The FJORD 36 Action Pack Project Is Going After the F-stop Mountain Series Packs

All images by NYA-EVO  for FJORD 36 Action Pack via Kickstarter

Still looking for the perfect backpack to meet your carrying requirements and keep your gear protected against the harshest conditions? Hong Kong-based NYA-EVO has recently set up a Kickstarter project for the production of its all-around adventure backpack, which they believe will rival the Mountain series packs from F-stop.

As photographers get increasingly more adventurous and scale all kinds of terrains and weather conditions for their projects, having a sturdy, comfortable, and functional carrying case for their gear has also become a necessity. With this in mind, the creators of NYA-EVO began working on their own take on the “best all-round adventure backpack on the market that allows you to carry precious camera gear safely in any unforgiving conditions.” After a year of designing, making prototypes, testing, and redesigning, they have finally unveiled the NYA-EVO FJORD 36 Action Pack on Kickstarter.

Designed and tested in the Nordics, the 36 liters/2196 cu inch backpack promises a number of features sought after by outdoor photographers. These include highly water-resistant fabrics and zippers, large main compartment with dual access from the top and rear, a lightweight aluminum comfort load bearing system, and a quick access front pocket with organizer for travel tools, laptop, or documents.

Why choose this backpack over others, like f-stop’s Mountain Series backpacks which are also designed for the same market? NYA-EVO folks say that the FJORD 36 Action Pack is an adaptable backpack that does it all with its multi-sport attachment system. With this, you can can also pack your equipment for snowboarding, hiking, climbing, and traveling along with your photography gear. “Adaptable to exactly what you need, so you can be a smart and well-prepared adventurer,” they say on their campaign page.

Looking at all the features they shared, this backpack indeed seems to be an attractive option for photographers who dabble in mountaineering, winter sports, frequent travels, and a lot of outdoor work. If you’re keen to get one, you’ll need to pledge at least HK$ 1,710 (around US $220) to get a FJORD 36 Action Pack in the color of your choice (you’ll get to choose later), plus an NYA-EVO logo trucker cap. Head to their Kickstarter campaign for the complete details.