a lot! You can swing the bag forward on the waist belt, open up the full back panel, grab anything from the main compartment, flip the bag back, and keep shooting. Few backpacks offer full access to every single lens slot without removing the bag. The flip design mixes the best benefits of a backpack with access that’s almost as quick as a messenger bag. I fell in love with the first generation of the Lowepro Flipside — which was affordable enough to pick up when I first started out — so naturally, I picked up the second generation. Now, its successor has arrived, but the Lowepro Flipside 400 AW III has big shoes to fill. 

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Practical Design, Fantastic Comfort: Wandrd PRVKE II Review

The refined Wandrd PRVKE has plenty of room and plenty of comfort.

The Wandrd PRVKE generated a lot of buzz when the backpack launched on Kickstarter. And that was for a good reason — we gave the original bag the Editor’s Choice Award. Like most photographers, we’re picky about our bags. Now, Wandrd is back with an updated bag by the same name. The updated Wandrd PRVKE II keeps well-loved features like the roll-top, rear access, extra pockets, tripod pocket, and numerous compatible accessories. But, the updated version re-designs the back panel and shoulder straps for more comfort, and adds a luggage pass-through and accessory straps to the shoulders. It also fixes complaints on the earlier bag, such as stronger magnets on the top handles.

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This Beautiful Little Bag Packs Big Comfort: Wandrd PRVKE Lite Review

Don’t let the size fool you — the Wandrd PRVKE Lite is actually capable of carrying quite a bit of mirrorless gear.

The original Wandrd PRVKE generated a buzz in the photography community — and over $400,000 on Kickstarter. Now, the PRVKE is back — and it’s launching in a smaller size. Announced on April 20, along with a revamp of the original PRVKE sizes, the Wandrd PRVKE Lite is a roll-top backpack designed for mirrorless and photographers on a more limited budget.

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Photographers Will Love Using the OneMo Backpack on Their Next Hike

PGYTECH’s OneMo Backpack is a versatile option for adventurous photographers in need of a bag that will keep up with them all day long.

As photographers, we tend to amass a ton of camera gear over time. While most of us would love to bring all of our equipment with us when traveling, the truth is we rarely need everything in our arsenal. Obviously, it’s a challenge when deciding what gear to bring and what to leave home. The decision becomes harder if you happen to be going on a day-long hike. Not only do you have to decide what to pack, but you’ve got to carry all of it on your back. Fortunately, the OneMo Backpack 25L from PGYTECH is a comfortable, modular, and expandable solution perfect for adventurous photographers preparing for such a trip. While it can’t tell you what you will need for your hike, the OneMo Backpack can undoubtedly help you carry it.

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The Most Modular Camera Bag Yet? The OneMo Backpack 25L Review

The OneMo Backpack 25L is designed for photographers in need of a modular and expandable camera backpack that can store a ton of photography gear.

When it comes to camera backpacks, there is no shortage of options on the market. The OneMo Backpack 25L from PGYTECH, a relatively new Chinese photography accessory maker, is the latest to enter this crowded marketplace. It first began as a Kickstarter campaign and has since been fully funded. The OneMo Camera Backpack was designed with modularity and expandability in mind. On paper, the OneMo Backpack offers a lot of the features modern photographers require in a camera backpack: weather resistance, customizability, the ability to hold tons of camera gear, etc. The proof is in the pudding, and we’ve been testing the OneMo Backpack to see if it lives up to PGYTECH’s claims.

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Camera Bag Review: WANDRD DUO Daypack (It’s Almost Perfect)

The WANDRD DUO Daypack features a number of innovative features that make it an ideal everyday carry option for photographers on the go.

The WANDRD DUO won’t help you haul all your photo gear with you. It’s instead designed to carry just the right amount of photo gear you’ll need to get through the day without weighing you down. It’s a hybrid between an everyday carry bag and a traditional camera bag. The WANDRD DUO comes packed with a number of new features like the “Infinite Zip” access system. which Shimoda also has. There’s also an integrated pop camera cube. So, if you want a bag that will carry everything and your apocalypse gear, this isn’t it. But it still performed very well.

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New Shimoda Action X Series: Packed with Features for Content Creators

Content creators who are always on the go from one epic adventure to the next may find a reliable companion in the new Shimoda Action X camera bags.

A couple of years after Shimoda introduced the Explore adventure photography backpacks, the company is back with a freshly launched collection on Kickstarter. The Action X series prides itself on being an ultra-aggressive line of camera bags and accessories especially geared towards content creators and adventure photographers, with a focus on action sports. If you often find yourself in the most challenging locations and unforgiving terrains, this new collection may have just what you need.

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New Hex Glacier Series Has Four Stylish Camera Bags for DSLR Users

The new Hex Glacier Series is comprised of four new DSLR camera bags that promise to protect your gear in style.

Heads up to photographers looking for reliable carrying options for their DSLRs! Award-winning fashion accessory brand Hex has just released the new Glacier Series, a collection of four innovative camera bags designed to be stylish and protective shooting companions for DSLR photographers. Whatever your shooting style and wherever you’re headed for your next projects, this new camera bag series is worth your consideration.

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The New WANDRD DUO Daypack Could Be Their Best Bag Yet

The new WANDRD DUO Daypack is a sleek new addition designed for the adventurous photographer’s work, play, and gear.

If you’ve been waiting for new stuff from WANDRD, today is your lucky day. The brand has just launched a new backpack on Kickstarter for photographers always on the go from one adventure to the next. Dubbed the DUO Daypack, it’s designed to be the ideal carrying companion for work and play with its variety of features that keep your photography gear organized and accessible.

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How WANDRD PRVKE Backpacks Are Made in Vietnam

WANDRD gives us a glimpse into the making of their popular PRVKE backpack in their Vietnam factory, through the hands of some of the world’s best bag artisans.

If you enjoy using your PRVKE camera bag, you might be curious about how the popular WANDRD backpacks are made. Understanding that today’s consumers and users are passionate about the provenance of the products they use, the company has shared a quick video from their factory in Vietnam, where all the wonder begins.

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