It’s Great for the Everyday Commute – Tenba Fulton 10L Review

Lightweight, durable, portable, and practical are some of the main characteristics I look for in a camera backpack. They get bonus points if they’re somewhat attractive. I shoot with minimal gear, and I often ride around on a Vespa. The compact size and roll-top design of the Tenba Fulton V2 10L backpack check these boxes on paper. But, how does it hold up in real life? Keep reading to find out.

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

Tenba’s Fulton V2 10L backpack is lightweight, durable, and compact. It’s made of a water-resistant canvas material that braves the elements well and looks attractive. They really leaned into the fun-size factor of this bag. The side pockets are borderline too small, and the inside compartment would benefit from being slightly longer. Overall, it will be a decent everyday commuter when hauling minimal gear. With a few tweaks, the next generation of the Fulton 10L could be great.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Expandable roll-top adds versatility
  • Easy rear panel access
  • Breathable back panel
  • The sternum strap fit
  • A great everyday bag for hauling a single camera body and lens with minimal gear
  • It’s only $109.95


  • The main compartment zipper is not waterproof.
  • The tripod and mesh sleeves are too small, and the fit is odd with a tripod.
  • Difficult to fit a DSLR with a lens attached and an extra lens
  • It lacks smaller pockets for SD cards and filters.

Gear Used

I tested the Tenba Fulton 10L V2 backpack with a Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 50mm f1.2 L lens, and Canon 85mm f1.2L II lens.


The Tenba Fulton 10L V2 backpack isn’t very innovative. The company has added a pass-through trolley strap to the original blueprint.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs are from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Weight: 2lb / 0.91kg
  • Outside Dimensions (in): 11W x 17.5H x 6.5D in.
  • Outside Dimensions (cm): 28W x 44H x 17D cm
  • Inside Dimensions (in): 9W x 10H x 5D in.
  • Inside Dimensions (cm): 23W x 25H x 13D cm
  • Laptop Compartment Dimensions (in): 8.75W x 13H x 0.75D in.
  • Laptop Compartment Dimensions (cm): 22W x 33H x 2D cm
  • Capacity: Mirrorless or DSLR camera with 3-4 lenses (up to 70-200mm 2.8), plus a laptop up to 13 inches (33 cm). Also fits DJI Mavic and other compact drones.
  • Laptop/Tablet: Fits a laptop up to 13 inches (33 cm).
  • Warranty: 5 Years


Tenba’s Fulton 10L V2 backpack is the smallest offering in the lineup and is quaint in size. It is a great bag for hauling minimal gear around town. The front panel is home to a small tablet sleeve and two large pockets. There is also a fabric ring to carry your keys securely. It comfortably fits a cell phone, personal items, and up to an 11-inch tablet.

At the top, you will find a padded grab handle and an expandable roll-top.

It can fit a smaller cube with extra gear. I used it to stow my sherpa-lined flannel jacket when I wasn’t wearing it.

There is a pocket and security strap on each side of the bag to accommodate a tripod and a water bottle. One is a mesh pocket meant to hold a water bottle ideally, but mine didn’t fit. For the record, mine has a diameter of less than 3 inches.

The other is an expandable pocket made of the same material as the backpack. I wound up using the mesh pocket to secure my tripod and the expandable pocket to hold my water bottle. These pockets border on being too small to be used as intended.

Gear is accessed through the padded rear panel. Unzip it to access a built-in compartment with removable velcro dividers. A DSLR and two lenses fit snugly inside.

The shoulder straps are slightly padded, and the sternum strap is adjustable. There is also a pass-through trolley strap. The shoulder straps are comfortable enough to carry the small load of gear it was designed to transport. I don’t think I would enjoy them if this were a much larger bag. It does not have a waist strap, however the small design can mostly get away with it.

Build Quality

Overall, the build quality of the Tenba Fulton V2 10L bag is very good. The weather-repellent canvas does a great job of keeping moisture at bay. It’s also easy to brush the dirt off and keep it looking great. The fabric does seem to attract any and all pet hair, but a quick pass with a lint roller does the trick. The breathable back panel will be a relief for those extra sweaty summer months. I do wish the main compartment zipper were waterproof.

Ease Of Use

The Tenba Fulton V2 10L backpack was designed to comfortably carry a small amount of gear. I didn’t expect to enjoy the roll-top access as much as I did. The padded shoulder straps are comfortable, and I appreciate the adjustable sternum strap. I wore the backpack out for a stroll in the snow as well as a hike. My lower back, shoulders, and neck never bothered me because the backpack can only carry so much gear.

Users will appreciate the breathable back panel in the hot summer months. It is a solid street bag for the everyday commuter with minimal gear. The backpack will be a great portable option for throwing on my Vespa when heading out to capture some street photography this summer.

I wish they hadn’t leaned so hard into the small factor for every aspect of the bag. Both side pockets are almost too small for what they were designed to carry. I had to use a lot of force to get my sustainable 16 oz water bottle in the pocket. A disposable plastic bottle will fit just fine. However, a lot of people are moving towards sustainability.

It also feels lopsided when transporting a tripod as there isn’t a lot of real estate to disperse the weight with its small size. A waist belt would have helped with this had Tenba opted for one. It even felt awkward when hauling a compact tripod. Additionally, the tripod straps are annoying and not user-friendly. They should have a clasp that can be unclipped.

Gear is safely accessed through the back panel. Tenba states the bag can accommodate a DSLR and 2-4 lenses. I found the built-in storage to be snug for my Canon 5D Mark III with an 85mm lens attached and the extra 50mm lens. Be prepared; some lens hoods may not fit. It should be a better fit for mirrorless systems. The front pocket easily stows a small tablet, smartphone, keys, and other personal items. I do wish there were additional pockets for memory cards.

Conclusions of the Tenba Fulton V2 10L Backpack


  • It holds up in wet conditions very well
  • Lightweight and durable material
  • The shoulder straps and adjustable sternum strap are comfortable.
  • The expandable roll-top design is great.
  • It has a breathable padded back panel.
  • Great price


  • Side pockets are too snug
  • The design of the tripod straps need to be revisited.
  • Transporting the backpack with a tripod feels lopsided.
  • The main compartment zipper is not waterproof.
  • I will probably lose my SD cards.

Tenba’s Fulton V2 10L is a bit of a conundrum. It does some things well, while other areas feel like an afterthought. This bag could be great with a few minor tweaks. Its side pockets need to be larger, and the tripod straps need to be redesigned. As is, they’re a headache. Plus, the bag is too short to carry a tripod comfortably. There isn’t enough surface area to evenly disperse the weight.

The built-in cube would be improved if it were one-two inches longer. Even though the world is going mirrorless, there are still compact medium format and DSLR shooters. I also wish they added smaller pockets in the front compartment to store SD cards because I will probably lose them.

The water-resistant material is lightweight, durable, and attractive. Padded shoulder straps and an adjustable sternum strap make hauling gear during the daily commute comfortable. Although I wish the main compartment zipper were waterproof, it does a fine job in wet conditions. I also really like the expandable roll-top design.

We’re giving the Tenba Fulton V2 10L backpack three out of five stars. Want one? You can pick one up at Amazon for $109.95.

Brittany Smith

Brittany is a commercial fashion and portrait photographer working in Montana and NYC. When not behind a camera she can usually be found at a local artisan coffeeshop, writing for photography education sites and publications, teaching fitness classes, or baking something fabulous.