Is This Unique, Light Bag Adventure Ready? F-Stop AJNA 37L Review

Aluminum frame backpacks tend to make me regret my life choices as soon as I put them on. Often, the added structure isn’t worth the added weight. That’s not the case with the F-Stop AJNA, an adventure and travel backpack that has an aluminum frame so light I didn’t even notice it at first. Combined with a waist belt, the backpack helps distribute weight on the hips instead of the back and shoulders.

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The FJORD 36 Action Pack Project Is Going After the F-stop Mountain Series Packs

All images by NYA-EVO  for FJORD 36 Action Pack via Kickstarter

Still looking for the perfect backpack to meet your carrying requirements and keep your gear protected against the harshest conditions? Hong Kong-based NYA-EVO has recently set up a Kickstarter project for the production of its all-around adventure backpack, which they believe will rival the Mountain series packs from F-stop.

As photographers get increasingly more adventurous and scale all kinds of terrains and weather conditions for their projects, having a sturdy, comfortable, and functional carrying case for their gear has also become a necessity. With this in mind, the creators of NYA-EVO began working on their own take on the “best all-round adventure backpack on the market that allows you to carry precious camera gear safely in any unforgiving conditions.” After a year of designing, making prototypes, testing, and redesigning, they have finally unveiled the NYA-EVO FJORD 36 Action Pack on Kickstarter.

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