Photographers Need More Practical Camera Bags for Women

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The design of many women’s products makes functionality feel like an afterthought. The front pocket of the jeans that I’m wearing won’t even fit half of my hand. (Forget about actually putting anything useful in them, like a phone or keys.) Men’s razors often have more blades for less money. Similarly, the vast majority of camera bags for women puts atheistic over function. I’m bombarded by Facebook ads for purse-like camera bags that place the weight of heavy gear on dainty straps. That’s fine for compact, lightweight gear, but what about a girl with a full-frame camera and an f2.8 zoom? There’s nothing dainty about carrying heavy lenses on a small slice of one shoulder. Women need a practical camera bag that carries lots of gear too. 

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Need to Carry More Gear? Check Out These Stylish Camera Backpacks

Camera backpacks offer great levels of comfort while being able to carry, and protect all of your gear,

Messenger bags are adored by many thanks to their gorgeous looks, and their ability to carry the essentials. But they can become a little uncomfortable to carry. They place quite a bit of stress on one side of the body. Camera backpacks, on the other hand, can be lugged around for hours as they disperse the weight of your gear across your entire upper body. There are more options available when it comes to sizes and the amount of equipment they can carry. Need small camera backpacks that can hold the essentials while offering unmatched comfort? You can find backpacks like that. Need a bigger bag that can carry multiple camera bodies, numerous lenses, strobes, accessories, and more? You can find those too. Camera backpacks never used to be the most stylish bags around, but that too has changed. If you need a new camera bag and want to see what camera backpacks are out there, click past the break.

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Five of Our Favorite Backpacks for the City Dwelling Photographer Under $300

If you’re in need of a camera backpack suited to city life, you’ve come to the right place.

Getting all of our gear safely and securely from point a to point b is always a top priority. We sometimes carry thousands of dollars worth of equipment, so our camera bags have to be sturdy and secure. A camera backpack offers the perfect way to carry your gear around the city. The backpacks we’ve chosen are tough, they have low profiles, can withstand the weather, and they can carry a ton of gear. Best of all, the bags we’ve chosen are all under $300!

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The Barber Shop Convertible “Undercut” Camera Bag Doubles as a Travel Rucksack

Undercut Camera Bag images from Barber Shop Bags

If you’re looking for an elegant camera bag that can also double as as an overnight bag or travel rucksack, you might want to consider the “Undercut” Bag by Barber Shop Bags. The key feature of this option is a quick and simple convertible design that essentially lets photographers have two bags in one, both in form and functionality.

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Tenba Introduces New Solstice Backpacks for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The new Tenba Solstice backpacks allow you to cram a ton of gear into them.

For its entry into the outdoor enthusiast market, Tenba has announced the release of its new Solstice Backpacks. Designed for adventurous photographers, filmmakers, and creatives who are always on the go, the Solstice promises to provide secure gear access and all-day carrying comfort. Tenba’s new collection of camera backpacks come in 12L, 20L, and 24L sizes, and have a number of features that outdoor photographers and filmmakers find important when they’re on the road. The Solstice backpacks were designed to have comfort, secure access, adjustment provisions, protective interior, ample space for gear and laptops, durability, and weather resistance.

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The FJORD 36 Action Pack Project Is Going After the F-stop Mountain Series Packs

All images by NYA-EVO  for FJORD 36 Action Pack via Kickstarter

Still looking for the perfect backpack to meet your carrying requirements and keep your gear protected against the harshest conditions? Hong Kong-based NYA-EVO has recently set up a Kickstarter project for the production of its all-around adventure backpack, which they believe will rival the Mountain series packs from F-stop.

As photographers get increasingly more adventurous and scale all kinds of terrains and weather conditions for their projects, having a sturdy, comfortable, and functional carrying case for their gear has also become a necessity. With this in mind, the creators of NYA-EVO began working on their own take on the “best all-round adventure backpack on the market that allows you to carry precious camera gear safely in any unforgiving conditions.” After a year of designing, making prototypes, testing, and redesigning, they have finally unveiled the NYA-EVO FJORD 36 Action Pack on Kickstarter.

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Made for Mirrorless Cameras, Meet Think Tank’s New Perception Backpacks

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Perception Tablet Backpack Product Image 2

Think Tank has a new line of Perception backpacks designed to carry around mirrorless cameras, tablets, and laptops. Like most of the Think Tank’s designs, the Perception bags are very plain and compact. If you don’t like your camera bags advertizing the fact you’re a photographer, the Perception line looks like just about any other backpack you would find around the city.

Despite outward appearances these bags can carry a mirrorless camera plus two lenses. Depending on how you configure the pouches they could also hold up to four compact mirrorless systems. The Perception backpacks hold your camera gear aloft with two hanging pouches near the top of the bag.

Meanwhile, you can stuff the rest of your gear in the lower compartments. The Perception Tablet Backpack (predictably) fits a 10-inch tablet and the 15 Backpack can hold a 15-inch laptop. Lastly the Pro variant comes with additional pouches for holding up to five more lenses.

The Perception line is available now with the Tablet starting at $89.75, the 15 Backpack going for $119.75, and $149.75 for the top of the line Pro Backpack.

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