The FJORD 36 Action Pack Project Is Going After the F-stop Mountain Series Packs

All images by NYA-EVO  for FJORD 36 Action Pack via Kickstarter

Still looking for the perfect backpack to meet your carrying requirements and keep your gear protected against the harshest conditions? Hong Kong-based NYA-EVO has recently set up a Kickstarter project for the production of its all-around adventure backpack, which they believe will rival the Mountain series packs from F-stop.

As photographers get increasingly more adventurous and scale all kinds of terrains and weather conditions for their projects, having a sturdy, comfortable, and functional carrying case for their gear has also become a necessity. With this in mind, the creators of NYA-EVO began working on their own take on the “best all-round adventure backpack on the market that allows you to carry precious camera gear safely in any unforgiving conditions.” After a year of designing, making prototypes, testing, and redesigning, they have finally unveiled the NYA-EVO FJORD 36 Action Pack on Kickstarter.

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The New Cravar Rana Series of Camera Bags Sport Leather and a Whole Lot of Patina


It’s been a long time since a full grain, vegetable-tanned leather camera bag hit the market and really took our breath away, but the new Cravar Rana series of camera bags are aiming to do just that. Craver is an Indonesian based premium bag manufacturer that makes leather bags of all sorts. The new Cravar Rana series takes those bags a step further for photographers specifically. As a photographer who has used regular camera bags and tried to modify them accordingly to suit the needs of a photographer, I can tell you that’s tougher to do than you’d think. And so the Cravar Rana series is giving us features photographers need and want, like three types of dividers, a soft linen interior, adjustable shoulder straps and pads, side flaps for weather protection (huge and often overlooked), riveted stress points, extra padding on the bottom, etc.

More details and important tech specs from the press release are after the jump.

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This Kodak Instamatic Messenger Bag is Almost an Impulse Buy

Maybe it has something to do with the classic and cool vintage design, but this Kodak Instamatic Messenger Bag is one that seems perfect for every collector. The bag’s exterior is covered with the original Kodak Instamatic camera emblazoned all over it. For the uninitiated (or I guess those less woke on camera history) the Instamatic was a pretty automatic camera Kodak produced years ago. It was a hit for so many people because it was small, easy to operate, and used a piece of technology that really pushed photography ahead in a somewhat unexpected way.

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The Mindshift Gear Photocross Sling Bag Aims For Functionality Over Style

Not every photographer goes for style, and for those people the Mindshift Gear PhotoCross bags could be the option that you’re looking for. They’re a new type of sling camera bag designed for the adventure photographer. The bags come in two variations a 10 and a 13. The 13 lets you pack a big DSLR and lenses, while the smaller 10 accommodates one DSLR with a lens attached and another lens. Mindshift Gear is a Think Tank company, and so to that end you can surely expect a whole lot of functionality overall.

Specs and images are after the jump.
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The WANDRD HEXAD Photo Duffel is a Backpack and Duffel Bag for Travel Photographers

The folks over at WANDRD are at it again, and this time they’ve got the new WANDRD HEXAD Photo Duffel on Kickstarter. This bag is coming in two different variations. Like the PRVKE pack before it, it’s being targeted at photographers to be used as a backpack and in this case a duffel. WANDRD has been all about versatility and the last bag embraced being a backpack and a tote. Their bags haven’t always been about quick access, but instead have had more of an emphasis on travel; and in this situation the WANDRD HEXAD Photo Duffel isn’t any exception.

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Review: Ponte Leather Co. Camera Lift Strap

Photographers who like backpacks have typically reached for the Peak Design Capture Clip, but if you want a camera strap instead, the Ponte Leather Co. Camera Lift Strap is looking to capture your heart. Made of Canvas, a bit of leather, and some chrome buttons, this camera strap is more stylish than your typical run of the mill strap but still can’t hold a candle to the gorgeous offerings of 4V Design, Tap and Dye, Cub and Co, ONA, Hawkesmill and to some point Holdfast Gear. The camera strap, which we reported on a while back during its Kickstarter phase, is out now and we got some times to really test it out.

The Camera Lift is designed to keep the weight of the camera off of your neck. While it makes the weight distribution a bit easier to handle, it’s not exactly holding true to its promise.

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Review: Manfrotto Manhattan 3-Way Shoulder Bag Changer 20

The Manfrotto Manhattan 3-Way Shoulder Bag Changer 20 is a bag I was wary of had predispositions about. But in the end I was pleasantly surprised and rather infatuated with just how good of a camera bag Manfrotto created. Indeed, they’ve made the only good three-in-one camera bag that I’ve ever used or tested–better than anything Peak Design or others have made. Considering the fact that I personally have never had any sort of affinity for Manfrotto camera bags, the Manfrotto Manhattan 3-Way Shoulder Bag Changer 20 has really changed my mind. The bag has the capabilities of being a tote shoulder bag, a military map case style messenger bag, and a backpack all in one. Plus, it does it in a very functional and sensical way.

In truth, it really is one of my favorite bags reviewed this year so far.

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Review: BlackForest Bags Vinson Messenger Bag

As I’ve become slightly older (at 30) and more conscious of my personal health, I’ve also mostly moved away from messenger bags. They’re not so great for your back, though some of them encourage you to carry less gear. Despite the fact that the BlackForest Vinson is designed to help you take less gear, it’s nice to know you can stuff a whole lot of camera into there. Not only that, but it’s also pretty comfortable, deceptively durable, nice looking, and they’re hand made in India.

In regards to that last statement, I didn’t think much of it until it actually came out of the box. Then I was completely shocked.

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